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First Day of School for the Parent

In life there can be so much pain and suffering a person can go through. This is something Bruce Wayne had learned at an early age when he witnessed the death of his mother and father. And ever since then, he has suffered, physically, mentally and emotionally. But with every broken bone, every painful moment, he endured… he grew and became stronger.

Today was the day that he would use all of his past experience to face the hardest challenge of his life yet…The first day of school.

"Hurry up daddy! We're going to be late." rushed the boundless energy that was Dick Grayson. Dick skipped down the front steps, making his way to the parked car waiting to take them to The Neo Gotham School for Youths. Advertised as the safest school in the city, this place had more security than the Pentagon. So Bruce figured it was a suitable place to send Dick to school.

"Are you sure you have everything? Did you remember your lunch? You have all the emergency contacts in your phone right?" Bruce fretted as he lifted Dick into the child car seat and fastened him in snugly.

"Yes daddy. We checked everything four times already" sighed little Richard at his father's constant worry. "You can never be too carful baby" Bruce said as he buckled himself in and they began their journey to the school with Alfred driving.

"Let's just go over things one last time before you reach school, ok?" he asked opening Dick's My Little Pony back pack and checking the contents. Notebooks, pens, pencils, lunch box, a thermos of strawberry milk, and cleverly hidden at the bottom was Dick's blue hippo blanket he needed to take his nap.

"Okay…" sighed the little boy shaking his head in exasperation.

"What is your class schedule today?" Quizzed Bruce

"Morning classes are English and History, then Lunch, then Science and Math." Dick answered.

"Good. What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom?"

"Ask a teacher or a big kid to take me so I don't get lost and I don't get scared."

"What do you do if any of the kids try to bully you?"

"Use the sonic device to disorient them, then run to a safe place and get a grown up. Why can I not use the tazer though?" he asked taking out the device from the hidden pocket in his jacket.

"Because the tazer is only in case of kidnapping, bullies just need a good scare and if that doesn't work you tell me. Okay baby?" Bruce said patting his little boys head.

"Yes daddy" Dick nodded.

"Good" Bruce smiled down at him.

"Last question, if there is ever a break in at the school…?"

"Push the emergency button in my locket to alert you and the league and do everything possible to stay invisible and get to safety."

"My apologies master Bruce, master Richard, but we have a rived" Alfred said from the front seat as he pulled into the school gates.

"Thank you Alfred" Bruce sighed as he got out of the car and helped Dick to the ground, noticing other children going in to the building, some with adults, others as a group and some alone. "Do you want me to go in with you?" Bruce asked, secretly hoping that Dick would say yes just to postpone the eventual separation with his child.

Dick grasped at his father's hand looking a bit nervous now that he's seen the size of the school. "Can you come with me to class?" he asked a little quietly shuffling closer to the big man for comfort.

"Of course baby" Bruce smiled, lifting Dick into his arms and carrying him into the building.

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