Summary: Following 3X02, after Quinn confesses her intention of getting Beth back to Puck, he goes to Rachel for help in sabotaging Quinn's plan. Together with Santana, they humorlessly try to foil Quinn's attempts. Humor ensues and Faberry happens.

Puckleberry and Pezberry friendship.

Eventual Faberry pairing.

Written as a request.

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"Well, Noah, I must say I'm surprised you called me." Rachel greeted the mohawked boy as she sat beside him on the tailgate of his truck.

"I didn't know who else to call." The boy admitted, and then turned to the girl earnestly. "Quinn has something planned. She wants Beth back and I'm scared about what she'll try to do to get her."

Rachel studied the boy looking for sincerity and saw that he was full of it. She nodded once in acknowledgement. "So you want my help to what, stop her? I would have thought you'd be more supportive."

"I would be, if she thought things through. But I doubt she'll be rational about this. I mean, have you seen her lately?"

"Yes as a matter of fact. She's blonde again, and wearing a dress." Rachel was confused; she didn't understand what Puck was getting at.

"It's an act. Or at least she says it is." He puts his arm tentatively around Rachel's shoulders. "And I want you to help me prove it."

"You want us to stalk her? I already did that with Finn, it didn't…"

"We have to catch her in a lie. Prove she hasn't really changed. If we do, then you help me stop her plans. If we can't, then I'll let you say 'I told you so.'"

Rachel considered her options. Stakeout with Puck or another night of watching Finn play some stupid xbox game? "You've got a deal. Wait, I don't really see how I win in this?"

"Too late, you agreed on it!" Puck jumped off the tailgate. "I've already got the supplies. Let's go stakeout!"

Three hours into their stakeout and they still had nothing. Quinn hadn't left her house since she got home. And since they exhausted the music that they both mutually enjoyed, they were sitting in silence.

"I'm actually surprised you remained quiet this long." Puck says, looking sideways at the brunette.

"I take offense to that Noah." Rachel huffed, still watching Quinn's house. "And how long are we going to stay here before you admit that she isn't up to anything?"

"One day will not prove anything; we have to stick it out at least a little while."

Rachel pulled out her phone while Puck was talking and sent a text.

"What are you doing?" The boy asked.

"Hopefully speeding up the process." She closed her phone back up and looked at him. "I sent her a text. If we want her to slip up, we have to keep her off balance."

"And you think a text from you will do that?"

"Not alone, no. But you and Santana, and everybody really, seem to think I'm annoying. So if I annoy her, maybe she'll be distracted enough to slip up. If there is any sinister plot to slip up on." Rachel added as an afterthought.

"You're kind of an evil genius Berry." Puck grinned. "You know, I thought sending Sunshine to the crack house last year was just a lapse in judgment but…"

"About that…oh wait, I got a response!" Rachel interrupted, opening her phone.


Quinn was bored out of her mind. At least when she was hanging with the skanks she had something to do. Now that she was back in glee but out of the Cheerios, she didn't have a lot to do after school (or on weekends). She really shouldn't have pushed her friends so far away. Even Rachel Berry seemed scared of her. She did approach her and try to get her back to glee, but she hadn't spoken to the girl since. How did her life get so screwed up?

She had finished her homework and was mindlessly channel surfing on TV when her phone chirped. She hadn't gotten many calls or texts since she starting hanging with the skanks at the beginning of summer, so who would be texting her now?

From Rachel:

I was glad to hear that you're back in glee.

I look forward to seeing you next meeting :)

Quinn studied the message for awhile. She was excited that the brunette had reached out to her. She had wanted to join glee earlier when the girl asked her to, but wasn't sure if she'd be accepted. Who knew that all it would take was some blonde hair dye, a dress and a fake apology. Now that she was back, she was still unsure of how to proceed with the little diva. And sitting re-reading the girl's text message, she had no clue how to respond. She typed without thought and sent the message before she changed her mind.

From Quinn:

I was actually wondering why you weren't

part of Mr. Shue's booty camp. Aren't you

a perfectionist?

From Rachel:

I am, which is why I learned those moves long ago,

and thus had no need to attend the extra classes.

From Quinn:

Wow. You talk just like you write.

From Rachel:

Of course, why wouldn't I?

From Quinn:

You're right. Why wouldn't you?

From Rachel:

And I must commend you on your texting etiquette, Quinn.

I admire that you haven't once used text-talk in this


From Quinn:

Honestly, I don't understand half of what

it means, so it always takes too long to decipher.

It'd be easier to pick up the phone and talk.

From Rachel:

I whole heartedly agree!

Puck was watching Rachel frantically typing back and forth with Quinn for the last 15 minutes or so and was growing bored. He cleared his throat to get Rachel's attention. "So, your plan doesn't seem to be working. She has yet to call you any names or tell you to leave her alone. I thought you were trying to annoy her."

"Noah Puckerman, these things take time. I plan on harassing her everyday after school by blowing up her phone with needy calls and boring text messages. And I will talk to her in our shared classes, in glee, and at lunch. Pretty soon she will be so sick of me; she'll blow up and reveal her true nature. Or she'll simply be too distracted by me to have time to plan anything sinister."

The next day in school, Rachel approached Quinn at her locker. "Good Morning, Quinn!"

Quinn shut her locker and faced the brunette. "Morning Rachel."

"Well, since we are sharing History together, I thought maybe we could walk together?" Rachel asked hopefully.

Quinn looked around the hallway, eyes settling on the large football player who was watching them intently with a growing fury in his brown eyes. "What about Finn?"

Rachel turned to follow Quinn's eyeline. "Oh, right. Well, he doesn't share our class so I think it'd be more practical if he didn't join us."

Quinn laughed humorlessly. "Rachel, I meant what about Finn walking you to class?"

"Oh, right. I guess if he offered it'd be rude to turn him down."

Quinn rolled her eyes at Rachel's statement. Finn was her boyfriend; he should offer to walk her to class. If she were with Rachel, if Rachel were her girlfriend, she would definitely enjoy that privilege.

"Why don't you let your boyfriend walk you to class, Rachel, and I'll just see you when you get there?"

"Ok, will you at least save me a seat?"

Quinn beamed. She didn't know what Rachel's sudden interest was, but as long as it meant that she was presently interested in hanging out with her, she wouldn't complain.

She realized she had feelings for the diva after Prom. Not only had the girl made her feel better and salvaged what was left of the prom fiasco, but she also choose the perfect corsage (she knew that the dimwitted Finn had nothing to do with that) and called her the most beautiful person she ever met. But it wasn't until New York when she was yelling at Santana about wanting to be loved that she realized that she was in love with Rachel. She came home and told her mom she was gay, and well sort of went off the deep end after that. How could she not? She had just admitted to herself that she loved the girl and then Finn goes and kisses her in front of everyone (losing them National's and winning her girl). She was spiraling out of control and with Beth so close and yet so far away, she wasn't sure how to remedy that but the whole Rachel situation seemed to be improving.

"I guess you don't have to if you don't want to." Rachel replied quietly, suddenly self conscious.

"Sorry, I was sort of in my own little world there, Rach. Of course I'll save you a seat." Quinn said brightly, with the largest smile on her face that Rachel had ever seen.

The more she talked to Quinn, the more Rachel began to believe that Puck was right. Something was definitely up with her. Now Rachel was more determined than ever to find out the truth about Quinn.

Mrs. Lutz was droning on about Napoleon and the Inquisition. Or was that Alexander and the Huns? She really should pay more attention in class. At least she told herself she would pay more attention in class, until she remembered Rachel was sitting beside her. She tore out a sheet of paper (that she should have been taking notes on) and scribbled a note to Rachel.

Are you as bored as I am?

More so, tell me when will I ever need to know anything

about the Civil War while working on Broadway?

Right, the Civil War! That's what they were learning about this week. She thought absentmindedly before she decided that she really would rather listen to whatever Rachel would have to say, so she wrote another note.

I guess I shouldn't ask you to be my study partner then?

I happen to do excellently on tests, Quinn Fabray.

Then, would you study with me sometime?

I'd love to!

Quinn decided she might start liking History after all.

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