Title: Break Me Down, Build Me Up Again

Pairing: Sprx and Gibson

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Other Characters: Mandarin

Rating: K

Summary: Gibson has just been in an argument with Mandarin and the most unlikely monkey comes to help him. A little OOC for Gibson.

*Line Break*


It was all Gibson could feel as Mandarin tore into him during their "private" training exercise. At first, one would question why Mandarin would practice with Gibson alone and not with the whole team. If asked, Mandarin would say that he was just helping Gibson "increase his skills" and that he was "making him a better warrior". But that was never the real case. In truth, Mandarin needed a punching bag, and had decided long ago that Gibson would be that punching bag.









Gibson cried out in pain as he was once again slammed into the opposite wall. Sliding down, he landed on the floor in a heap, scratches and dents now covering his currently aching body.

He groaned as he tried to stand back up, but ended up failing and falling back onto the floor.

"Get up Gibson! Get up and fight like a true warrior!" came Mandarins voice from across the room. Gibson slowly moved his head to face the orange monkey.

"What's the point of this Mandarin? Why must you insist that we train like this?" he weakly asked, doing his best to glare at his leader.

Mandarin smirked.

"My dear Gibson, you misunderstand, I'm not just training you. Oh no…" he walked over to Gibson and placed a hand under Gibson's chin, lifting his face up to meet his eyes, Mandarin's smirk grew into a frown and he growled.

"This, is a way for me to teach you just how weak and pathetic you really are!" Mandarin's hand had by now grabbed Gibson by the throat.

"Gahh!" Gibson choked as he was lifted up along the wall, desperately and weakly clawing at the hand to release its grip. Mandarin's hold only got tighter at the attempt.

"You think you are ready to go into battle? You may be the medic and a good pilot, but as far as I'm concerned, you are no warrior. Relying on your weapons and smarts will only get you so far brother. You must also have a skill in both combat and stealth if you are to win in a fight."

Mandarin growled again and glared at Gibson's still writhing form.

"Me and Antauri have the power primate, Sprx is capable of taking down his enemies quick and easily, Nova uses brute force but is still a warrior and Otto can take down a good part of any army with his mechanical smarts. But what do you have Gibson? You have mental smarts but how far can you go with it? Not as far as you need! What you have in brain strength you lack in body strength. Which makes you weak!" Mandarin continued to shout.

While Mandarin was ranting, Gibson was desperately trying to block out his leader's words. It was true that he wasn't really one for battle, but he believed that he did a pretty good job fighting. But his biggest asset was his brain and it had gotten them out of tons of life threatening situations, but would Mandarin see it like that? No, he would just say that it was a lucky shot and that Gibson needed more training. At this point Gibson was stuck in between knowing that he was good or believing he was weak.

"Are you even listening to me?" Gibson snapped out of his musings when Mandarin's voice sounded in his audios. His eyes focused on the orange monkey, and he could see the anger in Mandarin's eyes.

"Y-yes…I was listening…" Gibson managed to choke out.

"No, I don't think you were." Mandarin smiled, the raised his hand. Gibson flinched away, waiting for the blow…..but it never came.


"Aaauugh!" Gibson heard Mandarin cry out, and the grip on his neck was suddenly released. Landing on the floor with his back still against the wall, Gibson looked up and was astonished at what he saw.

Laying in a heap on the floor a few feet away from Gibson, was his orange leader who now sported a fist sized print on his cheek. Looking over slightly Gibson could see another robot monkey standing protectively between him and Mandarin.

"S-Sprx…w-what are y-you d-doing here?" he asked his brother, Sprx turned to look at him and Gibson could see clear anger and hatred in his eyes.

"I'm here…" he said "to stop yours and Mandarin's training." He finished, his teeth grounded at the last word. By now Mandarin had recovered from Sprx's earlier blow and was now standing up, he then smirked at his brother.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your intrusion Sprx?" he asked, no sincerity in his voice whatsoever. Sprx turned to face him, anger clear in his eyes.

"To stop you from hurting Gibson, you jerk!" came Sprx's reply, malice still lingering heavily in his voice.

"Hurting Gibson? Why I am doing no such thing." Was Mandarin's calm reply, the smirk still on his face.

"That's a lie and you know it!" Sprx yelled. "What else do you call beating someone senseless then verbally abusing them?"


"Training? You call this training? You jerk! This isn't training, this is making Gibson your punching bag!" Sprx was getting angrier now. Gibson couldn't believe that Sprx was fighting Mandarin in his case. He wanted to try and calm his brother's anger, but how could he when Sprx had been right about everything so far? He eventually decided that he would continue to stay quiet.

"You have no right to question how exactly I decide to train my teammates!" Mandarin yelled back at Sprx.

"Yes I do, when you hurt my siblings, it is my business!" Sprx retaliated once again making Gibson look at him in surprise.

"Why you…" Mandarin didn't get to finish his insult since Sprx had decided to silence him by blasting him into the opposite wall with his magnets, knocking him out instantly.

"Serves you right." Sprx said, retracting his magnets, he turned around and walked back over to his fallen brother.

"You alright Gibson?" Sprx asked as he kneeled down beside his brother.

"F-fine" was the reply he got. Sprx frowned.

"No you're not." He stated and noticed that Gibson had his head tilted away from him. Gently he placed his hand on Gibson's shoulder.

"Gibson, look at me" Gibson didn't look up at him.


Gibson's head immediately shot up at Sprx's plea. Sprx smiled down at him. Gibson frowned.

"Why?" he asked quietly, his eyes giving his brother a questioning gaze.

"Why what?" he answered.

"Why would you stick up for me like that?"

To say Sprx was surprised by the question was an understatement. He was completely shocked.

"Because you didn't deserve what Mandarin was doing to you." Gibson was going to interrupt but he beat him to it. "No Gibson, you did not deserve what he did to you. You especially didn't deserve him verbally beating you down." Sprx gaze softened at his brother and he smiled.

"Gibson, you shouldn't listen to Mandarin." He said. "You're smart, and talented, you're a great medic and if you ask me, I think you do a great job fighting in a battle" Sprx watched as his brother took in his compliment and smiled up at him.

"Thank you"

"No problem buddy. Now come on, we need to get you to the med-bay." Sprx tried to help Gibson stand back up, but about halfway through the process Gibson's legs gave way and he fell back down. Sprx managed to catch him before he hit the floor. He frowned slightly at Gibson's sudden groan of pain.

"You okay?" he asked.

All he got in response was a curt nod. Not really believing what he had been told, Sprx decided in a quicker way to get to the med-bay. Wrapping one arm around Gibson's back and another under his legs, Sprx gently picked Gibson, who blushed, up without any protest, and proceeded out of the training room, leaving Mandarin's still form inside.

Walking through the halls of the super robot, Sprx slowly made his way to the med-bay, being mindful of Gibson's current injuries. The monkey mentioned had fallen asleep against his brothers hold a few seconds ago, but Sprx didn't mind this, as long as he got Gibson out of that room and away from Mandarin, he was fine.

A determined look crossed his face as he glanced down at his sleeping brother once more.

No matter what, no one messes with my family.

With that thought fresh in his mind, Sprx continued down to the medbay, his words echoing inside his head.

*line break*

Me: wow, that was full of brotherly love. I think I might of made them a little OOC but hey, I thought it was cute.

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