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'Your maid of honour is here!' Teddy chirped happily as she skipped into Arizona's dressing room. The blonde turned to face her best friend, her expression both excited and worried.

'Uh oh, what is it? This is when you tell me you pigged out majorly last night and the dress doesn't fit, right?' Teddy questioned.

'I'm getting married,' Arizona exhaled, tears welling up. Teddy put the dresses down and jogged over to Arizona, putting her thin hands either side of Arizona's face.

'Don't you cry, suck it up girl. That makeup took almost 2 hours.'

Arizona looked up at the ceiling in attempt to soak up the tears before they fell, 'how's Callie? She's here right?'

'Yes, Arizona. In fact, she's holding herself together better than you are. And don't even worry about Timmy, Mark has got that little man looking sharp for a 3 month old-'

'Teddy…' Arizona brought her gaze down to Teddy; taking her hands gently, 'I'm getting married.'

'You're getting married!' Teddy squeaked embracing her best friend in a tight hug.

Callie looked at her reflection in the mirror. She touched her well-fitted white dress and smiled at how lucky she was to have a patient fiancée because of the baby weight that took a good 3 months to lose a decent amount. The ring sparkled in the mirror as the sun crept through the window to her left. It was a perfect day to get married.

'I hope you're thinking "damn I look good" when you see yourself in that mirror because Callie, you look gorgeous,' Mark smiled as he entered the room with Tim in his grip. Callie gave Mark a sarcastic look before walking forward and taking her son.

'Hey baby boy!' She cooed and kissed his cheek. Mark reached forward and took the boy back, instantly receiving a glare from Callie.

'Hey, I'm just looking out for that beautiful white dress of yours. You don't want him spitting up on it, do you?'

'No,' Callie smiled, 'how's Arizona doing?'

'I checked in about 20 minutes ago and Teddy was helping her get into the dress, so I'd say it's almost time for the wedding bells to ring. Are you nervous?'

'You bet,' she chuckled, 'you don't think it's too soon, right?'

'When I think of the perfect happy ending, I think of you and Arizona. I don't think there would be a difference if you got married in Vegas the night of your engagement or if you waited 15 years. Your ending will turn out perfect no matter what. The two of you were made for each other.'

Callie walked forward and embraced her best friend and best man. Although Tim made the hug less passionate than she wanted it to, Mark knew. He kissed her hair and pulled away so he could look into her eyes.

'You deserve this.'

'Are you ready?' Teddy poked her head in as Callie nodded nervously. Mark took her hand and smiled, 'this is it Torres, you're getting married.'

Arizona had accepted Callie's religious beliefs and agreed to get married in a church. Even though Callie would have preferred her parents showing up for the ceremony, she felt extremely happy just knowing the family that did care were in the church and that her friends and colleagues showed up to watch her marry the woman of her dreams.

As the music started to play, Callie connected her arm through Mark's as they started to make their way down the aisle. Everyone stood up and smiled happily as she continued to make her way to the platform. She then turned to face the aisle and waited to see her perfect blonde, wife-to-be show up at the end; which she did.

They connected eyes from across the room and didn't break the contact the whole time Teddy walked down the aisle with Arizona. They had also agreed that because of the unfortunate event that both Callie's parents couldn't make it, it would be better that they have their best friends walk them down the aisle. Once Arizona had reached the platform, she placed her hands in Callie's and grinned.

They had a supportive and accepting Minister perform the ceremony delightfully. And when it came time for the vows, they had almost the whole church in tears. Teddy lost it at the beginning, but Mark found himself wiping away tears when the vows were being spoken. Miranda carried Tim to Mark with the rings and he handed them to Callie and Arizona to exchange. Before they knew it, they kissed and were officially, or as official as can be, married.

'I love you so much,' Arizona whispered, her lips brushing against Callie's.

'I love you too,' Callie sniffled as they connected lips again before taking each other's hands and making their way back down the aisle. The crowd followed them to the front of the church where they were welcomed to a surprise. Carlos stood at the hood of the white limo and smiled as his daughter and now daughter-in-law made their way to the car with rose petals were being tossed over their heads. Mark stood just before the car so Callie and Arizona could kiss their son before they took off in their ride.

They had their reception on a ferry and enjoyed their first official dance as a married couple and both got the chance to dance with their fathers. Although Callie's mother still didn't make the effort to show up for the reception, she found herself being happier than ever. It was one night where they could be as carefree as they wanted to. Mark took off within the first hour with Tim as promised.

Before they knew it the ferry was at the dock and everyone was taking off with their well wishes. The couple had the limo take them to a nearby hotel where they continued to laugh and have a good time. Callie walked up to Arizona's back and started to unzip her dress.

'Mm,' Arizona moaned when Callie trailed her kisses from below Arizona's ear to her shoulder blade.

'You're in for the best honeymoon of your life, Mrs Robbins-Torres.'