Chapter 1 : Visitor from the West

?: So this is Saitama huh, This is gonna get fun... (evil laugh)

After the incident involving Minamoto no Yoshiuo, a new threat emerges!

Lunar: ...(yawn, looks outside of window sees mysterious coated man) Damn that papa, always hiring someone to stalk me. Manservant!

Nagasumi: What's wrong Lunar?

Lunar: go and make yourself useful and take out that guy over there(points at coated man) oh and make me a sandwich, no crusts.

Nagasumi: (I'm fine geting rid of that man but seriously, a sandwich?) fine Lunar. (goes outside) hey mister you can't be he...(ooof, grabs by the arm)

?: shhhhhh! Be quiet, they're watching.

Nagasumi: who's watching?

?: the Yakuza!

Nagasumi: oh...(this is probably Sun's father's doing, checking up on her while she's sick) Don't mind them, they are just men hired for guarding Lunar the popstar(obviously a lie)

?: Lunar? Never mind that, since you have seen me I have no choice to introduce myself to you, I'm Fuji, Tsubasa Fuji.

Nagasumi: I'm Michishio Nagasumi, by the way, what are you even doing here?

Fuji: I'm looking for someone, someone really dangerous, here's what he looks like (shows picture of a boy around the same age as Nagasumi)

Nagasumi: Did he do something?

Fuji: He stole a billion's worth of treasure from a local crime syndicate back in the country.

Nagasumi: HIM! THAT KID! Wait "back in the country"? where are you from Fuji-san?

Fuji: The Philippines, I'm a Police Officer trying to track down this kid.

Nagasumi: Can I help you find this kid?

Fuji: I wouldn't want to get children involved, but if you insist, call me if you see him (gives business card)

Lunar: (Yelling from the house) Manservant! Where's my sandwich!

Nagasumi: gotta get going, don't worry I'll find this kid for you.

Fuji: Don't hurt yourself. (a sandwich?)


Nagasumi: Man, sure is lonely without Sun around, I hope she gets better soon.

Gouzaburo: All right ya maggots, Im introducin' to ya a new transfer student, come in ya brat!

?: Jeez, old geezer, ya don't need to yell!

Nagasumi: he shouldn't have called him that... (? Walks in)

Nagasumi: Huh?

?: I'm Tsubasa Nakashima, don't mess with me, I won't mess with you got that? Otherwise, pleasure to meet ya.

Nagasumi: This kid? The kid from the picture... wait Tsubasa? It can't be... no, gotta make sure first.

Girls of classroom: ( screams, shrieks of excitement) ooohhh how exciting, a bad boy!

Nakashima: Shuddup! How bout' you? No reaction? (points at Lunar)

Lunar: why would an idol like me notice someone as lowly as you!

Nakashima & Lunar: (standoff glare)

Gouzaburo : all right! Take your seats class is starting... Tsubasa! Sit next to Edomae.

Nakashima: I'll sit where I want to sit ( sits at teacher's table)


Nakashima: fine, now where's this Edomae kid?

Saru: uhmmmm, Tsubasa-san?

Nakashima: What? ya perverted monkey?

Saru: You don't know who Edomae is?

Nakashima: I Just transferred didn't I? How would I suppose to know?

Saru: But she's an Idol, known throughout the world.

Nakashima: Not so famous where I come from, now where is she?

Everybody: (Points at Lunar)

Nakashima: you've got to be kidding me...

After 1st Period

Nakashima: seems we've got off to wrong start, let's bury the hatchet and start over, I'm Tsubasa Nakashima, pleasure to meet you.

Lunar: fine, I'm Edomae Lunar, or as you may have heard, the great Idol Lunar.

Nakashima: Idol? Really, I can see why, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you, I'm not from this country,

Lunar: (What is with him? First he acts rude and obnoxious but now...)(blushing)

Nagasumi: (overhears) if this kid is from the Philippines, he has to be the thief!

Nakashima: I'm from the Philippines.

Nagasumi: gotcha...

During Lunch Break

Nagasumi: I've got to report this to Fuji-san.(goes outside, sees Nakashima waiting)

Nakashima: I knew you were up to something, and now here you are.

Nagasumi: It really is you. The thief!

Nakashima: oh no... you're not snitching me to those people, you've got to understand, they are terrible people.

Nagasumi: I'm not reporting this to the syndicate, I'm reporting this to your country's Police force.

Nakashima: (police... I see, Fuji, you stalker...) go ahead, make you're call.

Nagasumi: your not ... stopping me?

Nakashima: Michishio, what do you do before you go to sleep?

Nagasumi: What's that have to d...(passes out)

Nakashima: feel the power of the mermen, human.

At the clinic.

Nagasumi: (Wakes up) First the Setos now this, (surprised Fuji is next to him)

Fuji: oh you're awake, you really scared me for a second.

Nagasumi: what the? How did you? Where am I?

Fuji: you're at the school clinic, I saw you being carried away by Nakashima.

Nagasumi: right! Nakashima, Fuji, I...

Fuji: no need to explain, in fact I should be the one explaining to you.(takes of disguise, reveals true face)

Nagasumi: What the, a kid?

Fuji: (Angry) I'M AN ADULT, BAKA!

Nagasumi: but you look so young.

Fuji: whatever, ok, now I'll explain the situation to you, the REAL situation.

Nagasumi: ok

Fuji: Me and Nakashima are brothers, born from a human mother and a merman father

Nagasumi: human mother and merman father? You're a merman?

Fuji: half merman to be exact.

Nagasumi: half! They exist?

Fuji: yes, back to what I was saying, when Nakashima found out that he was Half merman, he went into a blind frenzy, calling himself a freak. He never accepted that he's half merman and because of that, he got involved in our grandfather's line of work

Nagasumi: which is?

Fuji: similar to what the Yakuza in Japan does.

Nagasumi: He's a ...mobster?

Fuji: Yup, that's why I joined the force, to stop my grandfather and take him back.

Nagasumi: but that doesn't say anything about how he got a billion yen

Fuji: apparently, he stumbled upon a rumor that in Japan, a human is going to marry a mermaid.

Nagasumi: oh... yeah right...

Fuji: He told me that he won't allow the marriage to go on, so that not another freak will be born into this world. So he stole a billion's worth of treasure and fled the country. At first he attempted to take a plane to Japan, but the syndicate was waiting for him at the airport,even at the ferries, the syndicate was there, so using his merman abilities, he swam here.

Nagasumi: SWAM! All the way here?

Fuji: yup, I followed him here to protect him, I know my brother, when he focuses on something he would not stop on achieving it, that's why I followed him here to protect him.

Nagasumi: I see(realizes something) Fuji-san, I have an Idea.


Nagasumi: Hey Tsubasa-san!

Nakashima: What Michishio? Want to sleep again?

Nagasumi: I was just thinking if you have a place to stay?

Nakashima: no...

At Nagasumi's Home

Nakashima: Nice place, Michishio, so I can really stay here?

Nagasumi: Yup, stay as long as you'd like

Nakashima: Thank you very much Michishio, although I'm surprised that you know something about mermaids.

Sun: Nagasumi? Is that you?

Nakashima: oh, hello.

Sun: Nagasumi? Who's you're friend?

Nagasumi: Sun I'd like you to meet our new classmate and houseguest, Tsubasa Nakashima. (whispers, he's a merman)

Sun: a merman?

Nagasumi: shhhh.

Nakashima: I take it you're a mermaid too, miss Sun?

Lunar: I'm back! Manser-... WHAT'S HE DOING HERE?



Nagasumi: Tsubasa, I owe Lunar my life because I've seen her as a mermaid according to the mermaid code and Lunar, we need to protect Tsubasa-san from his grandfather's syndicate.

Nakashima: wait Lunar's a mermaid? That's a relief...

Nagasumi: Why so?

Nakashima: Nothing, nothing(blushing)

Lunar: protection?

Nagasumi: Nakashima stole a large amount of money from the syndicate to start a new life here in Saitama, now he's being tracked down by the syndicate.

Lunar: If he needs protection, why doesn't he work for the Edomae's then?

Nagasumi: Great Idea Lunar, Nakashima, suit up, you're going to the Edomae's


Lunar: Papa, I have someone here for you.

Nakashima: Banchou!

Lunar's Papa: What's this? A new recruit?

Lunar: Actually, he's my future husband!

Nakashima: (What are you talking about?)

Lunar: (Just play along)

Lunar's Papa: (stands up, long pause) TERMINATE!

Lunar: NO PAPA! ( well that didn't work)

Nakashima: (sheathes 2 hidden blades, blocks) hmmph.

Lunar's papa: (breaks blades)

Nakashima: ... should've seen that one coming...(Dodges attack) (FIGHTING LASTS FOR HOURS)

Lunar's papa: you're good, that's it I approve your marriage, the Edomaes will protect you from now on, BUT IF YOU DO ANYTHING TO MY DAUGHTER, I WILL TERMINATE YOU!

Nakashima: Thank you Banchou!(whispers to Lunar: WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?)

Lunar: It was the only way...(blushing)

Nakashima: Oh... ( I get it...)


Nagasumi: So, what happened? (DROPJAW)

Nakashima: (shows wedding ring) I'm... an Edomae... hooray?

Nagasumi: I've gotta tell Fuji-san! (calls fuji through telephone)

Fuji: (answers phone) Hello? Oh Nagasumi! What a surprise! So what's the problem? (Nagasumi tells Fuji) (drops phone) HE'S WHAT? Dammitt Shima!

(back at Nagasumi's home)

Saturn: (peeks thru window) so another mermaid has come to end the maggot's marriage huh? (eerie laugh)

Lunar: Nobody at school will hear about this, got it?

Nakashima: and who made you the boss?

Lunar: I've always been the boss and let me tell you something...(Nakashima and Lunar arguing)

Nagasumi: They're perfect for each other...

Nakashima&Lunar: WHAT DID YOU SAY?, whatever, (Nakashima)take me to my room (Lunar) Manservant, make me another sandwich.

Nagasumi: ye...yes... (I can't believe it, my life just got a whole lot worse)


Nagasumi: (yawns) Nakashima-san, time to wake up... he's gone... (picks up note)

Hey Michishio, forgot to tell you but I applied for a job at this T.V. Network, be back later.


Nagasumi: oh good for him... wait the only local T.V. station here is... oh crap...


Kamata: Lunar! Meet our new stagehand and the new drummer during recording sessions

Nakashima: You calling for me boss?

Nakashima&Lunar:... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!

Kamata: I heard from the boss that you got engaged! This will certainly give us huge hits, just imagine, the rich and famous popstar taking notice on such a poor stagehand, this will certainly enrage your male fans but at the same time, they will be more inclined to listen to your music, proving to Tsubasa-san here that they deserve you more!

Lunar: but...but this... but wha... but this is... ARGGHH! Nevermind, just don't get in my way manservant #2!

Nakashima: so I'm number 2 now... seriously... (but this might be a good chance to bond with her, I can't say that I'm excited working for her but, thank God for this opportunity)

Kamata: Okay off to work...

Sugio: Nii-san have you seen... (spots Nakashima) Nii-san who is your new stagehand?

Kamata: He's Tsubasa Nakashima, Lunar's fiancé.

Sugio: FIANCE? Oh this is just too good!

Kamata: Sugio, what are you planning this time? Remember the gorilla?

Sugio: I'm gonna make him Lunar's love interest in my new T.V. drama!

Kamata: You know, that's not a bad idea! It'll be great the exposure will give him experience and Lunar's relationship with him will develop. Great idea Sugio!

Sugio: hehehehe, can he start right away?

Kamata: Why not!

Sugio: (snaps fingers, bodyguards appear) boys take that young man(Nakashima) to the makeup room!

Nakashima: (grabbed) Hey! What are you doing? HELP! Where am I?

Makeup-artist: just sit stil! (takes him to the set) Give him a script!

Nakashima: (receives script) what the hell is this?

Sugio: Just read it, make sure you memorize it!

Lunar: Hey Sugio, what's this in my costume? I think someth... you've got to be kidding me? WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!

Sugio: He's your new leading man! Isn't that great?

Lunar: NO!

Nakashima: Hey boss, I just read the script and there's a kissing scene in here between me and the leading lady, who's the leading lady?

Sugio: (points at Lunar)

Nakashima: (redfaced) Seriously? (Yes! Yes! Yes!)

Lunar: THERE'S a KISSING SCENE? (redfaced) bu... but it's only the first episode?

Sugio: This is a cliffhanger intro, the fans will know it when they see it.

Lunar: but I'm not prepared... (blushing)

Nakashima: (Wow, she's really cute when she's nervous huh...) (looks at window)

SFX: Terminator theme

Lunar's Papa: (blows window, writes: do anything to my girl, I'll TERMINATE you.)

Nakashima: Seriously...


Nagasumi: Hey Sun! Look Lunar's new Drama is on!

Sun: Oh really! Let's watch! (opening scene with Nakashima & Lunar)

Nagasumi&Sun: (DROPJAW)

Nakashima: My love, the High gates of Heaven shall know the fruit of our love

Lunar: This is not simply just a silly crush, this is true love!

Nakashima: When your father learned about us, he really disapproved, that's why we ran away right?

Lunar: and your mother disapproves as well, at least now we can live happily ever after

Sugio: Now Kiss...

Sun: Wow, they really are good actors

Nagasumi: I know right... that made my heart race, WAIT, are they gonna kiss...?

Nakashima: Let us seal our love with this magical kiss... (attempts to kiss)

Lunar: ...


Nagasumi: What?

Sun: Huh?

Sugio: Hey! We already stopped filming!

Nakashima: (still kissing) what... (drops Lunar) (blushing)

Lunar: Hey watch it!(blushing)

At Fuji's Apartment

Fuji: (drinking coffee drops cup) SHIMA! That's it I'm calling in the elites!

?: You call for us dono?

Fuji: Daiki, Shiro and Aoi, find out what the Edomae's are and what they're up to, I want everything! Their friends, family, enemies or whatever!

Daiki,Shiro and Aoi: As you wish Dono! (faces hidden)