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Chapter One

The Teme Returns

Naruto cussed as he ran through the front gate of his school. Damn, damn, damn! He all but screamed in his head. Only the second week of school and I'm already running late! He skidded to a stop, hopping on one foot at the sudden break in momentum, and opened his shoe locker, kicking off his sneakers and taking out the white uwabaki. He shoved his other shoes into the locker and closed the door while stepping into the slippers, uncaring that he was walking on the back of the heels.

Really, he didn't know why he had an alarm clock if it couldn't do its damn job and wake him up properly and on time. Not that he would ever agree with what his friends said about only a fog horn being able to wake him up. Maybe if there was an alarm clock that was as loud as a fog horn, he might never be late for school again. His neighbors probably wouldn't agree to have that in the building, though.

"Crap," he hissed as he bounced on one foot to pull his shoes on properly before heading up the stairs to his classroom.

"Hey, Uzumaki, no running in the halls!" a teacher yelled from an opened classroom that he passed.

Naruto winced at being called out, but didn't listen. When did he ever? Besides, he was almost there, almost there…

He all but crashed into the door when he failed to open it properly before entering. Sliding it open, he grinned guiltily at his homeroom teacher, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, Kakashi sensei, I didn't wake up to my alarm this morning."

"Hn, dobe," a disdainful voice said.

Naruto's eyes widened a fraction, realizing that wasn't his teacher's voice. While he wasn't as familiar with the deep tone, he was sure as hell he knew that insulting nickname. He looked over at the boy dressed in a black gakuran uniform standing at the front of the classroom and suddenly felt like they were the only two in the room. Dark raven hair styled to stick out in the back; almost girlish, clear pale skin; and black pits for eyes that always looked down on him when he was younger.

Finally, reality struck him like a rubber band to the face, and he jumped back a little in shock. "Eh?" he bellowed. "Sasuke-teme! What are you doing here? I thought you went to that fancy high school in Otogakure, dattebayo!"

"Naruto, stop shouting," Kakashi said in irritation from his desk at the front of his classroom. "Sasuke's transferring to Konoha due to unforeseen circumstances."

"Circumstances," Naruto repeated, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at the Uchiha standing before him casually, his hands in his pockets and signature scowl on his face. "What circumstances?"

"Che," Sasuke glared at the other teen for a brief moment before turning his head away, as if Naruto wasn't worth the energy it took to scowl at someone. "It doesn't concern you, idiot."

Naruto gaped at the other boy. Sure, he was used to Sasuke insulting him when they were in elementary school, but it's been five years! The asshole didn't know if Naruto was an idiot or not, even if Sakura did called him one every day. "Why you-"

Kakashi cut him off mid-retort. "Naruto, please go take your seat. Sasuke, now that you're done introducing yourself, please sit in the empty desk behind Naruto."

"What?" Naruto whined, trotting over to his teacher's desk and wiggling his hips as he pouted. He was unaware of how awkward he was making the girl sitting in the desk directly behind him feel at the display of his squirming rear (though he would have thought of it as a blessing for her since he saw himself as one of the hottest guys in Konoha). "Kakashi sensei, please don't sit that jerk behind me!"

"Do you suggest that I move someone else just to suit your comfort, Uzumaki?" Kakashi asked, smirking behind his surgical mask, but narrowing his complete heterochromia eyes.

Naruto sighed. "I guess not," he groaned out as if he had just agreed to lug a bag of bricks up a mountain. And really, he would prefer that over having his elementary school rival/best friend sitting in a desk behind him. Even though they had been close in their younger years, their time together had ended on a rather abrupt note; now the Uchiha was back and insulting Naruto right off the bat! Weren't childhood friends supposed to hug and greet each other happily when they reunited? Sure, Naruto was partially to blame for snapping rudely back at Sasuke, but the bastard had started it! He wasn't going to feign smiles and laughs if Sasuke was going to act so cold!

He plodded over to his desk, setting his bag under it as he sat down. He glared up at Sasuke who didn't even so much as glance at him as he walked past Naruto and sat in the desk behind him.

Under what circumstances was Sasuke doing here?

In elementary school, the Uchiha had been at the top of the class and got offers from high schools all over the five great nations. Why did he return to Konoha, and to a public high school nonetheless? He wasn't going to get into a top notch college with this school's name on his application.

Naruto decided not to worry about it too much. Sasuke was barely giving him the time of day, so he'd humbly return the favor. He too could pretend like nothing had happened between them all those years ago. Of course that was easier said than done…

"Naruto, want to get some fruit milk from the cafeteria?" Kiba called from his seat across the classroom, Shikamaru getting up to go stand with him.

"You bet!" Naruto grinned. "Hold on, let me get my money." He ducked down and pulled out his wallet from his school bag. Right when he looked up, a girl with long red hair came strolling into the classroom, wearing a black skirt and thigh high socks, and a white, short sleeved top. She didn't look at anyone in the classroom, her eyes zeroed in on one person in particular.

"Sasuke," she said in a smooth voice that seemed too mature for someone her age, pushing her thick-rimmed glasses further up on her nose. "We're going to go have lunch on the roof."

"Who's she?" someone behind Naruto whispered.

"Another transfer student, I guess…"

"Did more kids come from Otogakure?"

Naruto watched as Sasuke stood up nonchalantly and left with the girl, almost seeming as though he hadn't heard her and got the idea to go to the roof himself. He didn't even look at her when she hooked arms with him and put her head on his shoulder. Heck, she could probably burst into flames and Sasuke would keep on walking.

The room filled with murmurs of the students and Naruto made his way over to Kiba and Shikamaru. "That was weird," he stated as the three boys headed out the door in the opposite direction of Sasuke and that girl. "Why's he here?"

"From what I've heard, he got in trouble at his old school." Kiba said while they stopped outside another classroom and Shikamaru went in to retrieve Choji.

"Whoa, Uchiha did?" Naruto asked in both amusement and disbelief. "That goody-two-shoes? What could he have possible done to get kicked out of a private school?"

Shikamaru rejoined the conversation, Choji now behind him. "It's just a rumor. No one really knows why he transferred back."

"Maybe he got homesick," Kiba said, and Choji snorted. He returned to his previous answer. "They say he got caught up in a gang or something. Some of his cronies joined him in the transfer."

Choji nodded in agreement. "Yeah, two of them are in my class. Suigetsu and Jugo I think are their names."

Naruto's mouth formed an 'o' of understanding. "That girl is one of them?"

Shikamaru shrugged. "Guess so, she was wearing the girl's uniform from Otogakure Private."

"That's so weird. Sasuke-teme getting mixed up with a gang." Naruto muttered. The mere thought was ludicrous.


Or what Shikamaru said.

Sasuke would never get in trouble back in elementary school. Well, except for when he and Naruto started fighting, but then all the blame was put on Naruto, so the Uchiha looked like a god damn angel who was being picked on when really he had spurred Naruto on from the beginning. It was all because the teachers felt bad for Sasuke due to his parents being murdered when he was younger. Naruto was in the same boat as him, but the teachers scorned him instead all because his parents had abandoned him rather than die off tragically.

However, that didn't bother Naruto anymore. He was grateful to have had Sasuke in his life when he was growing up. Sasuke helped him to work harder and try to be a better person, though the other boy didn't know that himself. Contrary to what most people believed, he saw him and Sasuke as having a strong, unspoken connection because of their pasts. Yes, they were rivals, but he also knew that they understood each other. That was why he promised…

Naruto shook his head to rid himself of his thoughts. He almost felt bad because Sasuke was so smart, and he threw his future away by becoming a delinquent.


"Sucks to be him."

Naruto was putting his books away in his bag when Kiba suddenly jumped back and sat on his desk.

"You, me, Shino, and the lovely Hinata." He said with a cheeky grin.

"Doing what?" Naruto asked, zipping up his bag and putting it on one shoulder.

"I was thinking we could hit the shopping district, maybe squeeze in a movie. What do ya say?" Kiba leaned back and hit his head against the window, grunting and rubbing the area of impact soothingly.

Naruto bit back his snicker and sighed. "Sorry, Kiba, I don't have any money to spare right now."

"That's okay," Kiba said quickly. "We can all pitch in for your movie ticket."

Naruto almost frowned at the idea. It wasn't that he was completely against the thought of his friends making an effort for him to join them, but he hated looking weak and needy. Now if they were offering to buy him ramen, that'd be a completely different story and he'd accept their charitable donations in a heartbeat. "No way, I can't have you guys pay for me. I'll join you next time, okay?"

Kiba groaned. "Who is going to understand my wacky sense of humor? Shino is convinced that an insect is more interesting than me, and Hinata-chan is too sweet and gentle to get it. I hate that you've become so responsible!" He said loudly, getting a few strange looks from other students lingering in the classroom for cleanup duty.

A soft snort came from behind Naruto, and both boys turned to look at Sasuke who was lounging back in his chair, his arms laid over the surface of his desk as if he wasn't planning on getting up to leave any time soon.

"Got a problem, Uchiha?" Kiba asked, narrowing his eyes at the relaxed boy.

Sasuke smirked. "Other than the fact that I can smell your offensive dog breath from here? No." He ignored the deep growl that emitted from the brunette and stared smugly at Naruto. "I just found it amusing that you used a word like responsible while referring to the dobe."

Okay, that was it. "It's been five years, Uchiha!" Naruto shouted, making everyone left in the classroom stop to stare. Someone even dropped the broom they were holding at the sudden outburst. "You don't know shit about me or anyone here anymore, but you're obviously the same asshole as you were before you left! So go blow it out your ass!"

"He probably can't with that ten foot pole shoved up there," Kiba added quickly, grinning from ear to ear. He hopped off the desk and smacked Naruto upside the head gently. "Let's go. You're going to make a teacher come in here with all your yelling."

"I'm not yelling!" the blond defended pointlessly. Naruto's eyes glanced down to see the tight fists Sasuke was making even though he had a holier-than-thou look on his face. It was as if he was pretending he wasn't fazed by anything Naruto had just said even though, deep down, he probably wanted to lash out at him. Naruto almost tested this out to see if it was true, opening his mouth to say something, but three other students entered the classroom and approached Sasuke's desk.

One was the girl with glasses from earlier while the other two were boys that had on the same black gakuran uniform as Sasuke. Naruto assumed that they were Suigetsu and Jugo as Choji had mentioned before, though he wasn't sure who was who.

"Sasuke, we found where the kendo club meets." the boy with shoulder length silver hair said, smiling and revealing his teeth to be crooked and almost sharp looking. It made Naruto shudder. Who had teeth like that anyway? Were they natural or did he have something done to them?

The Uchiha stood quickly and picked up his school bag, leaving with the group in silence. At the doorway, he glanced over his shoulder at Naruto and they held eye contact for what seemed like eternity. It made Naruto's heartbeat increase, and his skin boil under his clothes. Right there, in that moment, he was looking into the eyes of his best friend from five years ago.

Naruto blinked and Sasuke was no longer in the door way. He was literally shaken back to reality by Kiba.

"Come on, man, let's get out of here."

"Uh…yeah…" Naruto mumbled and he followed the other teen out of the classroom.

It was weird, but just then he could almost feel the urgency in Sasuke's gaze, like he was asking Naruto for help. But help with what? And why did he look so miserable?

"I'm home…" Naruto called out to his empty apartment while he took of his shoes by the door. He tossed his bag onto the kitchen table and walked over to his fridge. Yanking it open, he ignored the rattling sound the empty shelves inside made at the force he used. When was the last time he went shopping, the Ice Age? Squinting, he closed the fridge and then moved to open the cabinets, one of them broken and hanging off its hinges dangerously. He quickly closed the door and let out a frustrated sigh.

"I could have sworn I had more ramen in here two days ago." He looked at the piles of empty ramen cups stacked on the counter and kitchen table, and he sighed once again. He had to control his bad habit of eating when he was bored.

"Well now what am I going to eat?" he asked, looking down at his stomach as though the answer would be there. "I guess I'll go to the store and buy some more ramen." He huffed, realizing that he had to stop talking to himself when he was alone. He couldn't help it though, it was so quiet in his apartment and he'd become used to the sound of his own voice.

It wasn't like he was always alone. He had people that took care of him as a kid, of course. Whether they felt obligated or wanted to do it on their own free will, Naruto didn't know though he was pretty sure it was hardly the latter. He just knew, because other adults didn't seem to appreciate his presence very much.

Shaking his head, he removed his school blazer, waving his right arm behind him to shake it off before dropping it on the floor. He went back to his front door and slipped his shoes back on. He patted his hands over his pockets to make sure he had his wallet and keys, and he left his apartment.

It was abnormally hot for being the end of April, but that didn't keep Naruto's orange sweater in the closet. The school dress code was very lenient; as long as the students wore their school pants and blazer, they could wear whatever they wanted underneath (by reasonable standards, of course). That was why Naruto always wore his orange sweater, though it had a low V-neck, so he was forced to wear the white school shirt underneath even if it did look nerdy. Not that he cared about how he looked; he barely paid attention to his hair when he woke up in the morning. He might as well not own a mirror at all since he never looked in it.

Nearing the convenience store located on the corner of a street, he spotted some teens loitering at the edge of the alley across the street, but he decided not to pay them any heed. It wasn't like it was abnormal for kids to be hanging around these parts, and he'd be an idiot if he thought he was the only teenager who would go out at night and indulge in junk food with some friends, though he never did much of that himself. Sure, he had friends and he went out to do things with them. But that didn't mean they were his best friends. They didn't understand him, so when he was feeling down, even a little bit, he would shun away from them. It was for the best, really. Last thing he needed was for them to think he was a complete downer and never invite him places anymore.

He stepped through the automatic sliding doors of the store and grinned at the clerk as he guided his way to the part of the store where his favorite food on Earth resided on steel shelves.

He began piling cup after cup of instant ramen in his arms until he dropped one, trying to catch it with his leg (as if that would really help), and decided that he couldn't hold anymore. He brought his items to the checkout stand, the clerk straightening so that he could begin ringing up Naruto's items.

"Oh, hold on, I forgot milk." Naruto said, dumping the cups of ramen on the counter before running off to the refrigerated area of the store and pulling out two cartons of whole milk. He dropped them on the counter and the cashier ran them over the scanner with the rest of his items.

"Is that all?" he asked in a tired tone that challenged Shikamaru's.


The clerk looked at the blond, obviously disgruntled from his tone.

Naruto paid the amount requested, and the man automatically thanked him for shopping at the store. Stepping out into the muggy night, Naruto froze at the sound of someone talking…no, begging. He turned his head to the right to see that the kids from before were still in the alley, and this time they were huddled around someone who was sitting on the ground and looking absolutely terrified.

One of the teens turned their head slightly, and Naruto's mouth fell at the familiar shape. Dark hair sticking out in the back like a duck's tail feathers…

Uchiha Sasuke twirled a shinai in his hand skillfully and then suddenly jabbed it at the boy on the ground, who flinched and let out a cry of terror. The other three teens surrounding the boy laughed (and not the comical laugh, but the kind that people did when they heard a sick joke), and Sasuke returned to resting the kendo stick against his shoulder, his face in a stern expression.

Naruto's mind clicked everything into place and he realized that the other three people with the Uchiha were the new kids at school, the ones that came to find him in the classroom. Didn't one of them mention the kendo club? Is that how Sasuke obtained a shinai? And why were they picking on that guy? They were legitimately scaring him; he clearly had no idea who they were or what they wanted.

Naruto gasped audibly when he remembered what Kiba said about Sasuke being in a gang. No way…Sasuke had really been going around and beating up people in Otogakure. And now he was doing it here in Konoha!

The boy with silver hair turned around and stared at Naruto as though he were surprised that someone else was in the area before getting Sasuke's attention and pointing at Naruto.

Naruto's entire body shuddered when the raven-haired teen turned to look at him slowly. Too dark eyes met blue, and Naruto felt as though someone had almost run up and pushed him. He wanted to take a step back, but at the same time, Sasuke's eyes were holding him in place with an unnamed emotion.

All four teens in their Otogakure Private uniforms turned to face him, and in their distraction, the boy on the ground crawled away for a few feet before scrambling back to his feet and making a run for it.

"Leave him." Naruto heard Sasuke order when the girl flinched and turned to stop him.

Gulping, Naruto quickly began making his way back to his apartment, hunching his shoulders and gripping the plastic bag in his hand painfully tight. As long as that guy was okay and out of harm's way, he felt no need to stick around. In retrospect, he should have gone back inside the convenience store and told the clerk about what he saw, but he didn't want to get Sasuke arrested. Or at least he didn't think that he did.

Footsteps echoed behind him as he walked down the sidewalk, and he glanced over his shoulder to see Sasuke and his cronies following him, staying a good two or three yards behind him.

They looked very relaxed, yet they had an intimidating aura around them. Sasuke had his gakuran top opened to reveal a black t-shirt decked out with a fade white mitsudomoe symbol underneath. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, revealing a wristwatch with a thick black band.

Delinquent, ran through Naruto's head repeatedly. Kiba had been right. Sasuke had been kicked out of his old school because he had become a juvenile delinquent! Everything about Sasuke screamed "I'm going to paint the town with graffiti and kick some kids in the ass, and while I'm at it, I'll steal a CD I won't listen to and some other useless trinkets just because I can!" Well, maybe it didn't literally scream that, but it was pretty damn close in Naruto's head.

His heartbeat sped up at the thought and he made a quick turn into an alleyway that came up on his right, picking up speed as he ran through it. To make things clear, he wasn't running away or anything. He was just preventing anything unnecessary from happening to him. When he reached the sidewalk on the other side, he hid behind one of the buildings and peeked through the passage. He sighed in relief when Sasuke and his friends walked past the other side of the alley casually, not even acknowledging it.

That had been scary. For a minute there he had been really scared that Sasuke and the others were going to surround him like they did to that other guy. And while he was sure he could take on Sasuke and the silver-haired boy with crooked teeth, he wasn't so sure about the big guy with orange hair, and he had a policy against hitting girls even if they hit him first.

He found that his knees were shaking and that bothered him. Had he really been that nervous? Sure, anyone would be frightened by four gang members following them, but this just wasn't like him. This was Sasuke, for crying out loud! Naruto wasn't afraid of a guy like Sasuke! Besides, he wouldn't really do anything to Naruto, right?

Naruto gulped audibly when he realized that he honestly didn't know the answer to that question. Not anymore. When they were kids, Sasuke would know when to stop. He had no idea what Sasuke was capable of now after all these years. Would he really try to hurt Naruto like that?

Shaking his head because he didn't want to think about it anymore, Naruto realized that he better get home soon because he had milk in his bag. He continued up his usual route to get home, though he was one block over than he needed to be. When he reached the apartment building, he hummed happily and patted his growling stomach gently, assuring it that it would be fed soon. However, that thought seemed to die away with his breath when he reached the top of the stairs and someone called out to him; a voice all too familiar. Slowly turning around, Naruto almost groaned audibly at the sight of Sasuke and the other three teens making their way up the steps behind him.

"Let us in," Sasuke commanded, putting a gloved hand on Naruto's shoulder and forcing him to walk forward so that they could step into the hallway. "Jugo here has to take a piss."

Naruto swallowed thickly and he moved to his door wordlessly. Normally he would say something; stand up to the bastard and his friends. But Sasuke's hand was squeezing his shoulder almost reassuringly, and it made Naruto fumble with his keys at the lock. He looked back at Sasuke to see if his face matched his touch, but the boy's expression was unreadable. He opened the door and Sasuke removed his hand from Naruto's shoulder in favor of shoving him inside. He reached down and grabbed the bag in Naruto's, yanking it out of his grasp as the teen stumbled forward.

"Here," Sasuke said, handing the bag to the silver-haired boy.

"I thought you said Jugo had to use the bathroom…" Naruto said in annoyance, looking over his shoulder to see the silver-haired teen stare down into the bag in his hands. Of course he wasn't so stupid to believe him, but he did want to call Sasuke out on the obvious lie somehow. He didn't want him to think he was dumb or something.

"Ugh, what is this crap? Here, Karin." The boy handed the girl the bag and she looked into it with a calculating gaze. Clearly these people didn't appreciate ramen as much as Naruto did.

"Why would I want this?" she cringed and handed the bag to the tall boy with orange hair.

"You guys wait in the kitchen. I need to talk to the idiot. Alone." Sasuke ordered, and he waited for the three teens to file into the kitchen before ordering Naruto to take him to the bedroom.

Naruto huffed but did as he was told nonetheless. He opened the bedroom door and immediately turned to Sasuke, giving him a determined glare. The teen still had the shinai resting against his shoulder and Naruto was starting to plan on how to snatch it from him. "Sasuke…" he began, sliding his socked feet apart on the floor to get in a better fighting stance.

Sasuke closed the bedroom door and locked it, staring at Naruto with deep, yet indecipherable eyes. He suddenly shoved Naruto backwards a bit before spinning him around and pushing him face first onto the blond's unkempt bed.

Naruto had to put his hands out in front of him to keep his head from hitting the wall. Damn, Sasuke was fast. But that was okay, because Naruto relied on his brute strength. He stilled when something hard suddenly prodded his rear through his school pants, a startled yelp tearing from his throat. "What the fuck are you doing, bastard?"

"Hn." Sasuke put one knee on the bed, grabbing one of Naruto's cheeks through the seat of his pants and spreading it so that he could twist the tip of the shinai harder against him. "Are you planning on telling everyone at school about what you saw tonight? Huh, dobe?"

Naruto's eyes widened at the accusing tone, and he shook his head. Was Sasuke really that worried about someone seeing him? Or could it be…because it was Naruto? Not that he cared; he just wanted that stick away from his ass.

"Answer me, idiot." Sasuke demanded, thrusting the shinai harder against him. The tip slipped against the material of Naruto's school pants which caused it to brush against his balls.

"No…no, I'm not!" Naruto mentally cursed at the slight arousal that was stirring within him. There was no way he liked any of this! His body was just having a bad case of teenage hormones reacting to the slightest bit of stimulation.

"Hn." Sasuke's eyes trailed over the boy's orange clad back before scoffing and readjusting the shinai so that it was pressing at Naruto's entrance again.

A shuddering gasp escaped past his lips at the feeling, but he quickly overcame the foreign treatment and his cheeks flared with both anger and embarrassment. Growling in an animalistic way, he kicked one of his feet back, hitting the leg Sasuke had planted on the floor. Sasuke's hand left his rear to catch his balance on the bed, and Naruto took the chance to turn around. As he moved to face the other boy, he swung his other leg around and successfully smacked the kendo stick from Sasuke's hand; though the action seemed too easy, as if Sasuke had let go of the shinai as soon as Naruto kicked it. His suspicions proved correct when the Uchiha seemed all too ready to settle over Naruto in his new position.

He pinned Naruto's arms to his sides and sat between his spread legs. Impassive darks eyes studied the blush that betrayed Naruto's livid glare for a moment before glancing down to his stretched legs. "This excites you?"

Naruto was taken aback by the inconspicuous sadness he caught underlying Sasuke's tone, but he quickly dismissed it with a violent shake of his head. "No! Are you insane? Get off me, bastard!"

He tried to jerk his arms free, but Sasuke was a lot stronger than he looked, not to mention he was holding up his weight with his arms. It was embarrassing as hell, but he couldn't help that having Sasuke look at him so intensely did weird things to his raging teenage hormones. Shove him away, yank him closer…his head was messed up right now. It wasn't like he wanted to react this way, especially not because of a guy like Uchiha Sasuke. Not because of his rival…his best friend. And it wasn't like it was evident that he was aroused. He was barely hard!

Sasuke scoffed at the blatant denial, and he spread his knees so that he sunk lower on the bed. His crotch lined perfectly with Naruto's and he allowed himself to meet the other boy's confused gaze. He used the hold he had on Naruto's arms in order to rock against him, pulling and pushing his body against the others. A soft sigh escaped his lips, and he was forced to keep his eyes from sliding shut at the sensation.

Naruto gasped so loud that it was almost like a cry, and he hit his head against the wall when he tossed it back, the blinds shuddering at the impact. The repetitive rocking of the teen hurt at first and the friction was making a certain part of his anatomy react without a fight. "W-what are you doing? Sasuke!"

Sasuke leaned forward to cover Naruto's mouth with his own, his tongue slipping inside the opened, moist cavern easily. He closed his eyes when Naruto responded, though it was to push him out with his tongue rather than kissing back. He laid his hips directly over Naruto's and continued grinding rough and hard. Naruto's mouth went motionless for a few moments and Sasuke lifted his head back to look down at him.

Naruto stared into glazed over eyes that put the night sky to shame. He could clearly feel Sasuke's arousal pressing against his own and it made him squirm, which only increased the pleasure that coursed through them. He was panting and his mind was numb, too far gone in the brand new sensations of having another boy grind against him in the most. Sasuke's hands left his arms in order to grasp onto the bed sheet and he immediately thought of punching him, but another roll of his hips canceled out any ideas of such unnecessary violence. It could wait, right? No! No it couldn't! He had to think properly. He had to get Sasuke off of him and…and…oh god.

He couldn't fight this. Not when his chest was heaving and his face felt so hot because of both embarrassment and arousal. He had never been touched like this before. He never felt this good, and his body was screaming for more; it practically hurt. His mind was in a fog from the pressure building in his stomach and he couldn't think of anything else but to find completion along with the body on top of him.

Sasuke leaned back in to kiss the dazed blond and he almost stilled completely when hands tangles in his hair, gripping tightly and pulling him hard against a suddenly eager mouth. Almost. Instead it spurred him to rock faster.

Naruto nudged Sasuke's head to tilt right so he could have deeper access to the boy's soft mouth. Kissing Sasuke felt like kissing a girl, or at least what he imagined kissing a girl would be like sense he had never kissed one before. Not like he wasn't interested, but after Sakura told him that she saw him as nothing more than a friend he had all but withdrawn from romance. At least for the time being. Maybe gender didn't really matter during kissing. However, he knew that this wasn't what a normal kiss was supposed to be like. This was sloppy and their mouths were hot as tongues tried to rule over the other. He had to force Sasuke's head away for air which was running short due to the Uchiha's insistent thrusting, like he was trying to rub though the material of their school pants.

"Fuck dobe," Sasuke muttered against his mouth, able to feel the unbearable heat coiling in his stomach tighten. "I hate you so damn much."

Naruto's eyes squeezed shut and he pulled at silky hair harshly. "Yeah…" he panted, squirming back against the rough grinding against him which only made the pain of needing release that much greater. "I – ngh…I hate you too - Sasuke!" His vision flooded with white as the muscles in his stomach tensed and then relaxed before his entire body began to violently shudder as he came. He had opened his mouth to cry out, but Sasuke covered it with his own to swallow it hungrily. His body was tensing and jerking against Naruto's, signaling his own release.

Coming had never felt so good before in his life…and Naruto absolutely hated it! All because of that damn bastard…

Sasuke didn't leave him just yet. He was much quicker to regain his composure than the other teen, but he still remained leaning over him for a few minutes until dazed blue eyes finally opened. He scooted back and got off the bed, combing his fingers through his hair to put his strands back into place. He leaned over to pick up the shinai off the floor, one hand in his pocket and his back to Naruto.

It pissed Naruto off because it showed that Sasuke wasn't afraid of Naruto getting up and attacking him in such a vulnerable position. Not that Naruto could attack him in his current condition…the cocky bastard. He growled at the insult and realized that he now had to use 'arrogant' because the other word would just bring back memories of this incident. Of Uchiha Sasuke rubbing his…against Naruto's…

Heat swirled in his cheeks and he pushed himself up off the wall. He grit his teeth, ready to tell Sasuke exactly what he thought of him and what had just happened. "You-"

"Remember what I said." Sasuke announced loudly, pointing the shinai at Naruto and making him flinch in surprise, whether at the random statement or the stick thrust in his face he wasn't sure. He pulled it back and rested against his shoulder, smirking as he turned to walk over to the door. "See you at school tomorrow." He said in a much lower voice that only Naruto could hear.

It took Naruto a moment or two to realize that Sasuke was trying to make it seem like he had been in here "disciplining" Naruto or something. Once again Naruto found himself blushing as he replayed what just happened with his old elementary school rival. Discipline could be one word for it, though Naruto wasn't going to accept that. And when he tried to move to run after the bastard, he found that the mess in his pants was too distracting to face people with.

He could hear Sasuke gathering the other teenager from the kitchen, one of them asking what he did. Naruto could tell it was the guy with the crooked teeth.

"I scared him a little. He pissed his pants." Sasuke responded, though he sounded completely bored by the thought. "Let's get out of this shit of an apartment." The sound of shoes scuffing the floor moved through the hallway and the door opened and then eventually slammed shut.

Naruto sat there for a minute before fisting the bed sheet underneath him and growling loudly. "Sasuke-teme…you…fucking…BASTARD!"

How dare he touch him in such an intimate way! That was rape! It had to be! A voice in the back of Naruto's mind told him that it wasn't, but he ignored it because it wasn't helping. Tomorrow at school, he was going to give Sasuke a piece of his mind. And his fist! In his face. Yeah, he was going to punch Sasuke so hard he'd be out for a week. Maybe even two.

Satisfied with his not very well thought out plan, Naruto cussed and removed his shoes. He'd have to punch Sasuke extra hard for all the dirt he and his asshole friends brought into his apartment. He wasted no more time getting undressed and running to the bathroom to get cleaned up, the cum sliding down the inside of his thighs making his skin crawl unpleasantly.

I haven't done a high school fic in a while, so I figured why not. I love them and I'm sure other people do too. After all, I've been doing a lot of research on Japan for "When It Rains," so I thought it'd be fun to use it in a more normal setting.

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