Chapter One

'She has to be where I left her Mark,' Arizona said, 'she'll be on the 5th floor in room 1406.'

'That's where Clark is,' Mark breathed, worry running through his motionless body. Arizona headed for the staircase and ran up the stairs until she reached the 5th floor.

'Robbins, stop! Are you trying to get yourself killed?' Mark bellowed racing after her.

'Callie!' Arizona called as she ran through the hallways of the Peds ward.

'Robbins!' Mark called after her as he followed her through countless halls. Arizona found the room she left Callie in with a child and kicked the door open. Callie was sitting on the floor with the child behind her back, tears staining her face. In a split second, Arizona could tell that the shooter was vicious and angry for her unexpected presence. As he lifted his gun, Arizona ran in front of Callie feeling a sharp pain in her back, then another striking her almost immediately after the first. Callie was now lying on the ground in horror as Arizona fell weakly onto her hands and knees above Callie. Blood spilling through the front of her shirt, onto Callie's scrubs. There was a large bang as Mark hit the shooter harshly with a bed pan, knocking him unconscious. Arizona fell from on top of Callie onto her back. Callie got on her hands and knees and saw the pool of blood that was flooding under Arizona's body.

'Arizona?' Callie cried watching her girlfriend's face start to go pale. Her blue eyes were struggling to keep open and she struggled to breathe. Mark raced over and scooped Arizona up in his arms.

'Hurry Callie, grab the kid!' Mark ordered as he ran out of the room, Callie soon followed with the little boy in her arms. Mark skipped every second stepped as he hurried down the flights of stairs, checking to see that Arizona was starting to fall unconscious. They reached the bottom floor and Mark ran out the front doors.

'We need an ambulance!' He roared as Teddy was the first to look up and notice that one of her best friends were lying lifeless in the arms of a hero. She grabbed a gurney and met Mark halfway as he placed Arizona onto the gurney. Teddy hurried the gurney over to the paramedics as they helped Teddy load Arizona into the ambulance. Callie made it out of the hospital, breathless. Mark turned around and looked at her as they made painful eye contact with each other.

'Callie, are you alright?' Webber raced over to her as she put the kid down.

'It-It's Arizona's,' Callie sobbed, feeling a warm set of arms wrapped around her body. Mark kissed the top of her head.

'The shooter is on the 5th floor in room 1406 in Peds ward, unconscious,' Mark informed Webber as they called for back up to enter the hospital.

'Where's Lexie?' He asked Webber in desperation.

'She's fine. She went with Alex to Mercy West, he was shot.'

'Well Callie and I are going to head to Mercy West,' Mark said as he wrapped an arm around Callie and guided her to the parking lot where she broke down crying.

'She'll be okay Callie,' Mark hugged her tightly.

'Callie,' Teddy called in a quiet voice. Callie's head popped up as she noticed one of her close friends standing before her.

'Oh no, please, Teddy-'

'She's in the ICU,' Teddy informed Callie, taking a seat in front of her.

'Thank god,' Callie sobbed lightly. Teddy placed her hand on Callie's forearm gently.

'But we need to discuss options.'

'She's not on life support is she?' Callie asked, feeling panic rush through her body.

'She's on life support and in a coma, Callie. The first bullet was a through and through her lung and the second bullet was lodged in her spine which sent nerve damage to her brain stem.'

'But she's come through right? It's only temporary?' Callie begged for a positive answer.

'She's not going to wake up Callie,' Teddy confirmed as tears spilled down her cheeks, 'we can get a neurosurgeon to try and fix her nerve damage, but there is no positive outcome that she will make it out of this coma alive.'

'She has to wake up, she has to Teddy.'

'Come on, I'll take you to see her,' Teddy stood up and took Callie's hand as they walked down the long, crowded hallway. They stood in an elevator as Teddy pressed the direct floor level.

'Where's Mark?'

'Lexie was a bit traumatised after her confrontation with Gary Clark. She needed company,' Callie answered, trying to wipe away all her tears.

'Alex will heal up just fine,' Teddy assured Callie.

'I wouldn't normally care that much for Alex, but with Arizona like this, I feel like I'm worried about him for her,' Callie sighed. The elevator reached their destination floor as they walked out.

'Did you want a change of scrubs or something? You look horrible and I can see you're not comfortable wearing that knowing that that's Arizona's blood.'

'For now I just want to see her. That's all I want,' Callie said as they reached a closed door.

'Are you ready?' Teddy questioned.

'Yes. I'm ready to see her,' Callie choked as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. Teddy gently pushed open the door and allowed Callie to walk in. Callie stood at the end of Arizona's bed, in pain. She watched as the ventilator helped Arizona's chest to rise and fall. She looked peaceful and at ease.

'She's not in pain, if you were planning on asking. Her body is completely shut down, it's just the ventilator keeping her alive now,' Teddy informed Callie, feeling guilt wash over her.

'I should've done something to stall time for when the next neurosurgeon was free, maybe then it would be temporary.'

'Teddy, please don't blame yourself, Arizona wouldn't want that. You did what you could and her injuries were just too severe,' Callie sniffled, wrapping an arm around her friend.

'Although she's on life support and in a coma, she can still hear us. She saved my life and in return I want to keep her on life support,' Callie said as Teddy nodded.

'We'll visit her everyday,' Teddy promised as they both looked back at the blonde with tear-stained faces.