Quick [IMPORTANT] Note: I do plan on finishing this, but for now, I wouldn't expect anything past the third chapter. I would love to finish it once Marble Hornets is done, at least the most recent season, but so much is just unknown in that series that I'm nervous about writing a story about it... So anyone who knows Marble Hornets most likely gets the inspiration for this crossover, the Silents and the Operator have a lot of similarities aside from just appearance. Memory Loss, using proxies, existence going back very far, ect.

BUT! BUT! You don't have to know Marble Hornets to read and understand this story. Actually, I prefer you didn't. I wrote this partly as a way to introduce people to the series because I have a feeling Doctor Who fans will like Marble Hornets. It's mean to be confusing because we are seeing it through the Doctor's eyes and he also has no idea what is going on.

The Doctor smiled, looking up at the clear blue sky. The trees that lined the path were reaching for the heavens with orange and yellow leaves, the forest on fire. The grass below his feet was just starting to turn brown in spaces, leaves littering the ground. A creek ripple nearby, cold water splashing over worn-smooth stones.

He was broken from his thoughts by the sound of something trampling though the forest to his left. He peered deeper past the trees, trying to figure out what it was as it rushed closer.

A brown blur sped past him, clipping his arm and stumbling for a moment. The figure. a man in a brown shirt and jeans, looked up at The Doctor, eyes wide. He was silent with shock. Then he blinked, calming down slightly. "Run!" He stood up and ran off again, leaving the Doctor confused. The man shouted behind him. "Run! We gotta go now!"

"Jesus Christ!" Another voice muttered behind him. "What's wrong?" The voice shouted, the sounds moving at a slower pace.

The blur kept running, not bothering to turn back. "Run! Let's go!" He called to the voice behind him. "Hurry up!" The figure was out of sight now, crashing through the leaves.

The Doctor, half out of instinct and half out of curiosity, began running, following the path the brown blur had taken, running blind. He ran off the path, eventually ending up at the main park: a green, open field dotted with trees here and there, a parking lot off to the right. Hiking trails snaked off into the treeline, he could see the path that he had just come from.

The first voice- a the man in a brown t-shirt and jeans- slowed once he reached the forest edge, then stopped abruptly. He dropped at the base of a tree and wrapped his arms around his legs, rocking back and forth slightly. His breath was shaking.

The other figure finally stepped out from the treeline, another young man around the same age as the first but taller. He glanced at the Doctor and frowned at his presence. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and glasses, an odd box strapped to his chest. Both of the men looked about college age, both shaking and out of breath. "Jay?" The taller man sighed, strolling over the man at the base of the tree. Jay didn't answer, staring at the ground in shock. "Hey! Jay! What the hell were you running from?" Jay looked at the taller man, running a hand through his hair and saying nothing. Jay opened his mouth as if to speak, but shook his head and closed his mouth again. "Jay?" The man sighed again, standing off to the side and waiting for an answer, his voice sharp. "What were you running from?"

Jay responded quietly. "It was that... that thing."

The other man was suddenly more agitated. "That thing? That thing is in there?" He stabbed a finger at the trees, caching sight of the Doctor again. He was about to speak to the Doctor, but Jay interrupted.

"A couple of miles in, but yea." Jay was still looking at the ground.

"What were you doing a couple of miles in the woods?" The man's lips grew tight. "I told you not to go in there!"

"I don't know! You... you didn't tell me what time you were going to be here and... and I got tired of waiting."

The other man sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Do you at least have your camera with you?"


"Is your camera a couple of miles in the woods?"

Jay was upset now. "Yes, Alex. It is. Because I dropped it. I saw that thing and I ran."

The Doctor was contemplating getting involved, looking for the right place to interrupt, but Alex glanced at the Doctor again, glaring. "Let's go." Alex started walking, not looking back at Jay still sitting under the tree."Come on! Let's go!" The Doctor tried to process what was going on... something about the taller boy was very unsettling. The word that kept coming to mind was tainted. What were the boys running from? He started walking back to the woods-

"Hey! Stay out of there." Jay stood up, noticing the Doctor for the first time. He looked back at the woods nervously before following Alex to the parking lot. He stopped again, looking at the Doctor. "Stay out of there." Alex called him and he began walking again, Alex talking in hushed tones.

"Jay, what are you doing? You don't know who he is. He isn't our problem. He wants to go into the woods, he'll have to deal with that thing on his own. Now come on."

The Doctor's curiosity was unbearable now. He walked farther into the trees, carefully listening to... whatever it was he was looking for.

Something darted around in his peripheral vision, running farther into the woods. The Doctor stopped, trying to get a good look at it, but it was too far away. "Oh! I think I found you..." The Doctor almost laughed as he began running after the figure, leaves crunching beneath his feet.