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Superboy has a lot of knowledge in his head. He knows advanced calculus, the history of the world, both modern and ancient, strategy, economics, politics, journalism, and also happens to be able to remember every heist and world domination scheme by any villain, ever.

It's a handy predictor when it comes to being a hero, really. He can pretty much tell what any villain is planning, even if he can't always be bothered to take the time to think about it.

So when Superman says, "No, I can't come to Mount Justice; someone's exciting the volcanoes in the Pacific," Superboy does something stupid.

This isn't a new thing for him, but he's never had to think about how to be stupid before

So he sits down and thinks, and remembers all the heists and thefts and plans by any villain related to Superman, and especially Lex Luthor. Superman hates Lex Luthor. And having Superman hate him would at least mean that he was paying attention, right?

So he goes through his mental catalog. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, or cause property damage. He just wants to prove he can do something Superman can't, is all. And then, towards the end of the list, he comes across it. It's odd and strange, but it's relatively harmless.

Cameron would be proud of him.

M'gann floats into the kitchen to prepare snacks, and freezes. Then, she flies down the hall and drag Artemis in.

It's the smell that brings Wally, and with him comes Robin. And Kaldur makes his way there when M'gann broadcasts for him to.

There's no room for anyone inside, because there are cakes everywhere. On the counters, on the table, on the floors, and in the middle is Conner, looking around him with no little confusion.

When he sees them, Conner looks up at them, and says, "Do I eat them? It doesn't say what happens next."

"What?" Wally asks. "Dude, what's you do, rob a bakery?"

And Conner looks away at a pink cake with fondant sitting to his left, and doesn't answer.

"You did!" Artemis shrieks. "You stole these cakes!"

And Conner bites his lip and doesn't tell them he made them himself, because everyone has to think he stole them, or it's not going to work. "When no one was looking," he confirms instead.

"That's…" Robin stops to count, because a lot is a subjective amount. "That's forty cakes."

Wally goggles in disbelief. "Even I can only eat about ten cakes, and that's like, as many as four tens!"

"Can I have some?" Artemis asks, eying the triple chocolate tuxedo cake near the microwave.

"No! M'gann says, "We have to return them!"

"No!" Conner contradicts. "They're mine! And we have to tell Superman about them!"

"About…the forty cakes?" Kaldur asks, confused.

"Yes!" he says. "They're my forty cakes, and I stole them. And that's terrible. Right?"

And they see the pleading in his eyes, and make the connection. "Yeah," Robin says slowly. "You stole forty cakes. That's a lot of cakes."

"And they're just harmless, innocent cakes," Wally expounds.

Artemis nods. "They never hurt anyone."

Megan looks between everyone, and then back at Superboy. "Yes," she says slowly. "That's forty cakes." She doesn't know what else to say, so she grasps on what Wally said, earlier. "That's…as many as four tens?"

"Yes," Kaldur agrees, and motions for Robin to contact Superman. "And that's terrible."