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I Do Forever


Rachel Journal Entry

October 2011

I just kissed Quinn Fabray! I didn't even know what gave me the courage except that as soon as I pulled away, I realized how much I still wanted to be kissing her. And that scared me, it made me realize that I never wanted anyone else the way I found myself wanting her. So of course, always the drama queen, I ran away. I am not proud of myself.

Quinn showed up at my door later, and we kissed again. Except this time, oh my gosh, it was so amazing! When I kissed her, it was a chaste peck. But wow! That girl has soft lips, and the things she can do with her tongue…I digress. She even told my dads that she wanted to date me, and the way she was so sincere in her feelings for me and so shy. I fell for her even more than I already had. I cannot wait for our date! I have a wonderful date planned. I want to take her to the carnival before it closes for the season. I've always wanted to have a kiss on top of the Ferris Wheel as the fireworks are going off above our heads. Oh how I love fireworks. They're so magical, like Quinn's kisses!

Present Day

October 2012

Rachel and Quinn celebrated their engagement as only they could do. With coupons, and handcuffs, and Rachel Berry's amazing mouth…

The next morning (or rather afternoon because it was a very late night) they began calling their friends and family to announce the news.

They decided to call one at a time and have their phone on speaker. This is how the morning (late afternoon) went for them.

"Dads guess what?" Rachel beamed.

"You're engaged." Michael replied.

Rachel didn't know what to say. There was a long silence. "Come on honey, Quinn asked for your hand like three months ago, we were wondering when she'd finally officially pop the question." Jeremiah offered by way of explanation. "But we are still very excited for the two of you." He added without even feigning enthusiasm.

Rachel's mouth dropped open as she looked at Quinn.

"Well, we gotta go." Quinn quickly announced into the phone as she disconnected the call.

"Were you getting cold feet? Is that why you waited three months?"

Quinn laughed out loud. "Rachel, I planned on proposing on our anniversary. These past few months have been torture. Every time you did something romantic. Or after every letter. Or when you get out of the shower and walk to your room with just a towel because you forgot something. Or after we have mind blowing sex. I wanted to blurt it out all those times. But I promised myself I would do it right, that it would be romantic and memorable and everything you deserve."

Rachel tackled her to the floor and peppered her with kisses before attaching their lips into a searing kiss. When she pulled away, she smirked. "That was some rant. You're starting to sound like me."

Quinn smiled brightly. "Since when is that a bad thing?"

Rachel shook her head. "Well, I suppose your mom's next, but since she knew you were saving for the ring I don't really see the point."

"Come on, she's been as anxious as me. She wants us to get married so we can start popping out grandkids."

Rachel's jaw hit the floor because of the nonchalant way Quinn mentioned them starting a family.

"Mom, it's me!" Quinn greeted as soon as her mother picked up the phone.

"It's about time, Quinnie. So, did you set a date yet?"

Quinn giggled. "We've only finally gotten done celebrating."

Rachel's face turned crimson. "Oh my god!"

"Rachel dear, is that you? Congratulations!"

"Thank you, Judy."

Kurt was next. "Is it safe to come home yet?" Is how he answered the phone.

The girls rolled their eyes. "Absolutely."

They left it at that, because they wanted to talk to him in person. They called Santana and Brittany next. "It's about time. Was the wait at least worth it?" The Latina jeered while they could hear Brittany clapping excitedly in the background.

"It was worth it, believe me." Quinn winked at Rachel who still was blushing from their conversation with Judy.

Rachel called Sugar next. "Sugar, guess what?" She didn't wait for an answer. "Quinn and I are engaged!"

"Great! Because Santana and I already have the Bachelorette party planned. We're going to get wasted, and there will be strippers!"

"Sugar, that really isn't necessary…"

"But it is. It's your last night of freedom and we want you know what you'll be missing out on. Santana hopes the party ends with lots of sex, but I'm not sure who she was planning to have the sex. I wouldn't mind being your last hurrah…"

Quinn hung of the phone with annoyance. "Okay that was disturbing."

Rachel nodded wide eyed. She was actually scared for whatever Sugar and Santana had planned.

Fran was the next call. "Mom already called me sis, I know you two are engaged. Honestly, I thought the big news was going to be that you eloped because seriously, you've been acting like a married couple for a year now."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "I figured mom called you, I was actually hoping that you'd be my Maid of Honor. But since you don't sound too happy for me…"

Fran's screech was so loud it hurt both Rachel's and Quinn's ears. "Don't you dare take it back! I figured you'd ask Santana."

"You're my sister, for better or worse."

"Usually worse." Fran chuckled as she said it. "Is Rachel there?"

"Ya, I'm here."

"My sister always wanted an outdoor wedding and like lots of flowers and stuff. Oh, and a pianist. She deserves the best Rachel, promise you'll always give it to her."

"I will. I promise, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make sure she gets every wonderful thing she deserves."

Quinn listened to the exchange with tears in her eyes before she placed a soft kiss on Rachel's lips when the call ended.

They called Mercedes next. "Hey girl!" Quinn greeted.

"We're engaged!" Rachel announced excitedly.

There was a loud shriek that was heard even as Rachel and Quinn covered their ears in anticipation as they smiled at each other.

"Well, Kurt and I have lots of dress ideas we've been working on. I can't wait to show them to you!"

"Thanks Mercedes! Also, could you spread the news around the glee club?" Rachel asked.

"Already on it!"

Shelby was their last call. "Hey Shelby!" Rachel greeted as soon as her mother picked up the phone.

"Morning Rachel. Quinn's there too, I suppose."

"Yes, I'm here."

Rachel looked at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. "Quinn already told you she was proposing to me, didn't she?" The brunette asked with mock annoyance.

"She wanted my permission. Like I'd refuse anything that made you so happy."

Quinn smiled wide at the sentiment.

"So, it's official. I was actually hoping. Well, we were hoping that Beth and Jackson could be in our wedding. As the flower girl and ring bearer."

Rachel could hear her mother gasp at the other end of the line. "Shelby?"

"I'd be honored if you included them!"

It was at this time that Kurt walked into the door. They ended their call with Shelby, promising to call later with the details.

Kurt eagerly hugged them both in congratulations. His eyes were actually watering as he said so.

"Kurt." Rachel smiled as she took the boy's hand. "I know that you may have your hands full with Mercedes and working on our dresses, but I was kind of hoping that you'd be my best man. Officially I mean, you're my best friend and…" She was unable to finish when the strength of Kurt's hug cut off her access to her lungs.

"I would be honored!" He replied, sobbing.


They had their wedding the summer going into their senior year of college. That way they could spend the last year of school living in their own apartment and get used to married life before they started their family. Judy wasn't kidding; she was really pushing the grandbaby idea. Though Quinn actually seemed just as eager. She had been drawing and sketching a lot and her professor's had recommended her work for various exhibits all over the city. Her profession as an artist was very flexible and offered her the opportunity to work from home.

Rachel had participated in various student films and productions throughout her time in school. She was building quite the resume and had planned on focusing her entire senior year to auditioning. She wanted to emphasize more on the stage, but was becoming quite adept in front of the camera. She even took a film making class and proved pretty successful behind it as well.

They planned their wedding for July 23rd. It was the anniversary of the day that Quinn confessed her love for Rachel to her mom and knew that things were going to be okay between her and her mother. Coincidentally, though Quinn didn't know it at the time, it was when Rachel realized there was more to Quinn Fabray than even she thought and she wanted to find out what it was. Sure it took Puck's scheming to convince her to go for it, but the only reason she was susceptible to the convincing was because she wanted to know the girl behind the many masks.

So the night before their wedding, they had their bachelorette party. On the invite list were Sugar, Mercedes, Tina, Santana, Brittany and Fran. Santana and Sugar drug them from bar to bar and got them drunk before taking them to a stripper club. As they walked in, it was apparent what kind of drunk each girl was. Angry drunk Quinn would not let anyone else touch Rachel, who didn't mind at all because she was a clingy drunk anyway. The weepy drunk Santana couldn't believe that Rachel and Quinn were getting married before her and Brittany. Fran was a horny drunk and they pretty much lost track of her. Though she was still in a relationship with Eli, she couldn't help but see this bachelorette party as her last hurrah. And honestly she wasn't picky, boy or girl, it didn't really matter.

Mercedes and Tina were happy drunks who were having a fantastic time hanging out with their friends. Brittany was a stripper drunk who drug a very drunk and very flirtatious Sugar on the stage to dance with her. She had to, otherwise Sugar was throwing herself at Rachel and Quinn was getting close to blowing a fuse. In her sober state, she'd be fine with it. But drunk Quinn wanted Rachel even more for herself than usual.

As they were at the strip club, Brittany and Sugar ended up accidentally making money that helped them pay for the rest of the evening. With their newfound funds, they convinced one of the strippers to give Rachel and Quinn a lap dance. This did not go over well, as soon as the woman began gyrating on Rachel, the blonde took her fiancée to the side and the two began a fierce make out session.

When the club was about ready to close for the night, Fran, Brittany and Sugar convinced some of the girls to give pole dancing lessons to them all. This actually got Quinn and Rachel to stop making out as they realized that they could always use some ideas on how to spice up their love life. Santana balled like a baby every time she was complimented on her technique. "Thank you. I've just been so worried you know. I want to be good and I remember once Rachel said the only career I'd get would be on a pole and that really affected me and it's sort of good to know that I would have this as a back up plan." She blubbered as Brittany held her and tried to shush her.

Every time Sugar was encouraged, she'd hit on the girl who was complimenting her. And Fran just propositioned everyone; she even got some hook-ups out of the deal. Rachel was unsurprisingly limber, eliciting the attention of everyone there. However, the surprising talent was Quinn. Because apparently angry Quinn was also stripper goddess Quinn. She was really enjoying herself and the more she watched her fiancée, the more turned on she became and the more sensual performance she gave her audience. And that is how angry drunk Quinn became horny drunk Quinn. Good thing Rachel lusted after the attention slurring something about Tinker Bell and needing applause to live.

By the time Rachel and Quinn were kicked out of the establishment for having sex on their stage, the sun was coming up and everyone realized it was time to get home anyway. Their limo took them back to their hotel; with an extra couple of guests (apparently flirty Sugar and horny Fran were quite popular). And when they woke up, with hangovers and sore in places they didn't know existed, they wondered what happened the night before. However, when Rachel and Quinn woke up wrapped in each other's arms feeling wholly satisfied, the only thought going through their mind was that it was just another Friday night.

The wedding was to be outside, in Central Park where they had their horse-drawn carriage date senior year of high school. They had chosen gardenias and stargazer lilies as their flowers. With some red and white roses as well. It was a small intimate ceremony with their selected family and all their old glee club friends, including Rory who flew in from Ireland to surprise them. They had a pianist play the wedding march as Michael and Jeremiah walked both dads down the aisle. They were adorned in stylish, and elegant dresses customized just for them. While Rachel's was short and lacy, Quinn's was flowing and stunning.

They were presided over by a Rabbi at Quinn's insistence. And the ceremony went on without a hitch as they spoke their own vows about unconditional love and growing old together and all their hopes and dreams as a couple and soon as a family. When the Rabbi concluded the ceremony, Quinn grabbed Rachel in for a kiss. It was passionate but sweet. A promise of a future together for eternity. She whispered as she pulled away. "Have I told you how beautiful you look as my wife?"

Rachel smiled. "Have I told you how much I love you?"

They quickly kissed again, this time a lot less innocent.

At the wedding reception, they danced their first dance to "Like the Rain" which was their song. Quinn also danced with the three year old Beth while Rachel was with Jackson. They took turns with their parents and their friends, but they mostly danced wrapped up in each other.

"Rachel. Today you just made me the happiest person in the world." Quinn whispered as they swayed back and forth.

"I don't believe that's true Quinn. There is one person happier."

Quinn looked at her wife with confusion before realization dawned on her. "You?"

Rachel nodded with a lopsided grin on her beautiful face.

They celebrated their wedding night, much like they did their engagement. Only this time it felt even more special and complete. It felt like the beginning of forever.

Rachel Journal Entry

November 2011

Quinn and I made love tonight. I gave her my virginity earlier in the week, and though she was amazing and gentle and showed me just how much she loved me then, tonight we made love together. I got to express my deepening love for her and I only pray that she understands the significance that she was my first and I hope, my only. I will tell her someday what she means to me, what tonight meant to me. But I don't think my words will ever suffice when it comes to how much I love her. She is my everything. My better half and the reason I want to be the best I can be. I want to be the person she already thinks I am. I could never live up to the high standards she holds me to; she thinks for some reason that I hung the moon. What she doesn't understand is that she's the perfect one. Everything about her amazes me. But what amazes me most is that she loves me so completely that I can feel it every time she looks at me or touches me. I hope I do the same for her. I hope that when she goes to bed at night, she knows that I live for her. We made love for the first time tonight and as magical as it was, the best thing was that it meant that we committed ourselves to each other with every single thing we have.


Rachel is singing a lullaby to her first born son, JJ. He is the most beautiful baby she ever saw. He looks like Quinn. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. As she's singing to him, holding him safely in her arms she wonders if life could ever get any better than this.

She's got a successful film career now. Ever since she won her first Tony and then brought Wicked to the silver screen and won an Oscar for it, she's been the most sought after young actress in Hollywood. However, she finds herself turning down roles that will keep her away from her family for too long.

Rachel Berry found a new dream. That dream is being an amazing wife and the best mother she can be. As she's singing her son to sleep, Quinn is standing in the doorway watching them adoringly. She bites her lip, trying to contain the pride she had in her wife. She closes her eyes as images of their last four years together play in her mind. Quinn has her own gallery now. The gallery as given her the opportunity to not only draw but to experiment in photography, which she has grown to love.

Quinn sighed at the memory of giving birth to their little JJ. She loved how much Rachel doted on her as her pregnant wife. The look of love in Rachel's eyes when she looked at her. It was pure awe, that Quinn was brining their own child into the world. Rachel loved her even more now than she did when they got married four years ago. At least that's what she told Quinn every night. And Quinn can't help to agree with the sentiment.

Rachel heard Quinn sigh, and turned to her to whisper. "What is it?"

"There's something different about the way you sing, when you're singing at home versus on stage. It seems more intimate, more honest."

"Truthfully. Singing here, to you guys. It's my favorite place to sing."

Quinn smiled as she walked over to her wife and kissed her lips chastely. Her favorite thing was seeing Rachel holding their son. She couldn't wait to give the brunette another child to dote on.

FALL 2021

Three year old Kara is standing in the dressing room of her momma, Rachel, watching her in awe. She loves her mommy, but when she looks at her momma who has darker hair and eyes and skin, she is amazed. She thinks she's so beautiful. The most beautiful person in the world, and so is her mommy.

"She's looking at you again, Rach." Quinn said with reverence. Quinn was holding their napping Connor as five year old JJ played a video game.

Quinn had twins the second time she got pregnant. Connor and Kara were as different as night and day. Whereas Connor was completely enamored with Quinn, Kara followed Rachel around everywhere. Quinn was infatuated with their connection. Rachel was really good with the boys but when she was with Kara, she treated the Quinn clone like a little princess. Maybe that is why Kara was so impressed with her momma. That and the girl had good taste. Besides Quinn, Kara was shaping up to be Rachel's biggest fan (giving Sugar and Jacob a run for their money). Quinn laughed to herself at the thought. She couldn't believe she actually compared sweet and beautiful Kara to Jewfro. But when she saw the look of hero worship in Kara's eyes, she knew that the comparison to Sugar may have been accurate.


Quinn was holding 6 year old, Laura (AKA Rachel Jr. with her big brown eyes and a pout that got her everything she ever asked for) in her arms as she telling her a bedtime story. Kara was curled up on one side while Connor was on the other. JJ was sitting on the edge of the bed. At 11 years old, he liked to pretend he was too old and too cool for bedtime stories but he couldn't help himself. He loved his parents so much, and they were the best parents he could ever wish for. They did everything with him and they were really cool and his friends liked to hang out because they always did the greatest stuff. Plus, whenever his mommy told the story about how she fell in love with his momma, even though he was a tough boy, he couldn't help listening.

He especially liked it when they got the pictures out and told stories of Auntie Santy and Britt-Britt. And how much trouble Uncle Puck got in to. And he loved the stories about how his momma helped Auntie Sugar and how Auntie Fran's husband Eli is basically momma's brother at least he looks like it. He loves Jackson and Beth, and Uncle Kurt and Blaine. And his grandparents, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Alan, Grandma Shelby and Grandpa Richard, and Papa Jeremiah and Grandpa Michael. He loves his whole family and his whole life. But especially his moms and brother and sisters. He smiles as he listens to his Mommy talk about how her first date with him Momma and everything goes wrong and yet is it the best night of their lives. He has to stop thinking so much now, because this is his favorite part of the story…


Rachel and Quinn are thrown a surprise 20th Anniversary party by their children (with help from their parents). They are showered with gifts and are surrounded by family and friends. JJ even brought his first girlfriend. They aren't quite sure how they feel about that. Especially when he talks about her being the love of his life and that it is forever. Even if her name is Daisy Lee Lopez-Pierce (of course Brittany picked out the name).

One of their gifts was a video montage of all the clips and photos of them since freshman year of high school (courtesy of Sugar's still active Tumblr page). They laughed and cried as they watched their lives together unfold. At the end of the video all their family and friends wished them love and happiness for the rest of their future together.

Quinn had worked heard at creating an art piece for Rachel. Drawings and photos she collaged together of their family. Rachel loved it, it was beautiful.

"You saved my life Rachel Berry…if you hadn't, I think I would have gone crazy and maybe I would have tried to take Beth and…" Quinn cried as Rachel held her in her arms.

"Quinn, you were always amazing. I just helped you see it, that's all." Rachel smiled sadly as she reached over and grabbed her gift for Quinn.

Rachel gave Quinn her journal. The one she promised that she'd be able to read one day. Quinn had secretly been waiting for that day. Even though they wrote letters to each other still, she was dying to see how high school Rachel really felt about her before they started dating. And if she were being honest, after as well.

Rachel's Journal Entry

July 2011

I saw Quinn in the park today. She was smoking and hanging around with some bad influences. I wish I knew what to say to her. Actually, I wish I said what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell her that she wasn't as alone as she thought she was. I wanted to tell her that her new style actually turned me on, and that I probably would be going home and thinking about her tonight as I…you know.

I actually find myself doing that a lot lately and though it should bother me, it doesn't. I've always been intrigued by Quinn Fabray. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met. But I still can't scratch the surface of exactly who she is and that intrigues me. What is even more fascinating is that the few (pleasant) moments we share together are some of my best memories of high school so far. I look forward to seeing her in glee because that is the only time she truly looks happy. And I love hearing her sing. I find myself loving more and more about her and what scares me is that I don't even feel bad that it means I'm emotionally cheating on Finn. Maybe that means something. Maybe that means I'm with the wrong person. I know one thing for sure, when school starts I am going to approach Quinn and let her know how I feel. Maybe not all at once. But this year I swear I will see if I have a chance at Quinn Fabray falling in love with me. If I can only be so lucky.


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