This story will start off pretty much the same as the manga, but later I will be going in a different path probably somewhere around chapter 2 or so (note: chapter 2 of the manga, not this chapter 2). All the characters are the same, some will be new, especially for the demon world, and they might turn out a 'little' different in personalities; the only reason I'm writing out the beginning is because it would have bugged me if I didn't start at the start. Anyways, hope someone likes this, I will try to make it better and improve... this is my first time writing fan fiction lol

Edit: I edited my earlier chapters, just small word changes here and there, different paragraph separations, spelling mistakes, and the quotation marks.

The Other Side

Freezing. Blue streaks of rain were coming down.

Rin didn't have an umbrella. He wanted to go home, but somehow kept to walking around the same path: around the park, down an alley, then around the park again. He met a cat along the way. He seemed to be lost. Rin could relate. He wondered why he didn't just go home. It wasn't that he hated his home. He wasn't abused, he had a father, a brother, and all the members of the church to keep him happy. Rin and his brother, Yukio, were both adopted, and it didn't make him feel his father was any less than family. His brother was kind, top of his class, leaving soon to one of the best schools in the country (he wanted to become a doctor). So then, Rin wondered as he passed by the park for the fifth time, why he kept staying out late, avoiding the moment when he would have to go back home?

As the rain continued down, Rin was looking at the birds huddled together underneath a slide. He hated to admit it, but he felt he didn't belong at home. Or in his family. This was the only answer to his feelings. He was… different. His brother was good at everything, father was always praising him and teaching him. And father was...always disappointed in him. He wanted him to go out in the world, get a job, do better in school…make friends. Rin didn't know how to do all that. He always failed school, got into fights all the time, and everyone hated him; a job seemed like something way beyond his reach, who would want him? Who would want him in the world anyway? Somehow, he felt he didn't fit. Yukio fit. He would succeed. But him? It was all a gamble, really. He wasn't as respectable. He and his brother were fraternal twins, and yet they couldn't have been more opposite. Yukio an honour student. Rin was just lucky he wasn't kicked out of public school. Rin's black hair as slick as night... Yukio's a light brown that shone in the sun. One might even guess they weren't related at all. Rin remembered all the times people would gasp at the knowledge they were brothers; twin brothers at that. It seemed so unlikely.

He kicked a stone along the path for his sixth run, then decided it was probably time to go home. He was heading through the alley, said good-bye to the cat, and then headed around to the park before going up the street and back home. That was when he spotted some classmates from his school, blocking the way ahead. Great. Maybe he should go back around? Then, as though only just noticing, he looked at what they were doing, which made him stop and his blood ran cold.

"Horrible, disgusting… how can they…?" Rin whispered to himself through blinding anger. If only he hadn't gone around one last time…

As Rin stared at them all, laughing, something inside him cracked. Instinct took over; he didn't know what he was doing, all he knew was that he was running straight at them, yelling in anger, fists coming and going through his field of vision. He felt only rage, mingled with an uncontrollable sadness that tore at his insides. He punched one across the face so hard he tumbled and skid far down the street. The others stopped and looked at each other, recognition boiling in their eyes. They had finally realized who was attacking them. They knew Rin. Everyone knew Rin.

"You! you're that crazy… demon," one said as he wiped his face off with his sleeve and spit on the ground. Rather reluctantly, he got up and, looking Rin in the eye one last time, he waved for his friends to follow, clearly admitting defeat; they ran back down the street and out of sight.

Rin was breathing fast. Oh god, why did he always do this? But... he looked down at the birds that had been under the slide, bloody; dead. They hadn't done anything, and yet they were killed. For what? For a few moments of fun? Was it fun to play with life? If he was a 'demon' of fighting, it was nothing compared to them who killed for amusement.

He bent down to pick up one of the birds, perhaps give it a funeral, when, miraculously, it flew up, right in front of his eyes, through the rain and into the night. One had survived. The rain still pelting down, and as Rin was still savoring the sight of the bird flying freely through the air, he scooped down to pick up the others and went to find a final resting spot.

"Your late, Rin. Where were you?" Father Fujimoto asked as he held open the door. Everyone was eating dinner.

"Sorry, I was–" Rin started

"Did you go and look at that job I spotted for you? You did, right? That's why your late isn't it?" His father burst out excitedly, grasping Rin by the shoulders and shaking him enthusiastically. Then, his eyes drooped down, and upon looking at his guilty, slightly cut, face and seeing him quickly hide his bloody fists behind his back, he sighed, smile fading fast, he looked wearily over his shoulder and said,

"Yukio, can you get the first-aid supplies, again? Rin's gotten into another fight…"

"Hey! How do you know I got 'into' another fight? It could have been the fight came to me, you know?" Rin yelled in frustration. He always felt he was being accused of something.

"Either way, a fight's a fight Rin. Don't you think there are better ways? How about trying to use your head once in a while…" He turned away and headed back towards the kitchen table.

"Do go sometime and look at the job. How about tomorrow? It's Saturday so you're free?"

Rin sat at the table in a heap. He didn't feel very hungry, not after the birds, not after this. Yukio came and started to get some bandages out, but Rin just waved them away.

"I don't need them anymore. It's fine, see?" He showed his hand; a few moments ago it had blood and scrapes; now it was completely clean, unscratched. There was a swirl of silence around the table that Rin didn't quite catch, and he continued to look gloomily down at his plate, hoping somehow he could just escape up to his room. Realizing things weren't this easy, he sighed.

"I'll go tomorrow then?" He said without looking at his father.

"Rin! Don't struggle. Here, I've got it for you!" Father Fujimoto yelled as he tried placing a tie on the ever moving Rin.

"I– don't– need–one! I'm fine without it! No, no–" He struggled and finally wiggled out of his father's grasp, throwing the tie off him and onto the bed.

"Rin! A tie is important for an interview, how do you expect to get the job if you don't come across as decent?"

"It's…" He looked regrettably at the tie. He only didn't like it because he couldn't imagine himself as someone who would wear it. People might think he's pretending. He might just come across as foolish.

The father picked up the tie and put it back on Rin. This time he didn't struggle, but held a defiant look that almost made the tie something of a torture. The father only laughed though at Rin's expression.

"Your growing up now… 15, already going for your first job interview… time sure passes. You used to be so small. Well actually, you still are small right?"

A small groan could be heard from Rin.

"See? It's not so bad. Looks good no?" He straightened Rin's suit one last time, then patted his hair. "Now hurry Rin, you might be late if you don't move now."

"I know…" Rin smiled weakly for thanks. His father smiled back. "Guess I'll… see you later then."

Rin walked out of the room, and as he did, a small blue flame shot off into the air and out of sight, though not small enough that the Father didn't see. He watched Rin through the curtains head off down the street.

"This can't be good…" And with a small whoosh of his cloak, the Father turned on his heel and left.

Rin didn't know where he was going. One turn after the next, he was lost in a maze of people and buildings. He felt out of place, in his tie and suit, looking for a building that didn't seem to exist. An interview in another world. People pushed past from all directions, carriages going this way, cars the other; it was busy this Saturday afternoon. Rin didn't much like these sorts of crowds; he always felt suffocated. He squeezed though the crowd into a small ally, watched a cat that looked strikingly similar to the one yesterday brush past, and then headed down, deciding he would try one of his 'short cuts'. Rin knew though that these short cuts of his were never short. In fact, Rin himself didn't even know if they were even a cut, as he always made them up on the spot. In all the times he had tried to use them to get to school faster, he may as well have taken a ride out of the country and back by the time he arrived. But, as Rin clambered over a wire fence and traveled through the back of the buildings, he thought the adventure and freedom was well worth it.

Only, until he spotted a rather unpleasant sight… again. The class mates from yesterday, the bird killers, were oddly here, this time they seemed to be waiting for him. What did they want now…?

"Rin Okumura, correct?" One with a bandaged face spoke out. It was obvious that that was Rin's doing. "Had to find out your name… most just know you by… ha-ha."

"Right." Said Rin dully, trying to look unconcerned. "What do you want?"

"For you to keep your mouth shut. Don't mention those birds, alright? I have a reputation to keep and if that sort of thing gets out it won't too look good. I plan on attending Cross Academy, I can't let these little things get in the way. So how much do you want?"


"Money. How much money do you want?"

Rin looked at him. He had walked considerably closer to him during the time talking, and his friends had gathered around. He seemed to have brought more than yesterday. Rin just wanted to walk by them and continue on his way, but they didn't look like they would make that easy. Besides this… Rin couldn't help but notice something strange about the bandaged man right across from him. His eyes… something was off.

"Sorry, I don't need any money. I don't care, I won't say anything ok? Good-bye." Rin tried to walk through and around, but the moment he started walking he was stopped and pushed back.

"Don't make this hard, Okumura. Take the money. You need it anyway for school right? Well…" He contemplated, looking Rin up and down, "perhaps not you; you couldn't get in the Academy even if you had money; but your brother right? Yukio Okumura. I heard he had to work his ass off and only got in on a scholarship… its too bad your brother was born in dirt, he could have been at least something respectable."

The next thing Rin knew was that his fist felt cheek and the kid was laying on the ground, spitting blood.

"You can insult me and bad mouth me all you want, but don't you dare talk about Yukio!"

Rin was barely finished and his heart pounding, feeling a bit overwhelmed, when suddenly out of nowhere, whilst wiping and rubbing his even more swollen face, the kid started changing rapidly. It was frightening, and Rin's anger completely vanished into the form of fear, confusion. What was going on? His eyes started turning yellow, a demonic glare with red flames hidden beneath; horns erupted from his head, sprouting upwards and bending down… blackness surrounding his entire body, creating a mist of evil intent. Rin backed away, wondering why no one else seemed to care; no one flinched at all. What were they? Who was this guy? He smiled at Rin, seeing his fear and recognition of what was happening. Rin had backed further away, fully intending to run any second. He didn't know what he was, but all he knew was that he could not stay any longer to chat. Though when Rin's foot merely shifted a little, the demon shouted,

"Someone hold him, don't let him get away!"

Rin tried to run, but he was already having to put up a struggle. A hand came from behind and tried to pull Rin's arms back, but Rin was strong, it took almost no effort to push the guy out of the way. Then, in an second, another had come over and smashed Rin's head with something made of wood, causing him to shout and collapse to the ground, rolling over in dizziness. From there, it really didn't seem like Rin would get away. Two were holding him down, another on top his legs, and the transformed demon was looking down at him with something of interest. Rin panicked. Especially when he saw the demon pull a knife.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Rin yelled from the ground as he approached with the knife.

The demon didn't answer, but his friends did.

"Yo, Alex, don't you think this is going to far? Why don't we just let him go?"

The demon still didn't respond, but the look he gave his friend was enough to shut anyone up.

"Wait! Wait! Ah–!" Rin struggled as the demon grabbed his hair and placed the knife to his throat. He could feel its coolness, felt its blade only moments away from slicing.

Rin's heart beat frantically; death. He had never been in such a situation before. He had fought, many times, and many times he was left bloody, beaten, swollen or with cracked bones. But this… this would be different. A blade was different. He couldn't fight this one off. No healing. Rin closed his eyes and prayed for a miracle. Prayed this guy would just let him go. He felt his body turn warm, and light surrounded his eyelids, burning through, it seemed, his whole body. Maybe he had died? Maybe he was going now, the demon had sliced, and he was heading off to the other side. But the light continued to blare…then he realized… it was blue? His body was definitely hot, and not only that, considerably lighter. He heard screams issue around him, his hair was let go of and the blade no longer on his neck. They were running away, he was somehow still here. Rin opened his eyes, only to be shocked as well. He was on fire! And blue fire! It seemed to be coming from him too. It was on his hands, he could feel it flicker from his hair and on his cheek; his whole body enveloped in it. Did the demon set him on fire? But… somehow Rin wasn't hurt. He couldn't feel a thing except a tingling warmth, no matter how long the seconds ensued.

"Those blue flames…." Came a voice from beside him. Rin's spirit fell. The demon hadn't left with the others.

"I knew I was right…" His voice sounded… different than before. Like a low screech rather than words. He knelt down beside Rin, suddenly changing the atmosphere.

"Do you know… how long I've searched for you? How long I've waited for this moment? The rumours that you were here… they were true after all…"

He grabbed Rin's hand, gently, almost eagerly, before whispering to him in excitement, his yellow eyes burning deep into Rin's, "He will be so pleased, young master, to see you at last; so long has he waited for this…"

He paused, looked around as though expecting to ambushed, then turned back to Rin, pulling him up to his feet.

"Now, let us go, Satan-sama awaits our arrival!"

Rin didn't know what to do, nor did he know where he was going. He found himself being dragged, rather forcibly, down the allies and back ways by the demon. Rin thanked when they burst into the busy shopping center once more, certain that someone would notice this horrifying demon and help him. Nothing. He was pulled along through the crowds as though they were simply friends out for a weekend walk. Rin couldn't understand. Couldn't they see? His horns, his tail, the blackness that engulfed him… his teeth, which Rin had only noticed when they had been face to face just moments before. He tried to pull away and escape, and Rin being pretty strong himself, was shocked when he found he was unable to. He didn't know who this demon was, but he had never encountered someone who was strong enough to keep hold of him. The demon pulled Rin down another alley, then ran up a street which appeared deserted.

With them slowing down, Rin, speaking for the first time since being taken away, panted from exhaustion, "Where… the hell… are you taking me?"

But the demon didn't seem to be listening. He was chanting something, speaking a twisted tongue with his eyes closed; Rin couldn't help but feel alarmed. Could he be calling something… someone?