Title: Monster Mash

Summary: There's a costume dance at school. What will Tohru be going as and who will take her there.

Warnings: Fluff ahead.

Author's Note: 1. I don't really think that Uo and Hana would ever go to a costume dance, but I needed a reason for Tohru to go. 2. I know they don't use dollars there, but didn't know how the conversion rate goes. 3. Kyo's character is a mix of Kyo from the TV shows and a bit from near the end of the manga series. 4. I guess this takes place in their last year of school because Yuki is school president.


It was the last class of the day and everyone, but Tohru, was watching the clock as the seconds passed by. Suddenly, over the loudspeaker came a voice, "Don't forget: this Friday night is the schools costume dance! Tickets are only $5.00!"

The bell rang and everyone was scrambling to get their things together so they could go.

"So, Tohru, you're coming with us, to the dance, right?" Hana asked as they gathered their things.

"Oh, I don't think so."

"What? Why not? I'm even going to this thing too!" Uo said.

"Well, it's just that it's a lot of money to go out and get a costume and even more money to buy the tickets." Tohru explained.

Uo opened her mouth to say something when Yuki walked up behind them, "Miss. Honda, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be coming home late tonight, so I won't be there for dinner."

"Oh, sure," she said with a smile.

"Getting things ready for the dance?" Hana asked.

"And other things," Yuki sighed.

"Oh, hey Prince," Uo rang in, "doesn't your brother own that outfit shop?"

"Something like that. Why?"

"Do you think he'll make something for Tohru?"

"Uo!" Tohru tried to cut her off.

Yuki's eyes widened and then he smiled. "Of course; I'm sorry I didn't think of that before. Tell him I sent you, he'll be so excited," Yuki added with fake enthusiasm. "He'll probably give you a family discount."

Tohru's eyes widened and she started to shake her head and her hands, "Oh no no no! I couldn't ask for that! I'll be taking advantage of him." She calmed down and smiled, "But I'm sure he'll give me a fair price on something."

Yuki was about to say something when his vice-president showed up, "Come on Yun-Yun we have to hurry. Kimi's already complaining that she needs to go home and get ready for her date." Yuki let himself be dragged off and he waved 'good-bye' to the three girls.

"So does this mean you'll come?" Hana asked.


The three friends hugged and Tohru left school to make her way to Ayame's.


Tohru walked through the doors of Ayame's shop and the bells chimed signaling her entrance.

"Welcome to..." Tohru heard Mine start, "Tohru, hi!" the girl beamed with happiness, when she realized who it was.

"Hello Mine," Tohru smiled back.

"Sir," Mine called out, "we have a customer!"

"Coming!" Ayame said in a sing-song voice. When he saw Tohru standing there in the entrance of his shop he laughed and ran up to her, "Tohru! My dear little flower!" he said taking her hands in his, "How wonderful to see you! Come! Come and have a seat," he said as he dragged her off to the back of his store. "Mine, be a dear and get us some tea and cookies."

"Right away!" and with that Mine was gone.

"So Tohru," Ayame said as he had her sit in one of his comfortable chairs, "what do I owe this wonderful visit to?"

"Well," Tohru said as her eyes cast down and her cheeks started to get red, "there's this costume dance this Friday night, and well I..."

"You came here to ask if I would take you!" Ayame jumped from his seat and once again held onto Tohru's hands and said, "I accept! We'd make a lovely pair, wouldn't we?"

Tohru's face went all red, "Oh, no, no... I mean that would be fun... but I don't think that people outside of school are invited."

Ayame laughed, "Oh relax dear one. I was only teasing. Would you like me to make you an outfit?"

"Well, I was hoping. I mean Yuki did encourage me to come here..."

"He did! Yuki said that?" When Tohru nodded her head he jumped up, grabbed his phone out, and quickly dialed a number, "Hatori, wait till you hear this!" He walked a few feet away and at that moment Mine came out with the tea and cookies.

"Oh, thank you!" Tohru said as she reached for a cup and a cookie.

"So, I overheard you're going to a costume dance." Mine said.

"Oh, yes. Well, I hope to. I just... well, see I'm a little pressed for money this month, and my friends really want me to go."

"And I shall make you a wonder outfit! Fit for a queen!" Ayame came up from behind her. Tohru squeaked, as she didn't know he was behind her.

"Oh, no you mustn't." Ayame's face fell and Tohru went on to explain, "I was just hoping you might have a sale rack, or maybe something left over that someone didn't buy."

Ayame frowned and held his hand over his heart, "I don't think I've ever been more insulted."

Tohru's face went pale and she started to apologize, "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that no one would not buy your outfits or even try to assume that any of your fine quality outfits would ever be on a sale rack, but..."

"Oh, it's not that." Ayame said. "To think I'd actually make you pay for my one-of-a-kind outfits!"

"Oh, I couldn't..."

"I insist!" Ayame took out a drawing pad and started to jot some things down, "Mine, I think she'd look spectacular in something blue, maybe a princess outfit, or a..."

"Sir, shouldn't we ask her what she would like," Mine added in.

"Oh," Ayame stopped what he was doing and he smiled, "of course." Ayame sat down on the small table so he could be directly in front of Tohru and said, "So, dear girl, tell me, what's your deepest darkest fantasy?"

"Oh, I..." Should I tell him, Tohru thought to herself. "Um... you may laugh."

"I swear I won't. That's very unprofessional of me to do something like that."

"Well," Tohru took a deep breath and said, "I've always wanted to be a cat."

Ayame's eyes widened just a little, "A cat?"

"See it is stupid." Tohru said with a blush.

"No, no," Mine said. "We've done cats before. We've had black cats, and white ones, even pink before."

"Can you do Orange?" Tohru said so quietly that Ayame and Mine almost missed it.

"Orange?" Ayame asked, "You... you... want to be the Zodiac cat? Like Kyo?"

"Oh no, it's not like that, I don't want to be an orange cat because of Kyo, it's just that I've always liked the zodiac cat when my mom told me the story and I always wanted to be the cat, but never had a chance to be it," she said all in one breath. "Oh, never mind, just pretend I said nothing."

Once Tohru calmed down, Ayame said, "I have decided that I shall turn you into the most purrfect cat this town has ever seen!"

"Maybe you shouldn't," Tohru said with sadness in her voice.

Ayame's eyebrows grew close together in confusion, "Why not?"

"I don't want to get Kyo mad or anything. I mean it was just a thought, I never should have said that."

Ayame let out a sigh and said, "Fine, I shall none-the-less make something spectacular for you to wear this Friday evening! Mine, take her into the back and get some measurements!"

"Right away sir!" And Mine dragged Tohru towards the other room.

"Thank you," Tohru called.


Tohru walked through the front door of Shigure's house, an hour and a half later, and before she even opened her mouth to say, 'I'm home,' she heard Kyo yell, "Where the hell have you been?"

"What?" Tohru asked confused, "I know I'm a little late, but I'll get dinner…"

"A little? Three hours! We didn't know where you were!" Kyo said angrily.

"Oh," Tohru's face turned red, "I forgot to tell you were I was going."

"Is Tohru finally home?" Shigure said as he came out of his office.

Kyo stood there, arms crossed; face red, trying to contain his anger, "What does it look like?"

"Tohru, you should have really told someone where you were going. Because then some of us," he said pointing at Kyo, "might start to think you were lying in a ditch somewhere."

"Shut up you bastard!" Kyo yelled, face turning red, now out of embarrassment. "I never said that!"

"I, um, well Yuki knew where I was and I forgot he wasn't coming straight home. I went to Ayame's shop."

"Why would you go to a stupid shop like that?" Kyo asked uncrossing his arms and slowly starting to calm down.

"Well, Uo and Hana really want me to go to the dance on Friday and well Ayame said he'd make me something really special."

Kyo forced out a sarcastic laugh and said, "Yeah, I can just imagine what kind of 'special' outfit he'd make for you."

Tohru could feel her face burn at his words and Shigure laughed and said, "Oh, can you now? Who's the pervert now?"

Kyo's mouth opened, "That's not…," he turned towards Shigure, "That's not what I meant! And you know it!" Kyo started to walk away and without turning back around Kyo said, "Next time you're going to be late, let someone know!" And he went up the stairs.

"Oh, Kyo…" Tohru said quietly, a little upset with herself for making her friend worry about her. She then turned to Shigure and said, "I'm really sorry."

"Don't let what Kyo say bother you. Getting angry like this only shows that he cares about you."

Tohru smiled and then said, "I should go make some dinner."

"Don't worry, we ordered out, it should be here any minute." Shigure said, "Until then, I have work to do." And he walked back into his office.


Tohru climbed up the ladder to the roof and was not shocked to see Kyo lying there with his hands behind his head starring up into the sky.

She made her way quietly over to him and sat beside him. Looking out at the setting sun she said, "I'm sorry."

Kyo closed his eyes and said, "No, I just need to learn to calm my temper."

"No, no," Tohru said, trying to let him know that she wasn't mad at him, "it's kind of nice knowing that someone cares enough to worry so much about me. I should have let you know." Kyo sat up and there was a long silence, and to his relief it didn't feel awkward. Tohru broke the silence by saying, "Do you really think I'm a space cadet." She laughed a little, "Is that why you were worried?"

Kyo could remember the first day of their second year at high school and how he called her that. "Well, I… no… I… well, you do sometimes not notice things around you."

"Like when I fall down the stairs and walk into walls?" Tohru asked laughing.

Kyo couldn't help but laugh a little too, "Yeah, like that. I feel like I should follow you to this dance just to make sure you don't hurt yourself."

Tohru let out a small gasp. Was he asking, in a round-about way, to take her to the dance? Tohru just smiled and said, "Maybe you should. The walls there are a bit thicker."

"Then I don't think I have a choice then, do I?" Kyo said, as he moved closer and pushed her wind-blown hair off her face.

Did Kyo just move closer, Tohru asked herself. Is he going to kiss me? Should I move in a little closer too? Tohru couldn't help but smile and move in just a little closer, "I guess not." Before another moment could pass Tohru's stomach growled, loudly.

"I guess we should head in." Kyo said, moving away. "Dinner should be here by now."

Great timing stomach! Tohru yelled at herself. "Maybe Ayame could give you something to wear to the dance too."

"Oh, great. I'm sure he'll just love that." Kyo commented as he descended the ladder.

Tohru couldn't help but be happy; Kyo was taking her to the dance and he almost kissed her. Good thing I told Ayame not to make that cat outfit!

To be continued…