When the alarm blared, Rico slammed his hand down on it. He glanced over at the time and cursed David Fisher for making him come in at 4 AM on a Saturday. He would miss his son's t-ball game, and part of his abuela's 80th birthday party too. David had apologized profusely, but with the rash of deaths from the mysterious outbreak, Fisher and Sons was overloaded with fresh corpses.

Rico had been hard at work for hours before the first body reanimated. He was so absorbed with his current project that by the time he heard the noise, it was almost too late. He glanced at the floor a few feet away and saw that a table and his spare set of tools were spread over the floor. "What the hell was that?" Rico wondered out loud. Then he looked up and saw that Mr. Simmons was staggering towards him, arms outstretched.

"GRARRRGWGWRRRR," growled the zombie.


Mr. Simmons was on him before he knew it. The zombie was gnashing his teeth, trying to tear off a piece of whatever flesh he could. The closest pointy object was a scalpel, which Rico grabbed and stabbed into the zombie's eyeball. Putrid liquid started squirting out, but the zombie wasn't about to let a stabbing keep him from a delicious, meaty snack. Rico wriggled away and ran to the far end of the room, where he kept all his big knives. He grabbed the biggest one he had, which resembled a meat cleaver. Luckily he had sharpened them all just last week. Rico gave his best battle cry and charged. It was all over in a few chops, and the zombie's head went flying across the room. Rico's legs gave out and he crumpled into a heap on the floor.

A few minutes later, the scratching and moaning started. Rico gasped and looked over towards the walk-in cooler where the bodies were stored. That couldn't be good, and Rico wasn't about to stick around and see how many of them had come to life. He grabbed his knife and ran for the stairs. He crept along cautiously. Claire had been sick with the mystery disease for a week, and he wasn't about to let himself be attacked if she had turned.

Rico made it outside, only to see the world in complete chaos. There were cars crashed into houses, some people were running and screaming while others were armed with shotguns and pistols, and at least 40 zombies were stumbling along the road. "Well, this is going to be interesting," Rico said, before sinking his knife into a zombie skull.