Title: What I'd Give

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Tony groaned as he stirred slightly. His head hurt and the events of yesterday flashed through his mind. Wrestling with some PERP, then the gun hitting him on the back of the head, blacking out...he smiled waking up to Gibbs holding his hand, the concern in his boss' eyes. He sighed ,as he settled deeper into the arms around him. Then the memory of the hospital, CT scan, stitches, NCIS asleep on the Autopsy table. Oh God! The memory of kissing Gibbs while Ducky sat at his desk. Damn it! He should never be allowed to take painkillers.

He chuckled, remembering Gibbs undressing him, covering him up, curling up against him and saying I love you too Tony! Tony's eyes shot open. Gibbs had told him that he loved him! No it must have been the painkillers. He was hearing things. Hell, all of it could have been a dream.

"How's the head?" Gibbs asking placing a kiss on Tony's neck.

"Sore." Tony sighed.

"And the rest of you?" Gibbs whispered.

"Are you asking if I'm fit for duty?" Tony smirked, rubbing back against Gibbs' groin.

Gibbs chuckled. "That wasn't exactly what I was getting at."

Tony turned in Gibbs' arms, smiling into those blue eyes. "What were you getting at?"

"Wanted to make sure you were feeling okay."

"Heads sore, but the rest of me is just fine." Tony grinned.

"Ducky said he may stop over to check on you."

"Right." Tony stared at Gibbs' chest brushing his fingers across the smooth skin.

"It's okay." Putting a finger under Tony's chin, Gibbs pulled Tony's eyes back up.

"Painkillers you know." Tony sighed. "I didn't mean to-"

"Tony it's fine."

Tony nodded again mesmerized by Gibbs' chest.

"What is it?" Gibbs kissed Tony's cheek. "Upset I didn't take advantage of you last night like you wanted me too?"

"No." Tony shook his head.

"Then what?"

"Upset that I wasn't with it enough to realize what you said." Tony paused, looking into those steely blue eyes. "Did you tell me you loved me last night?"

Gibbs leaned forward and brushed his lips against Tony's ear. "I love you."

"Jethro." Tony sighed.

Gibbs kissed Tony's neck, surprised to hear his first name. "And yesterday I thought-"

Pulling back, Tony took Gibbs' face in his hands. "I'm fine."

"I know. I just-" Gibbs sighed. The worst thought possible entered his mind when he saw Tony laying there yesterday.

"Just what?" Tony paused. "Reacted differently."

"Yeah." Shaking his head, Gibbs took a deep breath. "I don't wanna lose you."

"You won't, but we both know the risks of our job."

"We do. But it hit home a little more yesterday." Gibbs' hand caressed up Tony's back. "Sometimes it takes hearing gunshots to wake you up to the truth."

Tony laughed.

"You know what I mean." Gibbs smirked.

"I do."

"I love you and I want you." Gibbs rolled Tony onto his back, draping his body over the younger man's. "In my life and in bed."

"You have me." Tony smiled staring up at the man he loved.

"No." Gibbs shook his head. "But I will."

Tony's hand slipped between their bodies and squeezed Gibbs' cock moaning when he felt it already hard. "Please."

"Tony." Gibbs growled. "I want you so much."

"Then stop talking and take me!" Tony grabbed Gibbs' hips and jerked their bodies together. "I'm tired of waiting. Fuck me, make love to me whatever the hell you wanna call it. Just do it!"

Something inside Gibbs snapped. Maybe because of Tony's words or their bodies crushed together, he wasn't sure. But he attacked Tony's body. His lips feasting on Tony's neck and throat, his hands exploring Tony's chest, his cock rubbing and thrusting against the younger man's. He wanted to build the desire, the need, let it completely consume them before moving forward.

"Jethro!" Tony groaned as he massaged Gibbs' ass.

"I want every piece of your body." Gibbs snarled as his lips cascaded down Tony's throat to his chest gliding over to find a nipple and take it between his lips.

"Oh God." Tony's body arched as Gibbs sucked and licked the hard nub. The touch shooting directly down to his cock. Gibbs then moved to his other nipple giving it the exact same treatment. His whole body shivered as Gibbs' lips continued their decent kissing a path down his chest to his navel and stopping.

Looking up, Gibbs' eyes found Tony's and stayed locked there. His hand took Tony's cock by the base as he brought it to his lips. Flicking his tongue out, he tasted the precum already leaking from Tony.

"Fuck!" Tony growled as Gibbs took another lick, then wrapped his lips around the head and sucked. It lasted only a moment before Gibbs drew back and smirked.

"Just a taste." Gibbs said as he kissed back up Tony's stomach and chest putting them face to face again. "I have plans for your cock." His hand gently stroked over Tony's shaft, building the need but not pushing him towards the edge.

"Stop teasing me!" Tony begged.

"Oh I'm just getting started." Gibbs pressed his lips to Tony's ear. "I plan to make you scream before I even put my cock inside you."

Throwing his head back, Tony trembled at Gibbs' words. He should have known. Even though Gibbs had never been with a man he would know how to drive him crazy with desire.

"On your stomach." Gibbs commanded dropping down next to Tony.

Tony flipped onto his stomach and looked over at Gibbs.

A warm smile played across Gibbs' lips as his hand reached out and brushed down Tony's back making the muscles jump and tighten.

"You are gorgeous." Gibbs sighed. "I've never wanted anyone the way I want you."

Tony cupped Gibbs' cheek. "I've wanted you for so long. I can't remember when I didn't."

Gibbs' eyes leered down Tony's body taking in the line of his spine, the dip of the small of his back, the curve of his ass and the strong muscular legs. Never did he think he would be staring at another man thinking how beautiful his body was or how much he wanted to touch and taste every piece. And it seemed even more far fetched that it was Tony. But all he wanted was to give in and take the man next to him.

Reaching into the night stand Gibbs grabbed something he had bought a few days ago, knowing where this relationship was going to lead. Tony grinned at him.

"Were you planning this?"

"No, but I knew I wouldn't be able to resist you much longer." Gibbs whispered.

"What else do you have in there?"

"Condoms." Gibbs went to reach back for them and Tony grabbed his hand.

"I don't want that unless you do." Tony let his green eyes tell Gibbs everything.

Gibbs nodded. He knew neither of them had been with a man and that they were both safe with their past relationships. Moving down the bed. Gibbs' fingertips brushed over Tony's calf. "Spread your legs."

Just the words made Tony moan in anticipation as he obeyed.

Crawling between Tony's open legs, Gibbs' body hovered over the man under him as his lips swept kisses across Tony's shoulders. Lingering only for a moment, Gibbs dropped a path of kisses down Tony's spine, then slowly licked his way back up.

Tony whimpered and moaned, arching into the touch.

Again, Gibbs lips traveled down Tony's back, his hands scratching down Tony's ribcage, then stopping as his lips kissed the dip above Tony's ass cheeks.

"On your knees." Gibbs said as he grabbed Tony's hips and yanked upward. His hands massaged Tony's cheeks then gently pulled them apart. He felt Tony's body shiver before he even made the next move. Smirking, Gibbs' tongue licked across the tight ring of muscles of Tony's ass.

"OH GOD!" Tony cried out.

Another lick and then Gibbs pressed his tongue hard against the muscles, another lick, and again pressure.

"Fuck!" Tony trembled as the sensation made his cock jump and twitch.

"Like that?" Gibbs groaned

"Yes." Tony whimpered, then moan as Gibbs' tongue returned. He felt the slow circular licks, then the thrust of the tongue, more licks and more thrusts. "Please!"

Stopping a moment, Gibbs sighed. "Does it make you wanna come?"

"God yes."

"Well I can't have that." Gibbs paused. "Not yet anyway."

Tony's head dropped down into the pillow, as he groaned in need. He heard the pop of a cap and knew exactly what it was. He clutched at the bed sheet waiting.

Gibbs pressed one lubed finger against Tony, then gently slipped it in.

"That's what I want!" Tony practically howled. "Do it!"

"You want my fingers?"

"No. I want you getting me ready to take your cock."

Gibbs growled as he worked his finger deeper into Tony, quickly adding another. Tony tightened around Gibbs' fingers and heard the hungry moan that dripped from the older man's lips.

"More." Tony groaned rocking back onto Gibbs' fingers.

Adding another finger, Gibbs' cock ached as he wanted to remove his fingers and bury his cock inside Tony. Still he continued to open Tony further, letting his fingers work in and out, then back and forth in a scissor motion.

Feeling his body relax and open to Gibbs, Tony sighed. "I want your cock now!"

Slowly removing his fingers, Gibbs grabbed the lube again, put some in his hand and rubbed it over his aching cock. Clutching at Tony's hip, Gibbs pressed the head of his cock against the tight ring and gradually slipped it inside.

"Damn it." Gibbs growled as he clawed at Tony's hips. With only the head of his cock inside Tony, he already wanted to come.

"Don't stop." Tony rocked back against Gibbs taking in more of his cock.

"TONY!" Gibbs bellowed.

"Fuck me!" Tony pleaded.

Digging his fingertips into Tony's hips, Gibbs lost control plunged hard into Tony. Both of their bodies trembling as he took a deep breath and pulled back. Another moment and he slammed back in, Tony's body thrusting forward.

"Yes!" Tony roared. "More!"

The need and desire surged and Gibbs forgot about the gentle tenderness that he hoped to maintain. Instead, he lunged in and out of Tony, his balls slapping against Tony's ass with each deep thrust. Still it wasn't enough and he claw up Tony's ribcage trying desperately to jerk Tony up.

Understanding, Tony raised up leaning back into Gibbs' lap and impaling himself on his lovers cock.

"That's it." Gibbs knees slid farther apart as he held Tony in his lap. His mouth sinking down onto Tony's shoulder and biting hard.

"Harder" Tony moaned rocking in Gibbs' lap feeling the hard cock pulse inside him.

Gibbs hands clutched at Tony's ribcage as he tore his lips from Tony's shoulder. "Fuck yourself on my cock."

Raising up, Tony slowly slid back down Gibbs' cock.

"God Tony!" Gibbs trembled.

Again, Tony raised up then down painfully slow.

"Damn it." Gibbs growled as he took control again raising Tony up then slamming him down hard.

"Is that what you wanted?" Tony whimpered. "Hard and fast."

"Yes." Gibbs moaned. "Feels so good."

"So good."

Letting gravity pull Tony's body down again, Gibbs crushed Tony against him. "You are so tight, so warm." He was trying to fight down the need, wanted this to last.

"You're so close." Tony shivered. "Aren't you."

"Yes." Gibbs' lips feasted on Tony's neck then brushed against his lover's ear. "But I don't wanna give in."

Keeping their bodies joined, Tony pulled them down onto the bed. Him on his stomach, Gibbs on top of him. "I wanna feel you come inside me."

Gibbs' hands swept up Tony's body, over his arms to his hands and interlaced their fingers. With quick short movements Gibbs took Tony forgetting everything accept the need to come. Tony matched every movement as they created a frenzied rhythm. And it took only moments for Gibbs to start to grunt and groan as the release threatened.

"Fuck yes." Gibbs roared as he plunged into Tony and gave in. His body surrendered first convulsing, his fingers crushing Tony's into his. Then he screamed Tony's name as he came filling Tony with his release. His mind and body crumbled around him and he collapsed onto Tony as everything around him faded to white.

At some point, Gibbs rolled off of Tony and dropped down onto the bed. His senses slowly returning, he took Tony's hand urging him closer. Tony instantly curled up against Gibbs' body. Without a word, Gibbs' hand drifted down and stroked Tony's still hard cock.

Tony sighed giving in to the gently touch.

"I told you I had plans for your cock." Gibbs groaned.

"Feels like a good plan so far." Tony moaned.

"It's not what I want."

"What do you want?" Tony asked, his fingers brushing over Gibbs' stomach.

"You know what I want." Gibbs groaned letting go of Tony's cock and turning on his side facing away from his lover.

"Oh God." Tony roared folding Gibbs into his arms and thrusting his cock against Gibbs' ass. He never expected it, never even imagined that Gibbs would want this.

"Tony." Gibbs rubbed over Tony's hard cock.

Tony moaned groping around on the bed looking for the lube. Finding it, he popped the cap and put some into his hand. His hand found its way between their bodies, then slipped between Gibbs' ass cheeks. He pressed a finger against the tight opening. Gently, he slipped the finger inside feeling Gibbs instantly tighten against the intrusion. "Oh fuck!"

Growling and groaning, Gibbs gave into Tony's touch, as his lover worked a finger in and out slowly before adding another finger.

"Makes me wanna come just fucking you like this." Tony groaned scissoring his fingers inside Gibbs, opening the tight passage.

"Jesus Tony." Gibbs grunted as he gradually started to rock back onto Tony's fingers.

Tony sped up the thrusting of his fingers already lost in the desire that coursed through him.

"Enough." Gibbs snarled. "Fuck me."

That was all Tony needed to hear. He removed his finger and quickly lubed his cock. Lining up, he pressed his cock into the prepared muscles.

"Jethro!" Tony moaned clawing at Gibbs' hip.

"Stop being nice." Gibbs barked.

Tony should have realized this is how Gibbs would be. Gruff and demanding as he allowed a man to take him. He pushed deeper until he was completely buried. He felt Gibbs body tremble and the muscles tighten around his cock. "God yes."

Grabbing Tony's hand, Gibbs wrapped Tony's arm around his waist. "Do it."

"Anything you want." Tony drew back then lunged into Gibbs causing both of them to moan. After that, Tony gave in and took Gibbs frantically.

Gibbs became like some wild animal, grunted and growled matching Tony's thrusts making their bodies perform in perfect rhythm.

"You like that." Tony snarled in Gibbs' ear.


"I love it." Tony growled plunging into Gibbs. "Feels to good."

"Then don't stop." Gibbs bellowed.

"So tight and warm around my cock." And it truly did feel too good. Tony felt the need building quickly and as much as he just wanted to keep fucking Gibbs, he wasn't going to last. "You're gonna make me come."

"Then come. Let me feel it." Gibbs moaned.

Slamming into Gibbs, Tony came screaming, his cock being milked as Gibbs' muscles tightened around him. Clutching Gibbs' body, Tony tried to catch his breath. Taking a deep breath, he kissed Gibbs' neck. "That was amazing."

"God yes." Gibbs groaned.

Curling himself against Gibbs, Tony felt sleep dragging him down, and he couldn't fight it. His body spent, his mind a pool of useless jelly he feel asleep.


The knocking at her door grew persistently louder.

"I'm coming!" She shouted on her way to the door. Jerking the door open she was surprised to see the two people there. Then her eyes went wide. "OH GOD WHAT'S WRONG!"


"Is it Tony! The concussion is worse then they thought?" She walked back into the apartment and started pacing.

"Abby, Tony's fine, well-" McGee shrugged. "At least as of last night he was."

"Is it Gibbs? Oh God did he go back and try to finish off that dumb ass cop?"

"Abby!" McGee grabbed her arms. "Stop! Everyone is fine."

Her eyes narrowed. "Then why are you both here?"

"Because we need to talk to you about something." Ziva jumped in.


McGee let go of Abby and glanced at Ziva.

"You know Gibbs better than anyone." Ziva said.

"Other than Ducky. Why?"

"Has he-" Ziva paused not sure how to ask this question tactfully. "Ever expressed an interest in men."

Abby broke out laughing, grabbing her stomach. "GIBBS! Are you kidding me?"

"That's a no." McGee sighed.

"Come on McGee. Gibbs! How could you even ask that question."

"We thought, yesterday-"

"What about yesterday?" Abby asked puzzled.

"How worried he was about Tony, hitting the cop. He has never lost control like that."

"Oh are you asking me if he could be interested in Tony?" Abby sighed. "That's different."

"Why is that different?" Ziva's eyes narrowed.

"Because those two have totally been hot for each other since like when Tony started here."

"WHAT!" McGee shouted.

"Oh come on Timmy. You don't see the way Tony looks at Bossman?" Abby smirked. "How he does anything to please him, gets those hurt puppy dog eyes when Gibbs is upset with him or doesn't pick him. Please!"

"But Gibbs?" Ziva couldn't believe that Gibbs would want another man.

"Gibbs wants Tony but just doesn't know it." Abby dropped down on her couch. "Gibbs knows there is something there between them, thinks it's friendship, because he can't find another reference point to explain it."

"Really? Gibbs?" McGee shook his head.

"Timmy, have you never had a male friend that you looked at and couldn't completely explain how close the two of you were?"

McGee didn't respond.

"You have." Abby grinned. "Same with woman, although must women are a little more open to the whole bi love thing."

Eyes wide, McGee stared at Abby. "Have, have you?"

"Please! Of course." Abby watched as McGee's eyes widened further, almost bugging out of his head.

"So Gibbs and Tony could be...together." Ziva couldn't believe she had just said that.

"Oh I hope so." Abby beamed. "That would be awesome."

"Tony and Gibbs?" McGee's eyes glazed over. "It just seems hinky."

"But hinky in a good way." Abby grinned. Then she glared at McGee. "You wouldn't have a problem with them together would you?"

"What? Me? No." McGee shrugged. "Whatever floats your boat."

"I do believe that Tony floats Gibbs boat." Ziva grinned.

Abby giggled like a school girl.

"Although all the crap Tony gives me about being gay." McGee smirked. "Kinda funny he'd be the one to end up with a guy."

"Okay." Abby jumped up. "So what do we know for sure?"

"Gibbs freaked yesterday when he thought Tony was shot." Ziva paused and raised a finger. "And he was holding Tony's hand."

"Really?" Abby's eyebrow went up.

"Gibbs punched the cop and took Tony home last night." McGee added.

"Which home?" Abby asked. "Tony's apartment or Gibbs house?"

It took a moment but Ziva snapped her fingers. "Gibbs took Tony to his house. Ducky said he was going to stop by and check on Tony at Gibbs' later today."

"Well then the question is...Are they sleeping together." Abby wiggled her eyebrows.

"And how do we find that out?" McGee questioned.

"We ask." Abby smirked.


Rolling onto his back, he groaned and ran his hands down his face. Then he shook his head and opened his eyes. Glancing over at the man next to him, he smiled. Tony was naked laying on his stomach, the pillow held tightly in his arms, his face peaceful and his lips slightly open. The man was beautiful, gorgeous, whatever adjective you wanted to chose. Gibbs felt his cock stir and chuckled. Now was not the time.

Climbing out of bed, Gibbs took a quick shower, threw on some sweats and a t-shirt then headed downstairs to make coffee. As the coffee started to brew, Gibbs leaned back against the counter. It had really happened...all of it. He'd made love to Tony, Tony had made love to him, and it was amazing. Truth was it was everything sex should be. Erotic, sensual, loving, give and take, and completely fulfilling. And he already wanted more. So much more. He closed his eyes and put his head back letting it all sink in again.

A few moments later a smile spread across Gibbs' face as he felt the hands around his waist and the lips on his neck. Wrapping his arms around his lover, Gibbs sighed.

"Better than coffee."

"That's quite an endorsement coming from you." Tony smiled. "Mister Coffee for blood."

Scanning down Tony's body, Gibbs smirked. "To much of a hassle to put clothes on?" Tony was wrapped in the blue sheet from the bed.

"No. But I need a shower." Tony smiled. "I smell like sex."

"Is that so?" Gibbs folded Tony into his arms and kissed Tony's neck.

"Oh God." Tony groaned. "Are you one of those guys turned on by the scent of musk and sex."

"Maybe add a little saw dust in there." Gibbs grinned.

"So we need to make love in the basement?"

"That definitely sounds good."

Tony's green eyes searched the steely blue. "Everything still okay?"

Gibbs could sense the worry in Tony's voice.

"I love you." Gibbs sighed. "And all I can think about right now is taking you again. Right here, right now."

"I wouldn't stop you." Tony grinned.

"I know you wouldn't." Gibbs chuckled giving Tony a quick kiss.

"But you want coffee."

"Yes." Gibbs' hands ran down and squeezed Tony's ass. "But believe I will have you later."

"Promise?" Tony sighed, rubbing his body against Gibbs.

"Oh yeah." Gibbs growled.

"Door wasn't locked."

Gibbs and Tony both turned when they heard the familiar voice.

"That has to change." Tony balked.

"Probably a good idea." Fornell nodded. "This a bad time?"

"No." Gibbs sighed, not moving to release Tony.

"I'll go take a shower." Tony kissed Gibbs' cheek and stepped out of his arms.

Gibbs patted Tony's ass as he walked away.

Tony glanced back over his shoulder, eyebrow raised.

Fornell tried to hide his grin as Tony went to walk by.

"If you're ever looking for a date." Tony shrugged. "I know some guys."

The grin faded and Fornell stood up straighter. He glanced at Gibbs. "You tell him that?"

Gibbs shook his head.

"Please." Tony chuckled walking by and heading upstairs.

Fornell shook his head. "He's gonna be a smart ass towards me all the time now isn't he?"

"Probably." Gibbs smirked then poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Fornell. "Why are you here?"

"Heard your boy almost got shot."

Gibbs nodded, ignoring the boy comment.

"And that you played the night in shining armor." Fornell grinned.

Rolling his eyes, Gibbs took another sip of coffee.

"So I'm guessing by DiNozzo's happy mood." Fornell chuckled. "And you being so...well how you always are. That last night was the night?"

Gibbs didn't say anything, but then slowly a half smirk played across his lips.

Fornell smiled. "Told you."

"Yeah." Gibbs shook his head. "It's um...overwhelming."

"Good overwhelming?" Fornell looked slightly concerned.


"Damn I'm gonna have to start knocking now." Fornell sighed.

"The door will be locked from now on." Gibbs chuckled.

"Good to see you happy Jethro."

Gibbs took a deep breath. "Been a long time."

"You've been an unhappy bastard the whole time I've known you!"

They both started laughing.

"We all need to have dinner one night." Gibbs glanced at Fornell.

Fornells eyebrows went up. "Okay."

"I want you two to get along, get to know each other."

"Okay." Fornell rubbed his chin. "I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"Jesus Tobias!" Gibbs groaned.

"Seriously. I know we're friends but you wanting me to get to know the guy your involved with." Fornell shrugged. "That's, it means a lot."

"Are you gonna wanna hug me?" Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Stop being all sappy."

"You can't just let it be a moment can you? Have to be a bastard!" Fornell shook his head. "I thought love would change you. But it hasn't!"

"It's not gonna change me." Gibbs refilled his coffee cup.

"Oh it's changed you."

Gibbs and Fornell both looked towards the voice. Tony was dressed and leaning against the wall to the kitchen.

"Did he tell you what he did for me the other day?" Tony asked looking at Fornell.

"No. What?" Fornell smirked.

"A private ride on Airwolf."

"Airwolf?" Fornell glanced at Gibbs then back at Tony.

"Yeah the TV show that-"

"I know what it is." Fornell glared at Gibbs. "You know I love that show. You know someone that has an Airwolf replica?"

Gibbs nodded.

"You're an Airwolf fan?" Tony looked surprised.

"Yeah. And he knows that." Fornell shot Gibbs another glare. "Never invited me to see Airwolf."

"Well, I do give him certain rewards that you don't." Tony smirked.

"Hey I've done a lot for less." Fornell snickered.

"Tobias!" Gibbs snapped. "That is so wrong."

"Joking." Fornell quickly added. "Sorry, your not my type Jethro."

"Thank God." Gibbs sighed.

"HEY!" Fornell held up his hands. "I'm a hell of a catch!"

"You must be I saw the guy you were with a few months ago." Tony grinned.

Fornell stared at Tony. "How?"

"Saw you at Twist. The club on Sinclair." Tony grinned.

"You hanging out at the gay clubs?"

"I told you I have friends, gay friends." Tony folded his arms across his chest. "Had a birthday party there. I saw you at a booth with the guy. He was good looking."

"Eric." Fornell sighed. "Such a nice-"

"ENOUGH!" Gibbs barked.

"What?" Fornell smirked. "I was gonna say personality."

"Yeah right." Gibbs snickered.

"I'm sure his big personality is what you liked about him." Tony laughed.

"How did this conversation suddenly become about me?" Fornell scoffed. "You two are the ones playing hide the sausage."

Gibbs shook his head. Tobias Fornell was never subtle.

All three turned slowly at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

Tony was the first to speak. "Morning Ducky."

"Morning Tony." Ducky smiled.

Fornell ran his hands down his face.

"Believe me Agent Fornell. I've learned long ago anything said within the walls of this house, never leave." Ducky nodded.

"Thanks." Fornell forced himself to smile.

"I just came to check on Tony."

"Sure thing Ducky." Tony patted Ducky's shoulder. "Living room."

"Sounds good."

As Tony and Ducky made their way into the living room. Gibbs smirked at Fornell.

"Ducky won't say anything."

"I know." Fornell sighed. "But seriously you need to start locking the damn door. You can't even have a private conversation in here anymore!"


"So Ducky says I'm fine, but just take it easy for another day." Tony said dropping down next to Gibbs on the couch.


Leaning against Gibbs, Tony immediately felt the arm around him drawing him closer, then a kiss on the top of his head.

"Then we'll just stay in and relax today."

"I'm staying?" Tony asked, wanting to stay but not wanting to be that guy that just hung around.

"Yeah." Gibbs paused. "Unless you have a problem with that."

"No." Tony sighed. "Just don't wanna be clingy guy."

Gibbs laughed. "You're not." Truth was he wanted Tony here, didn't want to let him go.

"If I start to be. Please head slap me." Tony chuckled sliding down and putting his head in Gibbs' lap.

Smiling down at Tony, Gibbs combed his fingers through the thick mess of hair. "I will."

"If I'm staying, I need to pick up a few things from my apartment."

"Take the truck."

"That's right my car is still at work." Tony completely forgot. With the concussion, painkillers, making love to Gibbs not having the car had slipped his mind.

"You can get it on Monday."

"I'm staying till Monday?" That was a surprise. Two days, alone with the man he loved. Tony couldn't ask for more.

"Yeah. So go get what you need."

"I won't be long." Tony sat up about to climb off the couch when Gibbs grabbed him, kissing him deeply. Smiling, Tony drew back. "I'll hurry."

Gibbs chuckled. "You do that."


About ninety minutes, that's how long it took before Tony pulled the truck back into the driveway. Walking back into the house, Tony dropped his duffel bag just inside the door.

"Gibbs you hungry? Thought I could order...lunch." Tony paused as he saw the Chinese take out containers on the table, a couple beers, and an envelope with his name laying on one of the plates. Shaking his head, he made his way over and picked up the envelope. Sliding a folded piece of paper from inside he opened it and read the message.

You've made me coffee,

Know how I like my eggs

You have given me countless minutes of joy.

But the most important thing you've done,

Is take my broken heart and make it whole.

You are mine and I am yours.

We are a tangled lace of love.

I love you Tony.

Your secret admirer.

A wide smile lit Tony's face, then he realized the envelope still felt heavy. Tipping it upside down, a key fell out. He looked at it confused.

"It's a key to the front door."

Tony spun around, Gibbs standing a few steps behind him.

"Okay." Tony was still confused.

"That doors gonna be locked from now on." Gibbs paused taking a step towards Tony. "And I want you to understand I always want you here. Whenever you wanna be here, for as long as you wanna be."

"You sure about that?"

Gibbs nodded and took the final step closing the distance between them.

"Isn't the point to lock the door when we're here together?" Tony grinned.

"Locking it all the time will make people understand." Gibbs paused. "No more just walking in."

"You plan to explain the reason behind this sudden need to lock your door?"

"I do." Gibbs nodded knowing Tony didn't expect him to want to tell people about their relationship so soon.

"Wow surprised."

Taking Tony in his arms, Gibbs smiled. "They'll find out, you know that. Ziva and Tim, their good investigators. Abby, well she'll just bug the hell out of us because she'll sense we're hiding something. And Ducky already knows."

"Right." Tony sighed, putting his hands on Gibbs' chest and pushing him gently towards the stairs.

Gibbs smirked. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Yes." Tony smiled.

"Just not for Chinese food."

"No." Pushing Gibbs against the wall by the steps, Tony leered down Gibbs' body. "I think you know what I'm hungry for."

"Oh I do." Gibbs growled.

"Good then you won't put up a fight." Tony smirked as he started to undo Gibbs' jeans.

"Now that wouldn't be any fun." Gibbs grinned, spinning Tony around and slamming him against the wall. He took his turn undoing Tony's pants.

"Is the door locked?" Tony snickered.

"Gibbs it's us-" Abby stopped as she stepped inside the door. McGee and Ziva right behind her.

"Um that would be a no." Gibbs paused. "The door is not locked."

"And that would be a yes." Abby grinned. "They are definitely sleeping together."

Gibbs stepped back and looked at Tony. "You upstairs."


"UPSTAIRS NOW!" Gibbs barked.

Tony smirked. "Fine!" And headed upstairs.

"And you three. The door will be locked from now on. Understood?"

All three nodded.

"Now go home." Gibbs snapped pointing back out the door.

Abby raised her hand. "Gibbs can I-"

"OUT NOW!" Gibbs yelled pushing the door closed on them. Once the three were on the porch, the door shut, he locked it and shook his head.

"That was-"

"WOW!" Abby grinned cutting off McGee. "But I totally get it now!"

"Get what?" Ziva asked.

"What started all this." Abby smirked. "Tony is Gibbs' secret admirer."


"Everything okay?" Tony asked as Gibbs walked into the bedroom.

"Yeah." Gibbs sighed, seeing Tony already in bed under the covers.

"You got rid of them awfully quick."

Gibbs nodded, kicking off his shoes and pulling his shirt over his head. "You better be naked under those covers."

Tony smirked. "Not even remotely upset that they found out this way?"

"No." Gibbs slipped off his jeans and boxers, then stood next to the bed looking down at Tony.

"And yes." Tony pushed back the covers and smiled. "I'm naked."

Crawling over Tony's body, Gibbs pulled the blanket over them.

"I still can't believe you are so calm about all this?" Tony looked up at Gibbs.

"I love you." Gibbs sighed. "I want everyone to know that."

That heart stopping DiNozzo smile lit up the room. "Just like that?"

"Yeah." Gibbs said as his lips dropped to Tony's throat.

"You did lock the door right?" Tony chuckled.

"Yes." Gibbs balked.

"Good because I don't want any more interruptions." Tony smirked.

"Neither do I."


The whispered tone with which Tony spoke his name, made Gibbs draw back and look down at his lover.

"I love you."

"I know."

With a quick push, Gibbs was suddenly sprawled on the bed, Tony on top of him glaring down.

"But if you ever order me around like you did earlier, when we are not at work." Tony scowled. "I will-"

"What?" Gibbs grinned running his hands up Tony's back. "Punish me?"

"Yes." Tony sighed.

"That could be fun." Gibbs wiggled his eyebrows.

Tony chuckled and shook his head. "You never cease to surprise me."

"Good." Gibbs grabbed Tony's ass and yanked the younger man down. "Now shut up and make love to me."

"Oh you are so in for it now." Tony smirked as he attached himself to Gibbs' throat.

Tossing his head back, Gibbs surrendered to the overwhelming desire. There was no more worry, no more thought, only love and happiness. Something he had wanted and missed for so long.