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Chapter 10

It had been a very long and intense night for the members of the Young Justice and Justice League. All the adrenaline from the fight with the Injustice League and anxiety of Robin's health left them exhausted and depressed. How could they go back home and celebrate the holiday when Robin was in a coma? It just didn't feel right or ever would...

An hour had passed without Batman reappearing to them. They all knew and understood that the hero needed time, time to deal with it all. M'gann was curled up in her seat, head resting on Conner's shoulder. Conner had his head tilted back, eyes closed, and his mouth slightly open. Artemis and Wally held hands gazing at another then both would look away, while Zatanna and Kaldur were engaged in a murmured conversation to help pass the time.

The League members had stepped outside to get some fresh air.

When they returned they saw that there had been no change.

"Maybe we should send the kids home" Dinah muttered, observing the team.

The others glanced at one another, then at the teens, and nodded in assent.

"Who wants to break it to them?" Barry inquired.

"I'll do it since I suggested it" Dinah volunteered.

"Better you then me" Oliver replied with a half smirk to her.

The blonde heroine rolled her eyes and then strode over gazing at the team and clearing her throat loudly.

M'gann and Conner snapped out of their light slumber and the rest of the team focused on her.

"I know you will hate this but we think its best for you to go home"

"No way! We want to stay" Wally exclaimed leaping up.

"KF is right, we want to be here for Robin" Zatanna agreed.

Dinah sighed.

She had anticipated this. How could she convince them to leave? It was a tough task but she had to get them to go.

"Look at yourselves. You're exhausted and need to get some rest. We don't know how long Robin will remain in his-"

Before she could finish, she was interrupted as Doctor White entered the room, a stunned and bewildered expression on his face.

"What's up Doc?" Barry inquired with a little chuckle but then quickly grew serious.

The man blinked and gazed at them.

"I can't explain exactly how it happened but the good news is that Robin has woken up from the coma"

The heroes were stunned at first by the unexpected news.

Then Wally jumped up let out an ecstatic "Yeah!" and a fist pump.

M'gann, Artemis, and Zatanna got up laughing and hugging happily, while Kaldur smiled and Conner nodded.

The League members smiled, hugged, and shook hands, all happy and relieved that Robin would be okay.

That the nightmare was finally over...


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