Sarah Jane Adventures


By Nathan Mullins

The Destroyer leapt from his thrown, swung towards Sarah Jane, who ducked and dived out of the way. Clyde put up a fight, clambered about, annoyingly, to distract the beast while Luke snatched the chains, pulling the destroyer back, with Rani's help, when there was a familiar wheeze and shudder of something materialising before them.

"What is that?" bellowed the Destroyer, turning at once to discover the TARDIS landing.

"It's the Doctor!" cheered Clyde, swooping in under the legs of the beast, swiping one leg with his own, forcing the creature to tumble and fall.

The doors to the blue box fell back, and from within emerged the Doctor.

"Great timing, Doctor!" moaned Rani, pinning the creature down with its own chains.

"Fashionably late, Rani. And Sarah Jane!" he announced, warm of heart, body, and soul.

In his usual attire, blue pin striped suit, long brown coat, and trainers, the Doctor stepped forward. His hands were thrust deep into his pockets, which were a whole lot bigger on the inside, and his hair was a mess. He stared down at the destroyer, and frowned.

"Oh, you did, didn't you," he said, pulling a face, and with one hand, ruffling his hair. "You went along with the idea Sarah Jane Smith and her young friends could never stop you…" and he raised one eye brow, pulling another face. "Because," and he changed his voice. He was now using a rather gruff tone. "I'm the Destroyer!"

The creature, while tied down, roared back at the Time Lord.

"Is that it?" chuckled the Doctor, almost hysterically. "The Destroyer," he went on. "Never goes down without a fight, but I think there's no call for it. I mean," he carried on. "I'm here, you're pinned down, and I'm seconds away from connecting the chains so you go back into that thrown where you can do no harm to anyone!"

"And it is so like you, Doctor, to do so!" grovelled the creature.

The Doctor took from his pocket his sonic screwdriver. He aimed it at the chucky metallic bars wrapped about the destroyer. As he switched on, the Doctor was once more trapped in his own palace, and with the Doctor now in possession of the box and the key, the Destroyer was now his prisoner.

"You know," said the Doctor, now relaxed. "I'd like to see the Earth forever safe and sound, but that's not going to happen." He turned towards Sarah Jane Smith, and her young friends. "It's a good thing the Earth has Sarah Jane Smith and friends," he continued. "Without whom, the Earth would no longer exist!"

As the Doctor sat the destroyer back in his thrown, Sarah Jane took him aside for a moment, and asked, - "I thought the last we bumped into you, that was it?"

"Never, Sarah Jane!" answered the Doctor. "I was going on, thinking, I was gonna die. I did believe so, I was told I would, that he will knock for times, but I still don't know what it means."

"He will!" announced the Doctor, having overheard from his thrown. "He is returning!"

The Doctor marched up to the thrown, hands on hips.

"Stop it," he said. "What do you know?"

"Only that your time is running out!" declared the Destroyer.

The Doctor turned away, glancing back at Sarah Jane, and then to her three friends.

"Come on," he said. "Time we were getting you all home!"

And with a side glance back at the Destroyer, the Doctor entered the TARDIS after Sarah Jane, and then dematerialised.

Bannerman Road was as calm as Luke, Clyde, and Rani had seen it. There was nobody about. And the Doctor had noticed. Sarah Jane was in awe of her surroundings. Bannerman Road was quiet.

"Must be a Sunday," said the Doctor.

"Hmm…" wondered Sarah Jane.

"Oh, I'm sure all is well," said Rani, rushing across the street, home. She knocked at the front door, waiting for an answer. There was none.

She turned from the porch to Sarah Jane. She shrugged her shoulders.

Sarah Jane turned to the Doctor.

"Are you sure you've got the right time?" she asked him.

"Positive," he answered. "So why is planet Earth so still?"

Rushing up to the attic, Sarah Jane, the Doctor, Luke, Clyde, and Rani called on the help of Mr Smith.

Mr Smith did not respond.

"K9?" called Sarah Jane.

"Mistress?" answered the robot dog.

"K9!" bellowed the Doctor, hugging him as he appeared.

"What's going on, K9?" asked Luke.

The attic was still for a moment, awaiting his reply.

"I see no uncertainties regarding anything irregular, Mistress," he answered.

"I think," said the Doctor, sounding absolutely horrified. "I think we're in danger!"

To be continued in… The Set Back - see fan fiction profile for more details.