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Sadie Pov

I guess it all started with that ba dream. I thought I might be able to get some much needed peaceful sleep at last, but as usual my luck decided to take a little trip somewhere else.

I was having quite a nice dream, however the greatness of it didn't last long, as not long after, I was pulled into a graveyard surrounded by the usual tombstones here and there and swift grass on the ground.

And of course, Anubis appeared.

I was mad. Did he really have to interrupt my happy dream? (Carter, might I remind you that I am telling this story, Not you... Why would I tell you what I had previously been dreaming of? It is none of your business.) Anubis made his way beside me while I furiously tried not to stare and tried to remember what I had been about to say.

"Sadie, we need to talk." Anubis said at last. He looked similar to all our previous encounters, that didn't change the fact though that I still had to control my staring.

"Well I don't see how that gives you any permission to interrupt my sleep." I snapped. I was back to my infuriating self again.

He sighed, probably not in the mood for my attitude today, "No it doesn't, but this is of very important matter." His face was grave. Graver than usual to say the least.

"Fine ask away." I looked around at my surroundings. If I was here I might as well check out this place.

Anubis bit his lower lip and leaned by the weathered rock of a once polished tomb, "As you know, Walt has the curse and I have tried everything in my power and I couldn't find a solution." His brown eyes were bigger and darker than ever, "There is only one way I could think of that might help but it is too big of a risk."

I could already feel my eyebrows furrowing together. Was he serious? No risk was too big for saving a life, "What are you talking about Anubis?"

"Look, I would do it myself but I don't have a host or would be able to find a person willing to do it because as you know, hosting is a very peculiar and potentially dangerous situation." He explained.

I couldn't believe this. It was terrible that Walt wouldn't get to live, after all, it wasn't his fault that he got that bloody curse.

I took a deep breath, Anubis said he needed a host, I could help with that. Even if I didn't like how it would be for me, "I'll be your host."

He shook his head, "No I wouldn't want you to get hurt... or worse. You know how wrong it could all turn out"

I scoffed at his cautiousness, "Anubis I will do it. It will be only for a short amount of time and even though I hate it I'll do the sacrifice."

He looked sad and surprised, but I could tell he was thinking about my offer.

"If you are positive this is what you want then it is settled, but it will take some time to prepare... And take cautionary steps. When you wake up I need you to go to a graveyard or a place of death." he explained, "You will also need to tell Carter at least. He would probably appreciate knowing you are being my host."

"Great! Are you done?" I teased the death god in front of me.

He rolled his adorable down eyes, "Yes. I'll let you go back to your extremely happy dream now." he smirked. No doubt I was blushing horribly.

He disappeared after one last smirk and I was left in my other dream That I had previously been so rudely torn out of.

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