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Brotherly Protection:

Chapter Three

Sparx was fuming as he walked the halls of the Super Robot. No matter how many times he tried he couldn't shake the images that continued to plague his mind.

Mandarin beating up Gibson.

Gibson laying on the ground.

Mandarin shouting at Gibson using words that cut deeply into the blue scientist's already low esteem and breaking his heart.


Gibson wasn't stupid. In fact he was probably the most intelligent monkey on the team, especially when it came to medical emergencies and science. Every single planet the team would visit Gibson would already have enough data to fill a book with and he wouldn't have even stepped foot on the planet yet. Usually Sparx would tease Gibson about being a nerdy bookworm and spending too much time reading .but in reality he was hiding his amazement at how quickly his brother was able to remember important information in such a short amount of time.

It's saved the team on more than one occasion he'll admit to that.


Gibson may not have the power primate like Mandarin and Antauri. He may not have mechanical knowledge like Otto, warrior instincts like Nova or cocky strength like Sparx but that didn't make Gibson weak. What Gibson lacked in physical conduct he made up for and doubled in knowledge. Who else would be able to fix up the team after they are injured during a fight with Skeleton King's formless. Who kept the Super Robot on course to their destinations and came up with strategies when the team was in a tight fix?

No, Gibson wasn't weak in any way but Sparx hated the fact that his brother seemed to view himself that way.


That word topped all the others that had emerged from Mandarin's mouth. A word that cut deep into the blue monkey and fueled the fire of anger that built up in Sparx's heart.

If there was one thing in this entire universe that Gibson wasn't it would be worthless.

Gibson was the scientist and medic on the team. There were many occasions that his medical knowledge had helped the team even with the most minor of injuries. There were times Sparx would be walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night only to find the lights in the lab still on and Gibson still working on some chemical or computer terminal mumbling to himself while taking notes and data. Sparx could tell that Gibson had not gotten a wink of sleep because he could see Gibson's slumped posture, his drooping eyes and the shadowed bags underneath them. Usually Sparx would debate whether or not to step in and force Gibson to go to bed but he knew whatever Gibson was working on might be important for the team.

Or a stupid project that Mandarin made up.

Sparx hated the fact that their leader would go to such lengths and make their medic spend countless sleepless nights creating and configuring new projects that do nothing but keep the blue scientist from a good nights sleep. I mean really, how the heck is a chemical concoction that can grow hair going to do in a fight against the formless? What are they planning to do, give them a new hairdo?

Sparx hated how late Gibson stayed up at night. He hated how little sleep his brother would get. He hated Mandarin for making Gibson perform pointless experiments on the middle of the night. He hated how their leader made Gibson believe that the only way to prove his worth to the team keep performing these tasks with little to no sleep. He hated now willing Gibson was to do what Mandarin told him and didn't question him even when the idea was a stupid one.

But what he hated the most was that for the longest time they had done nothing to stop him.

They were a team, but no one on the team had interrupted Gibson to get some sleep. The team hadn't stopped Mandarin from harassing the medic. Sparx didn't stop Mandarin from harassing Gibson. Whether they knew about it and chose to ignore it or they didn't know in the first place, they should have seen the signs. They shouldn't have let it go so far.

For the longest time Sparx told himself he would do something, that he would find a way to help his brother and stop Mandarin form hurting him any further. And it was after this confrontation that morning that Sparx made a silent vow.

No longer would Gibson suffer under the constant abuse their leader imposed on him. No longer would Gibson spend another night without much needed rest. No longer would he do nothing to help. He will stop Mandarin's hold on Gibson completely. He would make sure that the blue monkey wasn't alone in his inner battles anymore.




Gibson was not stupid, he was not weak and he was definitely worthless. He was their brother, and they were going to help him as a team. Sparx would personally make sure of that.

But first. . .

Sparx was brought out of his musings when he realized he had reached his destination. Opening the door to the training room the red pilot was expecting to find their orange leader still lying unconscious on the floor. But when Sparx looked to the spot Mandarin had lying in he found the spot empty.


Sparx growled deep in his throat. His eyes narrowed as he backed out of the room and closed the door. He was going to find Mandarin and make him pay for his actions. But first, a plan must be made before the confrontation.


Back in medbay things had completely calmed down. Gibson was sleeping soundly on the medical berth, his wounds wrapped and on the mend. Antauri sat silently by his side in a state of meditation. While he also wanted answers from his leader about Gibson's current injuries he did not want to leave the blue monkey's side. He couldn't leave Gibson without the support of another or without protection. Especially at the chance mandarin would come looking for him.

There was a whimpering sound beside him that quickly brought Antauri out of his meditation. He looked down at the medical berth and found Gibson curled up in his sleep, a pained look crossing his face and small sounds escaping his lips.

Antauri reached out and ran a hand over Gibson's back in a comforting motion. Gibson's body tensed at the contact but then slowly relaxed as the motion calmed his body. Once Gibson's whimpering had completely stopped and his face had relaxed into a peaceful expression Antauri made to remove his hand from Gibson's back but was surprised when the hand was suddenly grabbed by Gibson's own. Antauri could see that Gibson was still asleep but his unconscious grip didn't lessen. Antauri smiled and gripped Gibson's hand back.

"Don't worry Gibson, I'm not going anywhere." Antauri soothed, his own grip tightening slightly in reassurance. He wanted Gibson to know that he would stay right here with his brother and that he would not leave.

Not now, not ever.


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