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"Rizzoli" came the raspy, grumpy voice of the barely awake detective.

"Yo Jane, we have a murder at the old theater at 539 Washington street."

Jane sighed. Of course they had to call her in on her day off.

"I'll be right there, Frost." Jane said sleepily, "Make sure there is some coffee for

me, otherwise there will be some more bodies."

"Geez Rizzoli, grumpy much?" came the teasing voice of Frost.

"Oh shut up, Frost!" said Jane, and she hung up.

With a big sigh and a lot of mumbled curses she threw off her covers and got dressed.


Once she arrived at the crime scene, she checked in with the officer standing at the crime scene tape.

"Detective Rizzoli, victor 825." The officer scribbled her information down and lifted the tape for her.

"Heads up in there, detective." The office told Rizzoli.


As she walked on to the stage, she saw Frost standing there talking to some crime scene techs, but nowhere in sight was a dead body.

"Frost, I thought you said there was a murder here?"



"And what?" Frost asked

"And where is the body?" Jane asked, getting more and more frustrated.

"Uuhm, you might want to look up."

As Jane looked up, she noticed a young man hanging on the curtain rope, about ten feet above the ground.

"How the hell.."

"Language, Jane." came the voice of Maura Isles as she walked towards the detective. "Really, you should know some people don't appreciate that language."

"Sorry" Jane mumbled with her head hanging low.

"Wait, what was that? Did the great Jane Rizzoli just say sorry?" Frost laughed. "What did you do to her Doc?"

Maura tilted her head slightly, something she always did when something confused her.

"What makes you think I did anything to her?" Maura asked confused.

Frost let out a little laugh and was about to answer, but then he thought against it when he saw the threatening look Jane gave him.

"I.. Well.. You now.. I just.." Frost rambled, getting hotter and hotter inside and getting more angry looks from Jane. "Never mind." he said, turning away.

Maura just looked more confused, but decided against asking the truth, thinking it wouldn't be related to the case. Instead she tried to locate the body, but was not able to find it. Even more confused than before, she asked

"May I ask why I am here?"

"Because of the body." Frost once again said as if it was obvious where the body was.

"And where is this body you are talking about?" the doctor asked.

"Seriously Frost, not everybody has eyes on top of their heads." Jane said, who was getting irritated by Frost's answers. "The body is above us, Maur. Someone was hung up all the way up there." the senior detective said with a big sigh.

"How the hell are we supposed to get that body down here?"

"Seriously Jane, what did I just tell you? You really have to watch your language." Maura said with a little disapprovement in her voice.

"Can someone get me a ladder, please?" The doctor asked to no-one in particular.

Immediately a few techs stated running around, looking for a ladder, Frankie Rizzoli entered the crime scene and Jane looked at Maura with her eyes almost popping out of her head and her mouth wide open.

"Whoa, what? You are not going up there! Are you crazy? You can't.. You.. I.. Just.. No." Jane said, shaking her head in disbelieve and with her mouth still open.

Maura giggled and used one of her hands to close the detective's mouth.

"Well Jane, if you know a better option please let me know, but I think this would be the best way for me to observe the body, don't you think?" She asked, her hand still on the detective's chin and her thumb caressing the skin there, giving a sweet smile.

That smile. The smile that was only given to her. She would never ever admit it, but she would do everything in the world to be able to see that smile. It was one of the best things that could brighten her days. It was even better than coffee.


"Doctor?" one of the CSI's quietly asked "Would this ladder do?" And he presented an old 15 feet long wooden ladder he probably found somewhere lying around in the old theater.

"Hmm, I guess it would do." Maura said, not completely convinced. She took the ladder and positioned it in a way she could easily reach the body.

As she put her foot on the first rung of the ladder, Jane got back into reality.

"No, Maura. Can't you send anyone else up there?" Jane started whining. "Frankie! Why don't you get your fat ass up there?"

Frankie looked at her with a frightened look. "Uuh, well, first of all, there is a dead body up there, second of all, there is a dead body up there" he said. "And I'm afraid of heights, you know that Janie!"

"Jane, I am perfectly capable of climbing a ladder. What could possibly go wrong?" Maura said, trying to reassure her friend.

"It just doesn't look save, Maur. And seriously, are you going up there with those heels?" Jane said, keeping arguing.

Maura looked at Jane shocked "Jane, these shoes are very comfortable. And what do you propose I could do? Take off my shoes and climb up bare foot? Raise the possibility to get an assula in my foot?"

"An ass-whatta?" Jane asked confused.

"A splinter, Jane." Maura explained calmly. "Trust me, I'll be fine. What can go wrong?"

Maura gave her friend another sweet smile and started climbing her way up.







"Maura! Get your ass back down here!" Jane yelled.

"Urgh, Jane, I'm almost at our victim, just a few more..." *CRACK!*

And at that moment the step Maura was standing on broke and the M.E. lost her balance and fell all the way down. The moment Jane saw her friend falling down, she quickly made her way to the ladder and tried to catch Maura. The blonde fell on top of the detective and they both fell to the ground. Maura lying on top of Jane, her head on Jane's chest, under her chin. Everybody on the scene stopped working and everybody was waiting for the two women to move.


"Ow, dammit Maura!" Jane said in anger and she started moving to get the M.E. up.

"Aah! Jane, stop moving! Auw! stop, please!" Maura screamed in pain, tears falling down her face.

The second she heard the cry of pain Jane froze. There was something wrong with Maura. She felt Maura's tears falling on her shirt.

"Maur?" She said carefully, trying move them slowly. "Maura, talk to me. Where does it hurt?"

"Aah Jane! What did I just say? Stop moving!" Maura said angrily with tear flooding out of her eyes, her flat hand slamming down on Jane's shoulder, keeping it there, and grabbing a fistful of the brunette's jacket.

"Okay, I'm sorry sweetie, but we need to get up." Jane said, rolling them over so Maura was lying on her back. Jane was finally able to look at Maura's face, and gasped.

"Oh god, Maura." Jane said in shock, seeing a big cut just above Maura's left eyebrow. She pried Maura's hand off her jacket and she carefully wiped away the blood that was flooding out of the cut, trying not to hurt her any more.

"Can you sit up?" Jane asked concerned. Maura slowly nodded her head and with a little help of Jane she sat up, having Jane sitting on her knees besides her.

"Okay, this is good. Can you try to stand up?" Jane asked, getting up herself. Maura put her feet to the ground, and felt a sharp pain in her ankle. She immediately fell back down and more tears threatened to fall. The second she fell back, Jane was back on her knees, her face close to Maura's.

"Where does it hurt? Is it your foot?" she asked concerned.

"Aah, it's my ankle. I think it is broke." the doctor said, looking at Jane with a sad and painful look.

"You should get that checked out, Jane." Frost said, crouching next to Jane, looking at the doctor's ankle.

"Yeah, you're right. Come on, Maur. Let's get you out of here." Jane said, and she picked the doctor up bridal style. Maura immediately threw her arms around Jane's neck, and put her face in the crook of her neck.

"This okay, Maur?" Jane asked softly.

"Yes." came the soft and mumbled answer of the M.E, as she tightened her grip on Jane's neck. "Please take me home, Jane."

"Of course, sweetie." Jane said softly, giving Maura a little squeeze. "Frankie, help me get her in my car. Frost, make sure that damned body gets the hell down here and into the morgue." She ordered the boys. "Oh, and make sure nobody uses that fucking ladder again!" She screamed, as she was walking away, holding Maura tightly.

"Language." Maura mumbled into Jane's neck.

Jane chuckled softly. Of course Maura would correct her on her language, even if she was in pain.

"Sorry." She mumbled softly with a small smile on her face.

"Come Janie, this way!" Frankie yelled, walking fast towards the exit. Holding the door open for the two women, he quickly looked back to the scene, seeing everybody looking at them. He catched Frost eye, both men gave a little nod, and Frankie quickly walked after his big sister.


Once Jane made it out of the building she was momentarily blinded by all the flashes of the paparazzi. All the journalists started asking questions at the same time making it impossible to hear what they are all saying.

"Oh crap." Jane said, once she saw all the journalists standing behind the crime scene tape. She took a better hold of Maura, who also tightened her grip.

"Where is your car Janie?" the younger Rizzoli asked.

"Damn, it's right there." She said, nodding her head behind the crowd.

"Uuhg, great." Frankie sighed. He looked around and started screaming.

"Clark, Moralez! get over here!"

The two officers ran over with a confused look on their faces.

"Hey Rizzoli, Rizzoli and, whoa doc, what happened?" Moralez said, seeing the M.E. in the arms of the detective.

"Just help me get us to my car." Jane said to the officers.

"I'll explain everything later." Frankie whispered to Moralez, who had his eyes still glued to the two women.

"Just move already!" Jane said angrily, her voice getting louder.

The three cops moved underneath the tape and started creating a path through the paparazzi.

After a lot of struggle, Jane finally managed to get to her car.

Frankie opened the passenger door, and Jane carefully put Maura in the seat, buckled her in and closed the door.

As she turned back to Frankie she hugged him and said her thanks.

"s Okay, sis. Just get her to the doctor or something. That doesn't look good." Frankie told her. Jane just nodded.

Jane moved back and opened the drives door.

"Take care of her, Rizzoli." the other officer, Clark, said.

"I will, thanks." the detective said with a small smile and got in her car, and drove off.


After a few minutes they arrived at the emergency department at the hospital.

Jane cut off the engine and looked at Maura. The doctor looked at the hospital with fear in her eyes. She turned to Jane, but the brunette was already out of the car and at the passenger side. Jane unbuckled Maura's belt and got her out of the car within seconds.

"Jane, do we really have to get in there?" Maura whined.

"Yes Maur, we need to see what is wrong with your ankle." Jane said, a little confused at Maura's tone.

"If I just let it rest it will heal itself." Maura said, trying to sound convincing.

Jane just ignored her and started moving towards the entree. The blonde realized there was no arguing and buried her head once again in the crook of Jane's neck. When they entered there where immediately a few nurses coming towards them, one with a wheelchair, which Jane declined. She much more preferred to hold Maura. When the blonde heard Jane declining the wheelchair, she had to smile. She preferred Jane over the wheelchair too.

The women were directed towards an examination room, where Jane carefully put Maura down on the examination table.

"I'm sorry" Maura said when Jane stepped away from her.

"Sorry for what?" Jane asked, turning back to her friend.

"Well, first of all for climbing up that ladder, second of all for falling on top of you and third that you had to carry me all the way up here." Maura said looking down.

"Hey, look at me." Jane said, cupping Maura's chin, making her look up "I didn't mind carrying you, I would do it anytime for you. All you have to do is ask."

"Really?" the doctor asked with a small smile playing on her lips.

"Yes, really." Jane answered with a smile.

When she heard those words, she pulled Jane towards her and hugged her.

"And what is it with you and hospitals?" Jane asked amused.

Maura froze for a second and then relaxed back into her friend's arms. "Bad experience, let's keep it with that." Maura mumbled softly into Jane's hair.

Jane pulled back to look Maura and was about to ask further when the doctor entered the room.

"Ahum." the doctor cleared his throat, "Miss, Isles?" He asked

"Ah yes, doctor." Jane exclaimed happily, while Maura looked a little scared.

Jane stepped away and the doctor moved towards the blonde.

After a few "oh well" and "ahah" and a few "Does it hurt when I do this?" of the doctor and a few cries of pain from Maura, the doctor finally had a diagnosis.

"Well doctor? What is it?" Jane asked impatiently.

"It appears that the retinaculum musculorum extensorum inferius pedis is torn." the doctor said.

Maura growled, closing her eyes, and Jane just looked confused.

"The what what what is torn?" Jane asked with a confused look in her eyes.

"My inferior extensor retinaculum of the foot." Maura said with a sight.

"Oh yeah, that is.." Jane said, thinking hard. She knew that name, but forgot what it exactly was.

"It's a band in front of the ankle-joint." Maura explained.

"I will put tape on your foot to strengthen it, just don't use it to much." the doctor told them. The doctor walked out of the room to get the bandages, and Maura wiped away the tears that fell during the examination.

"Uhrg, I must look hideous." Maura said.

"Oh sweetie, you look beautiful, like always." Jane said honestly.


"Yes, Maur. I think it is impossible for you to look hideous." Jan said with a sweet smile, looking straight into Maura's eyes.

Maura smiled at Jane and at that moment the doctor got back into the room.


With her foot taped in, Maura was able to stand on it lightly, but she was still clinging on to Jane.

"Are you fine to walk on your own?" Jane asked.

"I think so." Maura answered with a frown on her face, looking a little unsure.

"Uh, Maur, are you planning on hopping to my car with one heel on?" Jane laughed. Maura down to her feet. One was taped in, and the other was standing in a 4 inch high heel.

"Jane" Maura whined "I'm not going to walk around on my bare feet.."

"Foot" Jane corrected, smirking.

Maura gave her a stern look, but continued "I'm not going to walk around on my bare foot."

Well, all you have to do is ask, Maur." Jane said with a small voice.

Maura smiled and took both Jane's hands in hers. "Sweet, sweet Janie. Will you please carry me again?"Maura asked with sweet smile, looking lovingly in Jane's eyes.

Jane smirked and scooped Maura up in one smooth swing. "Of course my dear. I would love to."

The blonde laughed and held on to Jane's neck. Her face was so close to the detective, she couldn't contain herself. She placed a soft kiss on Jane cheek and rested her forehead on Jane's temple.

"Thank you." she said again.

Jane turned her head and rested her forehead against Maura's. "Anytime, Maur, anytime." she whispered.

Maura looked right into Jane's eyes, to her lips, and again to her eyes, and place another soft kiss at the corner of Jane's mouth.

"Take me home, please." she said softly, and Jane started walking towards her car.


Once they got to Maura's house, Jane used her key to unlock the door and she carried Maura inside.

"Can you take me to my bedroom?" Maura asked.

"Yeah, sure." Jane answered and started walking up the stairs.

"You know, I never thought you were this strong." Maura said, appreciating Jane's muscles.

Jane started blushing and let out a little laugh. "Well, there are a lot of things you don't know about me doctor." she said once she opened Maura's bedroom door.

Jane laid Maura down on her bed, and the blonde patted the space next to her. Jane laughed, and lay down besides her friend.

"Will you tell me one of the things I don't know about you?" Maura asked sweetly.

Jane pretended to consider the question for a few seconds, and she turned on her side facing Maura, while Maura did the same, facing Jane.

"One other thing you don't know about me," Jane said, moving her hand to the doctor's hip "is that I have a very weak spot for you." Jane said, looking Maura right into her eyes.

Maura smiled and used her hand to put a few unruly strands of hair behind the detective's ear."I kind of figured that one out." she said. "And I think I have a special place of you too, in here." she said, pointing to her heart.

Jane smiled and leaned forward a bit, letting Maura close the gap. Their lips met in a sweet slow kiss, and when they broke apart, they looked at each other and snuggled closer.

"I really like you, Jane." Maura said softly.

"I really like you too, Maur." Jane whispered, closing her eyes.

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