NEW STORY. I don't know why the hell I'm doing this while I'm writing 3 stories but oh well, I couldn't resist

Clare head upstairs quickly after a long day at school and grabbed her laptop. She quickly signed on facerange and went to Elijah's page. He said earlier that week at 5 today, he would be answering fans questions, comments, everything for a whole half hour. Clare had been thinking about this for so long, to just get a response from him would be too unreal.

She gazed his latest post, Start leaving those questions!

She frowned when she realized there were already a whole bunch of fans posting on his wall already and thought there was a less of a chance she would get a response.

She bit her inner lip trying to think of a question not wanting it to be a simple question she knew anyone would ask.

She click the box and began to type, "I know you probably don't have time to read a lot, but who's your favorite author?" She posted and immediately realized how stupid that question was. Who asks their favorite celebrity about books? How more boring could she get?

As she began thinking of another question, she received a notification. She clicked it and read,

Eli Goldsworthy had commented on your post.

Her eyes widened and mouth fell agape. She immediately went back to his page to read his reply.

Good question, it's different. Probably Palahniuk

FDSNFDSNFDJNFDJ. That was her exact reaction. Not only did he respond, they had the same favorite author. She questioned replying again or just asking another question. She clicked reply,

Same and I love Hughes, amazing writer!

Was teen heartthrob Eli seriously talking to her? Writing her back? I mean of course was replying to all his fans but she didn't care. He took time out of his day to write her and she couldn't have been happier. A few minutes passed, and she figured he wouldn't respond. He had tons of fans to respond to. Why would he take his time to have a conversation with one?

That is until her message icon lit up. She clicked it and just when her day couldn't get any better. Eli had messaged her.

She read the message,

I love him too. You have good taste in authors. And I hope you don't mind me messaging, I just didn't want to talk on my wall, too many fans posting questions

She bit her lip she replied, I don't mind at all. And thanks, so do you. I hope I'm not sounding too fangirlish, but you're an amazing actor :)

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. And someone's very pretty in their profile picture ;)

Clare's eyes widened as she continued to read over the last message. Elijah did not just call her pretty. She screamed and scurried the house. She squealed to her mom and dad and ran back upstairs. After she was all calmed to an extent, she typed back

That kind of just made my life. I can't stop blushing, thanks so much. She quickly grabbed her phone out of her bag and called Alli.


"Oh my god Alli, guess what?"

"I know, Elijah's answering fans."

"Not only that, I'm messaging him and he just called me pretty."

"Are you serious? Clare, don't lie."

"I'm so serious, come over. I'm fangirling by myself here."

"I'll be there in like 5 minutes." And with that Alli hung up. Clare realized he didn't respond back but she got a notification instead. She clicked it and led her to her profile picture, indicating someone commented.

"Oh my god." She muttered to herself when she realized Eli commented saying, cutie (;

How is this happening? My future husband, favorite celebrity, the cutest guy ever, my biggest crush is calling me cute. This is too surreal.

They continued to message for quite a while and Alli was the witness. Both girls had abandoned their homework figuring they'll make it up, talking to Elijah was more important. They continued to message until Eli said he had to sign out. Clare was kind of sad but figured they'll talk again.

"Can't believe that just happened." Clare exhaled.

"I know, you're so lucky."

Clare squealed, "God, he's so perfect."

Alli smiled at her giddy friend. Both girls got ready for bed and lied in Clare's queen side bed.

"I still cant believe the Elijah called me pretty."

"Way to be smug Clare."

She giggled, "Goodnight."


XXXX A week later

Clare was confronted with many unfamiliar faces the all week, the girls saying they saw Eli commented on her picture. She faked a smile and nodded not bothering to tell them they were messaging all night. Clare had a free period and made her way to the lab. She made sure to sit in the back so no teachers can spot her when she went on facerange. She signed on and realized she had a message from Eli.

She just hoped this would be a regular thing.

Hey beautiful, how are you?

There was no doubt that Eli was evidently flirting with her and she wasn't gonna sit back like an awkward turtle and not flirt back.

Hey handsome :) I'm good. Everyone saw your comment on my picture and came up to me like oh my god, he commented on your picture

She surprisingly got a quickly reply, " Better not tell them we're talking or you'll get attacked :p Can I tell you something?

I won't (: and of course, what is it?

I like you.

Clare swallowed the lump in her throat and looked around the lab. She realized no one was in it and hit the table a couple of times trying to express her happiness. Her lip quivered as she replied

You barely know me but thanks. I think you just aim to make me blush :p I like you too but that probably means nothing coming from a fan

You're more than just a fan, Clare

They continued to talk until the bell rang and Clare told him she had to go. She said she'll talk to him later and quickly made her way towards her next class. She suddenly ran into Alli in the hallway and pulled her aside,

"Oh my god, guess what?"

"What?" Alli asked confused.

"Eli just told me he liked me."

"What? After a week?"

"I mean we've talked nonstop since so it's okay. But I told him he barely knows me but I don't care, this is still like mindblowing right now."

"You're one lucky girl, but I'm gonna be late for Perino so I'll talk to you later."

Clare nodded and they departed to different classes.

XXXX 2 week later

Clare was lying down in her bed, she finished all her homework in school. She gotten her period earlier that day and her stomach was in severe pain. She heard her laptop ring from the other side the room. She groaned as she got up to get it off her computer desk. She opened it and saw it was a message from facerange. She knew it was from Eli and smiled inwardly.

Hey, do you have webcam?

Her eyebrows rose, Um yeah why?

Do you want to videochat?

Her eyes widened at his offer, I'm sick, I don't want you to see me like this

Please, I want to talk to you through VC. See your pretty face (:

Okay ( : Only because you're special. My username is clare-e

Okay, sign on!

She seriously was not about to videochat with a TV star. Just too unreal to believe. She wanted to make herself look the least bit presentable while she was feeling like crap. She put on her makeup, tied her curls up and put on a cute shirt. She hopped back on her bed and signed onto Skype, assuming that was the video program he wanted her to use.

She impatiently waited for him to send the request and sat anxiously. Suddenly, her laptop started going off. Elijah-G was requesting a videochat. She held in her breath as she clicked accept. Her heart beat picked up tremendously as the chat was loading.

Suddenly his face loaded on her screen, "Hey Clare."