Here's my first Posted Hetalia Story. I'm sorry, It's really short, but It's not finished yet. This will be a series of historical oneshots with Hetalia characters. i'm a modern world history person, so you may or may not understand this. This is about the loans America gave Germany from 1920? to 1929, when they stopped due to the Wal street Crash. I don't own Hetalia nor the history. Oh, I'm sorry for the foreign words, too!

"Hahahaha, here ya go, Germany, the Hero will save you!" the one called America said, handing Germany a huge wad of green paper. Germany looked astounded.

"D-danke schon, America. Thank you, very much" he replied in an uncharacteristic stutter.

"You don't have to thank me, I'm just awesome like that! The hero helps the poor!" America answered, almost cutting the German off. He finished it with a terribly obnoxious laugh. At the furthest end of the room, two blondes known as Britain and France stood. Britain mumbled to himself grumpily in a cockney accent.

"Where are my reparations, mon cher?" asked France of Germany.

"Ja, ja, here." the taller blonde responded with a sigh, handing to the ecstatic Frenchman a little over half the money he was just given.

"Merci, mon ami!" was the equally ecstatic response. Britain then walked up to Germany, not yet ceasing to mumble. Germany kept only a few bills to himself, and gave the rest to England/Britain. Not a minute later, the Frenchman and the Brit were handing their own bills to America again. He continued to laugh in his bothersome way.

"Stupid git, lending money to everyone, not even a hero, that one, he gets it straight back. Damned war debts." one heard the Brit continue to mumble as he exited the room.


Danke Schon = thank you very much in German

Mon Cher = my dear in French (always imagined the dude would call everyone that)

Ja = Yes in German

Mon Ami - my friend in French

Git = idiot in British slang