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A/n: This is my first Sorato, ever. Its just stupid fluff, it's a letter from Sora to the dead Yamato.

A/n 2: This is a one-shot thing, so if by some miracle someone actually wants me to, I don't think I'm going to write more. Sorry.


            I first knew you when we were little, when Taichi and you and me were all best friends. I remember all the things we did. It was so much fun, more fun then I'll ever have again.

            Do you remember that time when you and Taichi used up all your Dad's hair-gel? It was so funny. Your hair was really shiny, I called you Elvis and Elvis II for weeks. Your Dad was really mad, but then Takeru came in and thought your hair was candy. Then everything was alright.

            We had fun, didn't we? Remember, we dressed up as each other for Halloween? I wouldn't let you wear my hat though, so it wasn't really right, and no one could tell. But that was okay. We knew.

            I remember so much that we did. When we got older, one time you kissed me. For some reason it didn't effect our friendship in a negative way at all. For some reason, I loved you, and you loved me

            For some reason it was taken all away.

            I'll never know why Taichi decided to do that. It didn't make sense. He hurt us both so much, but I know he loves us. He always has, he even told us so. Then he went and did that awful thing. He killed you, but he killed me to, in a way. I am a shadow of myself now that you're gone. I would wish that you'd come back, but you can't wish back the dead.

            Maybe you've been re-incarnated? I'd like to believe that. Maybe you're that frog that lives in my backyard, or a bird, soaring high in the sky, watching over me. Or a wolf, that makes most sense. And you've found a new pack to run with, one more deserving of your time then Taichi or me.

            But that doesn't seem real at all, only a fantasy, a hope to keep me sane. All that's real is the knife that killed you. All those jagged cuts across your neck, your blood spitting out and your eyes, hurt and wild, wondering why your dear friend would do this to you.

            I asked Taichi. All he said was, 'It had to be done.' He wouldn't say anything else. Was he jealous of our happiness? But he loves us, wouldn't he want us to be happy?

            But murder does not mean love. Maybe this was only a stupid hope to, that he loved us.

            I wish I knew why he did this. I wish I knew why someone didn't stop it, why your life could not be preserved. Why I cannot have your love once more. Are you looking down at me, willing your love? Or are you just dead, your body eaten by worms? Either way, I don't want to think about it. All I want is to hold you again, Yamato. To look into your beautiful blue eyes, and see love shining back, love I've only ever seen in you.

            Should I hate Taichi right now? I ask you this, Yamato. Do you hate him? I think we both should but I don't. He's my friend, despite what he's done. I wish he wasn't then I could hate freely Then it would be clearer. Then I would understand.

Love you always, Sora