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Name: This time it will be different.

Summary: Being Banish from his own home. No one helps him except for those who are close. Naruto feels betrayed and leaves but Kyuubi has other plans that mean Time travel. Naruto goes but to destroy Konoha. Before the attack. He watches his parent's life. Will he change for the good or will he still attack Konoha? Find out!

Warning: Pairing at voted. Mina/Kush. Time travel. T rated. Slight Dark Naruto.

Sneak peek:

Meanwhile, somewhere in the fire country, Naruto slammed his fist into a nearby tree. He kept on punching till his knuckles were raw. Naruto then slammed his head into the tree.

"IS THIS WHAT I GET!" he yelled angrily, intoxicated by grief and anger. Another slam rocked the tree. Mostly anger. "After everything I've done for this country, after all the sacrifices, they still don't care for jack squat! WHY! I even put my life on the line to fight Gaara, to bring back Sasuke! And this is what I get?"

Naruto's turned and laid his back on the tree, before sliding down it, his forehead and knuckles raw and bloody, his eyes devoid of all life, physically and mentally exhausted. He could take no more. He turned his eyes to the sky, searching for hope, the sky had always been full of it, hope, but now it seemed as cold and unforgiving as ice, and as if even the sky opposed him and everything he stood for. He glared back in the general direction of Konoha and flipped a two fingered salute.

"Konoha is going down," Naruto grinned maliciously, promising pain and suffering to whoever dared cross him. Red bled into cerulean, leaving behind only the crimson slitted eyes of a monster. The whisker marks on his cheeks became more defined. He'd become what the villagers had feared.

Kyuubi sat in his cage, wondering if he should help the brat. He certainly didn't want his host to be like one of Uchiha, even thinking about it made him sick. Kyuubi did care for his host slightly but sometimes he wondered why.

Hey, Kyuubi. I wanna get rid of all the hate of yours someday" Naruto's voice echoed in his mind. Those innocent voice miles away. "Being with a Tailed Beast isn't such a bad thing."

"Kit…" he called out for his host.

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. He knew it was the Kyuubi. Settling down between the tree branches and closing his eyes, he withdrew into his mindscape. He opened his eyes and was greeted by a large cage with a huge fox inside.

"What do you need Kyuubi?"


"You called me here and you say nothing! What the hell?"
"Are you angry?"
"What the hell is that question? OF COURSE I'M ANGRY!" Naruto yelled, his lungs nearly bursting from the outcry.
"Naruto, I've watched everything you've done so far. You should know yourself."

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