A.N. Ok so this is my first attempt at fan fiction so be gentile. I like comments and constructive criticism. I'm open to ideas though don't know how many I can respond to.

IMPORTANT: This will be pretty much AU in were Richard is only six when he comes to live in the Manor and calls Bruce Daddy even when he is Batman. Batman loves Robin with all his heart and is very protective. I guess a lot of O/C too just to be safe. And Dick already knows about Bruce being Batman and is training to be Robin.

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A Father's Comfort

It was a regular night at Wayne manor. As regular as life with the Bat-family can get anyways. Batman had long gone to patrol his city, while Alfred tended to the household and made sure that little Richard lay snug in bed before leaving.

Alfred had finished cleaning all necessary rooms in the manor, so he decided to clean the Batcave while it was still relatively early (early as in before dawn). As he descended the stairs he heard soft rhythmic humming and knew at once that young Dick must have snuck his way down to the cave.

"Master Dick," said Alfred, a kind smile making its way to his lips when he saw the adorable sight of Richard in red footie pajamas and with his favorite blanky wrapped around him. "Shouldn't you be asleep?" asked the old butler to the young child who was sitting in the big chair that faced away from the bat computer.

"Cwant's sleep," mumbled the child, his voice slurry as he rubbed his left eye. "When's daddy comin' back?" ¨

Alfred was happy to hear Richard call Master Bruce by "Daddy", as it was heartwarming to know the love Bruce had for the child was returned. Alfred came closer until he was in front of the child and scooped him up into his arms. Dick giggled with delight, he loved being high up and was carried any chance he got and only walking when he needed to or when training.

The butler responded with: "If the night has been fair he should be back in just a few minutes, at which point you should be in bed."

"Can't I wait up for daddy?" Pleaded the little bird, giving Alfred the most adorable little pout, with his eyes going "Pleeeaaasssee…" Not even the Batman was immune to the magic spell that Dick's eyes cast. The old butler tried his best to resist, but you try saying no to anything when you're asked by an angel. So, reluctantly, he agreed on the condition that Richard would finish all his vegetables tomorrow.

While this was happening a loud engine could be heard coming, indicating that Batman was returning. The Batmobile came to a stop and out came Batman with a light yet noticeable scratch on his cheek.

"Daddy!" Robin exclaimed reaching for his father while Alfred handed him off to the Dark Knight, whose demeanor went from scary to loving the minute he saw his baby boy. "I thought I left you in bed before I left." said Batman in the soothing deep voice that he only used for Richard.

"I couldn't sleep…" Dick said softly while trying and failing to hold in a yawn. "You got hurt." He said while gently reaching up with a tiny hand to softly wipe away the little trickle of blood that was spilled from the cut.

"Only a scratch, nothing to worry about." said Batman as he walked up the stairs with Alfred following them into the study of the manor. "Be that as it may Master Bruce, I still think that I should at least disinfect it." Said the Butler, with a 'don't even try to argue look' when Bruce opened his mouth to protest.

Bruce merely nodded and went to sit in the winged chair that stood in front of the fireplace, which held his parents portrait on the wall. He placed Dick on his lap and chuckled as the young child used his cape to cocoon himself in with only the top half of his face peeking out.

In moments one could hear rhythmic breathing coming from the bundle and Bruce now with his cowl off, simply wondering how such a small child could make him feel so much love and comfort. At that time Alfred returned with some disinfecting spray and band aides.

"Am I doing the right thing here, Alfred?" asked Bruce in the moment the older man was about to put the band-aide on the scratch.

"As to what may I ask sir?" responded the butler.

"You know what I mean…about Dick," he said in a quiet tone afraid he might wake the child in his lap.

"I thought you loved having young master Richard as a son-"

"Of course I do Alfred, more than anything… I meant about training him. He is remarkableas a fighter and a genius as an acrobat... but still, he's just a baby. After the Tony Zucco incident I was set on him never fighting against criminals again."

Alfred listened with an open expression and urged his master to continue "But…?"

"But he wants to fight and as proud as I am, I can't help but feel terrified of when he will," finished Bruce, resting his chin on his fist as he cradled Dick closer to him.

Alfred nodded in understanding and said: "Such were my feelings similar to when you first started your crusade against evil. But in the end the choice was yours and yours alone as it is his, and as much as I'd prefer to mend broken legs from family skiing trips instead of from a mad man's weapons, I willstilluse my skills to mend them."

Bruce pondered about this for a moment and responded: "As I will use my skills to prepare him."

With that the vigilante stood up and with his precious cargo in tow went upstairs for some much deserved rest. Alfred stayed in the study for a moment longer, looking up at the portrait of the late Martha and Thomas Wayne with a soft, sad smile. He remembered a time when Bruce was a small child himself, being carried up those same stairs by his own father.

"He takes after you well sir," Alfred commented softly to the portrait, and with that left the room. Where he to turn around, he would have seen the faces of both Thomas and Martha change from small polite smiles to truly happy smiles that reached their eyes.