Fade in:

Scene 1-

Hotch is calmly pacing in front of a classroom speaking of heroics and his career catching bad guys. We hear only bits and pieces. Kids are smiling and their attention is captured. Jack is basking in it all. Echo children's laughter. Slow motions.

Scene 2-

Rossi is getting ready for work. Dressing. Looks at himself in the mirror. Proud of his military background. A memory breaks his concentration. He picks up a tablet with a phone number written on it. He contemplates.

Scene 3-

Reid is in his bathroom, dressed and getting ready for work. He's shaving, almost finished. The water is running, full throttle. Reid rinses his face, pops back up and begins to pat his face dry. He smiles to himself as he leaves the bathroom.

Scene 4-

JJ has spilled her coffee and is frantically trying to clean it up, running late for work. Henry is in a high chair eating Cheerios. We see Will standing at the kitchen archway. JJ kisses Henry goodbye. Will and JJ don't even make eye contact.

Scene 5-

Prentiss is calling out Sergio's name. She curses the cat. Her cell phone rings and she shows a surprised look before she answers. Smiling, she jokingly says: My profiles are never wrong, are they?

Scene 6-

Garcia looks terrified. She's obviously distracted and is acting like she too is running late for work. Kevin tries to assure her she has enough time. She turns around before she is about to open the door and tells him: I'm already late.

Scene 7-

Morgan straightens his tie and gives a warm smile to someone. He walks to the door with his keys in his hand. There is another person who is off camera. Morgan walks out of the door into a hallway. We see Reid lock the door behind them.

Fade out: