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-Claire's POV-

Hi there, meet me, Claire! I just moved from a strict city into this peaceful place called Mineral Town. What a weird name right? I guess this place should have so many minerals somewhere.

"Hi Gotz!" I greeted the muscular man who was chopping the lumber into three pieces.

He lifted his head and greeted me back. I knew it kind of hard for him to interact with me; I'm not surprised to find no smile in his face right now. He is such a lonely person after all, living in the forest all by himself except… Yep, there's one person (just one!) who always visit him though, Harris. So, isn't it clear? He is so far from civilization, if you understand what I mean. No wonder he is so cold!

"Resting today?" he asked which I answered with a simple nod.

"Need a hand?" I offered when I saw him kept chopping another lumbers with his axe. He raised an eyebrow.

"Is that an offer or are you trying to fool me?"

Oops… I guess I have hurt his pride.

"No, no… Of course not, Gotz! You know me well!"

"Then, leave me be. Have a good day for you!" he said, not even bother to look at me once more time. I sweat dropped. Oh well…

"See you later Gotz."


I took a walk to the bridge that will lead me to the south side of Mineral Town. Soon I walked in front of that big Yodel Farm. I always have tendency to show up in this place. It's fun!

"Hello Barley! Nice day?" I greeted him, hugging him from behind and sneaked my head on his crook's shoulder. Barley, the owner of Yodel Farm, snapped a bit before he found out it was me. He sighed.

"You should change your way of greeting, missy."

"Oh Barley, I know you like it!" I flirted with him. Hey! He is an old man and already has a grandchild! What's so wrong about that? He will definitely take that as a friendly conversation. He won't fall for me. I mean, look at how far the age gap between us. He is 63 and I am just 17! Okay, cut that, 17 going to 18, yep.

"Yeah, likey likey… I guess. So, what's for today?" he asked, smiling. He stopped his work, which was sweeping the ground.

"I'm not here to buy Barley."

"Oh, feeling the morning air?" He raised his eyebrow. I giggled at his reaction.

"What's so wrong about that? I just happened to wake up early this morning, like… 5 AM."

"And you get yourself walking around the town?"

"Yea Daddy." I gave him a bow. He groaned and laughed together with me.

"Oh, how I wish to be younger and healthier like you, my young friend." He smiled. I know he mean it. Before I went to continue my little trip, I caught a glimpse of May's presence, his little granddaughter. She jumped happily and waved her hand to me while I returned the gesture.

What a nice day… It's not that bad to be early today, I guess.

"Hi Claire!" shouted a man which wore a bandana around his head. Meet Rick, the heir of Poultry Farm—or I guess. He has blond hair and mesmerizing blue eyes that classify him to be one of handsome boys in this town, but sorry to disappoint you, we're just friends.

"Hi Rick! Where's Popuri?" I asked as I stopped by his fence's farm and watched him taking care of the farm.

He approached me and leaned on the fence as well. He chuckled as he mentioned about his little sister.

"She is still, y'know, sleeping in my bed."

"Oh wow, it's so unlike her."

"Yep, I know. What about you? It's so unlike you too, to be walking around here by… 8 AM isn't it?" he glanced to his watch.

"Yea, I woke up early today and… since it is the end of spring; I have less work to do. Why don't take a walk for refreshing?" I winked at him. He blushed. Oh well… I guess I should watch my behavior.

"Mind if I join?" He smirked as he leaned forward to me, though between us, there's still a fence, a short white fence.

"Why not?" I answered casually; I hope it could cover my, I don't know, nervousness?

"Rick! You have works to do!" shouted Popuri, his only sister, younger by three years. She stomped on the ground and went to him with hands in hip. "No flirting here Claire."

"I'm not flirting with him!"

"Yes, you are! And you Rick! Aren't you supposed to chase after Karen?"

Rick's face turned red by a second. "I-I… Hey! You can't blame me! She's being difficult these years."

"Pathetic!" Popuri punched his shoulder and glared at me.

"Hey, what's with that eyes girl? No offense but it's weird." I lifted my hand to defend myself when Popuri lifted her fists to hit me. She looked bothered this morning, unlike the usual nice Popuri. What? My mistake for being earlier than her—or because I flirted with her brother? Oh please…

Popuri pouted but before she could answer, the door across the street was opened and Saibara the blacksmith appeared with an annoyed face. Actually that scene sent butterfly to my stomach. No… not because Saibara seemed like he could burst out his anger any minute, but because I caught a glimpse of his grandson behind him.

"Oh, hello there, Mr. Saibara!" Rick shouted, waving his hand.

"No 'mister', please. Saibara is enough." Saibara said with a deep manly voice. His eyebrows furrowed. "So much for bustle in the morning," said him while tapping his foot.

"Livelier right?" I inferred with a smile. Rick and Popuri laughed at my sentence and somehow Saibara just huffed under his white mustache. Oh well…

"Keep it down, children."

"We'll try." All laughed again.

"Let's work again, gramps." Gray reentered Saibara's workshop without glancing at us at all. Cold as ever.

"Hi Gray! Good morning for you!" yelled me, waving my hand to him. Finally, he glanced at me and he just… nodded?

Rick blinked at his reaction and held laughter. I knew it was weird. We're friends but he acts like I was a stranger. I always questioned it myself of how we could be friends like we are now. I mean, our first impression at each other was very horrible. It was my second day here—after crying and screaming for being tricked by MT Realtor that said in the advertisement, that I had read before I moved here, that the place I'm in now was super good which all lies—and I was going to try all buddy buddy with everyone I met so I could make a living here, then I met him.

That was 6 AM and I got myself out of the door, walking around like what I'm doing now, and apparently bumped into him in the Rose Square. He was facing the announcement's board and being super quiet. It made me curious to no end as I approached him. He didn't notice.

Gathering the courage I could, I exhaled my breath and somehow smiled nervously. I patted his shoulder.

"Hi! What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to be friendly to my first friend—if I could manage it, which I wasn't. He seemed tense at my pat but calmed immediately as he spun around to see me.

The moment I saw his face, I thought… How lucky I was to be meeting such a hot guy like him. He has blond hair and blue eyes, he get some style that I like (what with that city clothes and um, what? UMA cap? Isn't that cool?) … and is taller than me. To top that, he is handsome! But then, his cold response ruined it. He just stared at my eyes with those icy blue eyes. He didn't even bother to answer. I became nervous.

"Reading announcement huh?" I asked again, glancing to the board. "Is there something interesting in there?" I stepped forward. Let's see, the announcement was about Horse Racing and all… Quite interesting. I love horse. I spun around and wore my best smile, still trying to be friendly. I had found the topic I wanted.

But, he seemed lost.

What with the frown in his face?

"Are you okay?" I asked and it brought him back to reality. His eyes focused on me but still… no answers. It really got on my nerves, gosh! "Why don't you answer me?"

I couldn't believe myself that I still survive now. I once thought that he distasted me. No. He hated me. I was sure of it. His eyes radiated hatred toward me that day, like ice. I couldn't stand things like that. It made me afraid… and lost.

"Do I bother you?"

Still no answer. Did all the villagers this cold, I wondered. I didn't dare to look at his eyes again. I was afraid. And then it struck me that I hadn't introduced myself properly yet. As I held back the tears, I extended my hand but he… went away, leaving me all alone in that strange place.

It frustrated me like hell. I couldn't hold back my tears any longer and so it flowed. When I was about to go home to see what I capable to make a living, Carter came and invited me to his church for chilling down. And so, Carter was my first friend ever in this town, though in fact the first person I met was Gray.

"Okay Sai!" Rick and Popuri shouted simultaneously, snapping me back to reality.

Saibara gave us a mean looked and entered his workshop after Gray.

"Wow Claire. You make this morning so lively!" praised Popuri.

I could only grin. So, she was so easy to be distracted. I meant, didn't she just show her anger toward me for flirting her brother several minutes before?

"Where are you going now? To the north?" Rick simply said that, adjusting his bandana with a simple flick. " Let me accompany you. I need to go to Karen after all." He shrugged.

"Or south? We could enjoy the waterfall. It's pretty awesome!" Popuri jumped excitedly.

"Uhu, sorry to disappoint you guys, but I want to go to the beach."

"Let's walk half-way until the Inn!" Rick gave me a smile.

He was so handsome, my heart beating a little. I guessed be friend with one of the handsome boys wasn't that bad, though I knew we're just friends.


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