A/N: This was inspired by the Young Justice episode "Revelation"

Which I must say...was pure thrilling and is one of my top three favorite episodes.

The Joker and Posion Ivy were pretty awesome and I was really ecstatic to see them.

This will mostly focus on Robin, Batman, and Joker...but there will be InJustice League, Justice League and YJ in it too, of course.

Story Summary: Two months had passed since the capture of the Injustice League. Now, they are back and out for revenge. With Joker running the show Robin falls into the Injustice League's hands...will he still be able to spread his wings after the Injustice League and Joker are through with him?

Rated T for now: Torture and language. Blood will appear later on.

Please enjoy and note that I do not own Young Justice or DC Comics.

Wings of A Robin

Gotham City

Dec. 24th 02:00am EST

Robin was not whelmed.

Not whelmed at all.

It was a freezing blustery night in Gotham, thick patches of heavy snowflakes flew about in the air, and thick layers of snow covered the city. It was one of coldest and heavy snow ridden winters that they city had experienced so far in a few years. And on this night, The Dynamic Duo was on patrol, just receiving news from the Commissioner that the Joker and Poison Ivy had escaped Arkham Asylum once again. They had been locked away with ultra maximum security after the Injustice League had stepped out of hiding and had been taken down.

Apparently, the Asylum wasn't secure enough.

Or ever was.

Now, Batman was out in some warehouse investigating where the Joker had been spotted, while Robin was stuck inside the Batmobile, with the heaters blasting on him and staring at a blinding white terrain. Even with his new long sleeved and heat lined outfit, Batman had forbid him from coming.

Like he was some inexperienced sidekick.

Robin gave a frustrated huff as he glanced out the passenger window and grinned as the puff of breath made a clouded condensed spot on the window. Robin used his index finger to draw the bat signal, laughing as he did so. Once done, he repeated the action, this time making a lightning bolt. Then, it was a smiley face. After that, it was a heart. Then it was…

"I see you found a way to occupy yourself"

Robin jumped in his seat as Batman silently slid into the driver's seat of the vehicle.

"Well…if you had let me come with you…I wouldn't be bored to smithereens" Robin replied.

"It's too dangerous. You know how the Joker is every time he escapes Arkham" Batman remarked as he shifted the Batmoblie into drive.

"More insane then before, I know…but let me take Ivy…she can't grow anything with this kind of weather" Robin replied eagerly.

"You'll be surprised by what she's capable of" Batman warned.

"I can handle it"

"But you wont...since we still have to discover where exactly they are and what they are up to"

Robin sighed in defeat, his shoulders slumping and he stared out the passenger window.

"I picked up a lead in the warehouse I was just in…Joker and Ivy had definitely been there. They should be at the docks…why though, I am not sure…" Batman remarked, apathetic to Robin's pouting.

"But we'll find out" Robin interjected, with sudden determination.

Batman frowned at his young partner.

"You are to sit out here and keep an eye out for anything unusual"

Robin groaned.

"C'mon Bruce…its Christmas Eve…lighten up…where's your holiday spirit?"

"It's wrapped away"

Robin laughed and shook his head.

"Fine…since you just attempted to lighten up. But the next time we go on patrol, I get to call the shots…deal?" Robin inquired.

Batman pondered on the Boy Wonder's words as he drove.

"Deal…" Batman finally and reluctantly agreed.

Fifteen minutes later, the Batmobile screeched silently to a stop in front of the docking area and Batman gave Robin his intense bat-glare.

"Stay put…and contact me immediately if anything unusual arises out here" Batman ordered.

"Yep…will do. Have fun without me" Robin replied, leaning back into his seat.

The Dark Knight left, the locks of the doors clicking into place.

Robin stared dully out the window.

"Why white? Why can't snow be naturally multicolored? Huh…yellow snow wouldn't be too whelming though…" Robin pondered thoughtfully out loud.

Robin shrugged his shoulders and then took a thermos out of the cup holder, taking a sip of the piping hot coco that Alfred had kindly made before they had departed. It made Robin feel better about being stuck out in the Batmobile for two agonizing hours.

"Haha…I got the hot chocolate…and I'm going to drink it all up" Robin thought amusingly.

That was his present for his mentor.

As he set the half-empty thermo back down, he then saw a faint tall and slender silhouette running towards the Batmobile.

"Well...I know people who are health nuts...but in this weather and this time of night?" Robin thought curiously.

Robin watched as the figure continued sprinting towards him.

As the figure drew closer and appeared under a street light, Robin recognized who it was.

It was the Joker.

The villain was a tall and slender man, with green mop styled hair, a white pasty face, with red grinning lips. He wore a slim purple jacket, with a magenta like color flower in the breast pocket. Underneath the jacket, he wore a dark green shirt with an orange collar, and a purple tie. His skinny pants and shoes were also purple.

Robin frowned, noticing that the Joker didn't seem to mind or seemed bothered by the frigid cold. The man leapt onto the hood of the Batmobile gracefully, crouched down, peering into the windshield, right at Robin.

"Come out…come out…Bird Boy…the Joker wants to play…" the deep but crackly voice that had once terrified Robin when he had first started as a hero taunted.

Okay, the Joker still intimidated him…but not as much.


"Nah…I'll pass…maybe next time we can make snow angels or go sledding" Robin replied lightly, staring back at the man.

The Joker just grinned.

"I personally came all the way out here for a play date and you turn me down…bad manners, Bird Brat"

Robin sighed.

Robin knew if he got out of the Batmobile, the Joker would do something insane to draw him out or Batman would come ehen he did get out, and then he would be in deep trouble for disobeying.

Well…it wasn't the first time he didn't obey the Dark Knight and certainly not the last…but it was Christmas Eve…

But the Joker was dangerous and had to be stopped.

At any cost.

"Ah, screw it…Dick will still get presents" Robin reasoned as he unlocked and slid out of the vehicle, slamming the door shut.

The wind whipped violently through his hair, dust of snow and wind stinging his face, his cape whipping against him.

"Aw…did the Baby Bird get a new outfit for being a good little boy?" the Joker inquired dersively, noticing Robin's new outfit, and laughed.

Robin rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah that's exactly it…and I have to say it's a better improvement then your face" Robin remarked boldly.

"Shut it before you get yourself killed" he thought immediately afterwards.

The Joker's grin turned into a scowl as he leapt down from the Batmobile.

"That's it…time to kill the Bat…I will have to hurry if I want to participate in dissecting him"

Robin shivered, mostly from the cold, but also by the villain's words.

"Wait!" Robin called out.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

The Joker laughed.

"You don't kiddo…and Batsy would be very disappointed in you for standing around having conversation with good ole Uncle Jay. He might get jealous"

Robin scowled.

"I'll have to put you on hold, Joker"

He pressed the comlink device in his ear, trying to get a hold of Batman. Instead he only got an earful of static. After a few more attempts, he yanked the earpiece out and tossed it onto the hood of the Batmobile. Then, he tried the small communicator that he and Batman had, but also got static.

"Aw…it looks like the Boy Blunder's toys took a...blunder" the villain crackled, leaning against the Batmobile and then laughed.

Robin emitted a growl, tossing the communicator aside, and charged at the villain, but before he could deliver a punch, he skidded to a stop as the man held up one of his own toys.

A remote with a large red button.

"Well…that just screams dangerous" Robin thought sarcastically, but he knew that it could as well be.

When it came to the Joker, you couldn't afford to underestimate the villain and his devices.

"Now…now…don't get your skinny pants in a bunch.. Just follow me and you'll get the chance to save your dear Daddy Bat" the Joker said with a snicker.

"And if I don't?"

"Then, I get to press this big red button…letting my teammates know to start torturing Batty and we can just stand out here and listen to the torture…Or perhaps sit in that Batmobile and listen...believe me, it will be scrumptious" the clowned villain answered sweetly.

"Alright…I'll follow you "Robin said hesitantly.

It sounded completely stupid to comply and he knew that it could be and was most likey a trap.

But what choice did he have? Batman would have responded to one of his calls by now.

And if Batman was indeed in trouble, it was his job to assist and rescue his mentor.

And so…Robin took off after the crazed villain.

It wasn't long before hero and villain were inside a small one roomed warehouse. Robin felt the adrenaline and anxiety flow rapidly through him as he hoped to see a fighting Batman…or even an unconscious Batman. But as they reached the center of the room, only the members of the Injustice League stood in a circle, smirking sinisterly at him.

"Where's Batman?" the Boy Wonder inquired, giving each member a bat-like glare, which should had wiped the smirks off thier faces.

Instead, the entire group laughed, Joker throwing his head back, his sinister laughter ringing harshly in Robin's ears.

"Silly boy, did you fall for the jokester's lies? I thought Batman taught you better" Count Vertigo remarked.

"The little birdy was worried about his mentor…who is now too far away to save his little bird" Ivy replied, with a nasty leer at Robin.

Robin then realized he had indeed walked blindly into a trap.

"Oh…Batman is so going to throttle me" Robin thought, appalled.

Robin glanced around for a nearby escape, but saw none other than the entrance he had come in through. And now the others encircled him.

He was now surrounded and outnumbered.

Not good.

"Alright…just stay calm and…" Robin thought but back flipped away as Black Atom rushed at him.

The villain swung a large fist and Robin ducked and performed a swipe kick that caused him to stumble forward.

Robin then leapt up and tensed up, in a defensive stance.

"He's just one boy…we don't need to fight and waste our energy" Count Vertigo said smoothly and gazed at the hero.

Robin groaned and collapsed to his hands and knees as Count Vertigo used his powers to subdue him.

"That's enough" the Joker said sharply to the Count, who nodded respectfully and immediately ceased his attack.

"Aw… I feel so insulted" Robin remarked weakly, looking up at the five members, who now gathered in front of him.

"Well, Boy Wonder...this is not about fighting…no…it's all about sending a message" Ivy replied, crossing her arms.

"Indeed…and you are to be the messenger to deliver the message'' Wotan added.

"Lucky me…" Robin muttered.

"Remember dear comrades…there will be plenty of time for us to torture the hell out of this bird…but he's mine for the most part" the clowned villain said and grinned, crouching down beside the bowed Boy Wonder, and grabbed a handful of the midnight black hair, yanking his head back sharply.

Robin could only stare at the crazed green eyes that gazed hungrily at his masked blue ones.

"Oh…I can't wait to show you what I have in store for you. We are going to have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day together. But now, it's time for you to wake up and smell the roses. Well, in this case, smell this flower and drop dead…"

The villain gave his signature laugh and leaned close to the hero, squeezing the flower in his breast pocket. A burst of colored gas flew out and struck Robin in the face, who at first tried not to inhale the toxic, and tried to cover his nose and mouth with one hand, but Joker seized and pulled his hand away and pinned Robin's other hand with his knee.

But not even Robin could hold his breath long enough for the gas to disappear.

Robin inhaled and instantly felt himself losing consciousness.

Thankfully, it was knockout gas and not the deadly Joker venom.

The Joker continued to laugh as he released his hold on Robin's hair and the Boy Wonder collapsed to the ground, now fully unconscious.

Meanwhile, Batman silently dropped down onto the snowy ground, his feet slightly sinking into the semi-deep snow. His lead had given him nothing, only more scraps of paper with vague clues to where the Joker could be up to.

The best thing to do for now was to return to the Bat Cave and analyze the clues he had obtained and let Dick get some rest before waking him up for the traditional Wayne Christmas morning.

As Batman drew near the Batmobile, where it sat idly where he had left it and Robin, he immediately sensed that something was amiss.

The Dark Knight swiftly ran over to the Batmobile and depicted a small black earpiece on the passenger side of the hood.

It was Robin's comlink earpiece.

Batman ambled over to the side and picked it up, and then glanced down.

Laying on the snowy ground, was the boy's communicator.

Batman bent down and picked it up, studying it.

Robin had gotten out of the Batmobile and had tried to contact him.

But why? And why didn't he receive the calls?

Immediately, the Dark Knight scowled as he surmised what was going on.

He had been a fool, to leave Robin alone.

He wasn't the Joker's target.

The target this time was Robin.


A harsh wind whipped Batman's cape against him as he glanced about, hoping that his protégé would appear.


Batman glanced down, his heart sinking as the footprints that he could have easily followed had been dowsed with a fresh thick layer of snow.

Batman ignored the bitter cold as he began running down the street, calling his partner's name.


Batman continued to call out for Robin as he searched the entire docking warehouses.

But one caught his eye.

A small abandoned warehouse stood out from the others, the doors were slightly opened. Batman narrowed his eyes and cautiously ambled over to it, peeking through the crack. Batman saw a gleaming flash of gold and knew it instantly was Robin's utility belt. Without further hesitation, Batman threw the doors open, the snow swirling into the room and Batman ran over, bent down and picked up the belt, and paused at the scene before him.

On the concrete ground, in sloppy red letters in paint read:

" Joker and Robin were here!"

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