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-Gray's POV-

That was that day, the day when she first came to this village…

I remembered it very well; a small hand patted my shoulder when I was reading announcement at Rose Square, enough to give me Goosebumps.

"Hi! What are you doing here?" asked her, smiling freely to my cold response. What was with her? How annoying!

"Reading announcement huh? Is there something interesting in there?" asked her again; trying to see the announcement like what I was doing that time.

Her blond hair brushed off my cheek, I remembered it very well, strawberry scent, and with her shoulder touched my arm, I just couldn't stand it. Why she wanted to go near me that much? I even did not know her!

"Are you okay? Why don't you answer me?"

Her eyes softened and stared at my eyes innocently. It made me feel sick. I remembered, I begged to who-knows-who to make her stop doing things like she did that time. Why? That was because I could not stand those innocent eyes of hers… Just please, please, stop that, I begged.

"Do I bother you?"

Her voice was too fragile until I opened my eyes just to find out whether she was crying or not. Yeah, I was right. I bet she was crying though I couldn't see her face—because her shoulder was shook. Confusing, wasn't it? Why did she cry?

Therefore, it forced my mind to the next question. What must I did?

Those questions were too late, I knew. Somehow that time, my body ran without my will; I just left her alone in the Rose Square, ignoring whatever my eyes caught—that her hand was reaching me to do who-knows-what. It didn't matter how hard I closed my eyes and pretended to be okay after hurt her, preventing me from checked on her. The fact was I hurt her…

I had hurt her…

Even until now, I felt so wrong.


Day by day passed, many things happened in my life but one thing for sure, I would never see her again, or at least, that was what I thought. Who knew what destiny chose for us, right?

When I started to feel guilty towards her—for unable to give her my sincere apology for what it seemed like two freaking weeks—and wanted to forget about what had happened between me and that new girl, she appeared before my eyes. Was it an opportunity?

I didn't know. However, if you asked me now, I would say, "Yes." Why?

Oh well, I would like to continue my story. Saved it for later, okay?

That was the middle of spring season and I was working in my Grandpa's shop. I kept sharpen the saw while my mind flying to something else. My problem about that new girl, that was. I kept arguing with myself that was just my personality; I didn't mean to hurt her; I didn't hate her. Why things didn't go easy for me?

After a while, I could hear sound of someone's shoes tapping the wooden floor and the sound getting louder. I knew just who it was—my grandpa. Damn! Why would I sound so trouble you asked? Couldn't you see that I wasn't working that time?

He appeared before me. As soon as he saw me, his eyes narrowed and his hand turned into a fist. He would lecture me, for sure.

"GRAY!" yelled my grandpa while hitting the table. Soon, he pointed me with his index finger, showing me his anger and yelled again. "I TEACH YOU TO WORK, NOT TO DAYDREAMING!"

"I know," replied me weakly. I was in the wrong position to yell back.

"Where's your work? You haven't done it yet?"

"I'm working on it old man!" I muttered, not wanting to look him and that's when I got my cheeks hit by him. So hurt… so hurt… and more embarrassingly, that was the time when that new girl stepped in and saw it all. Had I just said it properly, she would never see me in that state. And what I could think of that time was: Damn you. DAMN YA OLD MAN!

"Don't you dare to call me like that, Gray! I'm your grandpa!"


"Then what? I HATE YOU GRANDPA! You know that?"

Oh crap, why I let those words escaped from my mouth in front of her?

I still remembered how bad I felt that time and it got worse each time the clock ticked. I still remembered how dry my throat was and how hot my eyes were. So hot like burning hell and I couldn't breathe properly. That was super chaotic and even now, I hated it. All I wanted was to be erased from there right away. I begged in my mind: Please, just disappeared!

I stormed to the door, out of that shitty place, ignoring Grandpa's yelled and somewhat petrified girl in front of the door.


Her cherry-like voice called me, but I couldn't come to her. It's just too embarrassing… I hated you gramps.

Without my permission, tears dropping from my eyes. What the hell? Was I crying? But, why? Was I hurt?

I wiped those tears with my sleeve while I blasting to the mountain, my only place in this annoying village.


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