Fan Fiction – "A Clockwork Orange"

Based on both the novel by Anthony Burgess and (mostly) the film adaptation by Stanley Kubrick. I do not own the rights to both works, nor the characters or the actors, except for Peggy, Nigel Holland, Miriam Tompkins, Ms. Hibbert & Crompton.

Hello, readers, and "A Clockwork Orange" / ACO fans (and nuts – like me!):

How are you? Thanks for enjoying the "A Clockwork Orange tales" I've been writing and publishing since I joined up with this past Spring! I'm having a lot of fun with this! I appreciate your comments and compliments. I'm also enjoying the excellent works (and talents) of Weasley Boys, Letitbexo, and Gildedbutterfly 16, among others who also love "Clockwork", and are superb ACO FanFiction writers. This work – both Anthony Burgess' novel and the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation are both immortal and timeless.

With "A Dark Secret", you now know how Alex and Peggy met – by way of a very ugly circumstance, all too familiar with Alex. But, strange enough, the ugly incident soon culminated into a very deep love between the very unlikely pair. Alex and Peggy's love for one another has forged a bond where they both harbor their 'dark secret' between them.

On a lighter note: Little after I completed "A Dark Secret" this summer, I fillyed with the idea of Alex and Peggy coping with their new roles as teen parents, and with Alex making efforts to be a good person outgrowing his sociopathy (via Chapter 21/end of the novel). Plus, there is ACO's 'Dystopian' setting, and Britain's totalitarian State/Government. I decided to combine all these elements for this new story, entitled "State Watch".

I also want to give credit where it is due: I want to thank Letitbexo for granting me permission to use the name 'Clementine' here in this story as the middle name of Alex and Peggy's baby daughter. Letitbexo's "Clementine" – "Clemmy-Clem", Alex's pet name for her - was the lead female character in her ACO story "Stones Turn to Ice" – which is wonderful! Anyway, I saw the name, Clementine, and loved it for my couple's middle name for their daughter. So I e-mailed Letitbexo for permission to use it; she was sweet enough, and granted me permission. So, thanks, again, Letitbexo, and here is newborn Auberine Clementine DeLarge for you!

I've changed the title several times. I then chose "Two Years Later"; but finally settled on "State Watch", as the State plays a main role in this ACO tale.

I'm not completed writing it, yet. The majority of the story is written – even the ending. I'll release portions of the story "In Progress" until I'm completely finished with it. There are still several 'loose ends' I'm working on. At least the portions will hold you for the time being. And this is my first time publishing my story this way. There are several familiar faces from the movie; and a few new characters I created for the story. Please enjoy!

PLOT: Two years later: Alex and Peggy DeLarge are now a family of four with the arrival of their baby daughter. The State conducts a month-long surveillance on Alex as he's a sociopath and is deemed unfit to be a father. Can 19 year-old Alex prove otherwise?