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Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big black bat? Part 4

Blink…blink…blink… "Ooh my freaking head" groaned Speedy as he slowly sat himself up and rubbed his temples slowly. "Uhmm…" an annoyed groan answered him. Speedy looked at his side to find Robin lying on the floor a few feet away from him. Suddenly he recalled everything. Speedy gathered his strength and lifted himself to his feet, only to stager and fall forward onto his hands and knees. "Uhg…head rush" cringed Speedy clutching his head. Obviously the fall took a lot more out of him then he thought. He looked up from the floor to Robin and noticed that the little guy was shivering.

"Mommy…daddy….don't go….don't leave me" whimpered the poor boy, tears trickling down his cheeks.

'Oh crap, he's having a nightmare' Speedy lifted himself up sluggishly and ran staggeringly ran to Robin. "Robin, robin, wake up" he shook him. "DADDY!" shouted Robin bolting upright, terror on his face. "It's okay, I'm right here" Speedy whispered pulling Robin into his arms and rocking him slowly. Robin clutched onto Speedy's shirt as if to assure himself that the older boy was really there. Slowly, through Roy's rocking and soft pats on his back, Robin calmed down.

"You okay?" asked Roy picking himself up and helping Robin get to his feet. "Yeah…I'm fine. What happened?" he asked looking around the dark, spacious building. "We fell through the stupid roof, remember?" Speedy said rubbing the back of his head were a bump was forming already. "Oh yeah" Robin sighed embarrassed of the rookie mistake his daddy warned him so many times about. "Uh-oh" Robin gasped suddenly, recalling the events that led up to the fall. Grabbing Speedy's hand he dove them against a few large crate containers and checked his hollow computer.

"What the heck!?" groaned Speedy looking over Robin's shoulder confused. "Speedy look do you see this?" Robin pointed at the screen with red squares, "someone had the cameras trained on us and then the roof collapsed in. What does that say to you?" Roy thought for a moment then a look of understanding passed over his face "Someone made us fall" he said.

"Well, well, well, aren't we clever?" came the disembodied voice of the Riddler through the building. The two boys grabbed onto each other from the sudden spook. "Where's the bat? I was expecting him to come and play, not two little brats" sighed the voice. Gathering their courage both boys stood up tall and proud. "Batman was busy" huffed Robin fist on his hips. "And we aren't brats!" growled Roy "We're Speedy and Robin, partners to Green Arrow and Batman." Speedy said crossing his arms.

"Well now things are getting interesting" the voice spoke. Roy was getting impatient "Alright whack job, tell us how to get out of here so we can beat you to a bloody pulp!" "Yeah!" chimed in Robin. "Certainly…" smiled Riddler "just follow the yellow brick road" he said as a brick road lit up beside them. "Should we?" asked Robin. "Not like we really got a choice?" sighed Speedy taking hold of the younger boys hand "Just stick close to me, got it?" ordered Speedy. Robin nodded "Got it."

"How adorable" teased the Riddler as both boys set off down the road. Speedy scowled at the direction the voice came from and showed The Riddler his favorite finger. Robin giggled at that.


Meanwhile on a nearby rooftop stood three costumed heroes. Superman, Batman and Green Arrow where looking at the live feed from the Riddler's cameras Batman hacked into. "I'm going in after them" Arrow said drawing a bow. "Not yet" Batman said holding Arrow back. "What the heck do you mean 'not yet'?" Superman asked crossing his arms.

"You've both seen the surveillance video back at the tower. Our boys want to prove that they are capable of handling our missions." Both Arrow and Superman looked at each other agreeing. "What do you think would happen if we went in there now, dragging them back kicking and screaming?"

"They'll try to do it again" Superman sighed, "I always did the opposite of what Ma and Pa wanted me to do at that age."

"So what do we do?" questioned Arrow annoyed.

"We wait. Unless they are in immediate danger we stay out of site. When they realize that they aren't prepared to do this on their own, that's when we'll intervene.

"This is killing you isn't it?" asked Superman, looking at close at Batman's clenched fist. He could already see faint trails of blood leaking from his hands where his nails bit through his gloves and skin. He didn't answer, just turned his attention back to the video feed.

"Argh…I don't like this!" groaned Arrow, "anything happens to them, I'm blaming you" he pointed to Batman and sat himself down on the ledge.

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