Chapter 1

A few months after the battle at Mission City, the Autobots were finally given a base to form the new classified team, NEST (Network Elements: Supporters and Transformers), an elite joint organization comprising of human military and Autobots. The base was located in the middle of the Nevada Desert where a series of old hangars for military aircrafts were now abandoned. A basic floor plan was drawn up – three buildings for human military use, two for Autobots (more to be built once other Autobots arrived from space) and the last hangar located slightly farther away from the rest for use as a Memorial Hall for all those who had fallen.

After Ratchet had seen to the other three remaining Autobots and himself, he took the broken body of Jazz and put him back together into his alt. form. The battered silver Pontiac Solstice was placed in a corner of the Memorial Hall, where a proper tribute would be built for him once the NEST base was completely set up and in working order.

When the hangars were abandoned years ago, all the equipment and scraps had been left behind. This required almost a month to sort out what items were still useful and what had to be scrapped. Materials to be scrapped were placed in the yet-to-be-renovated Memorial Hall for storage until a removal company could be called to haul everything away. The location of the Memorial Hall was perfect for scraps storage, as its distance away from the rest of the buildings prevented the workers from the removal company from seeing any classified material or activity going on around the main area.

While the Autobots and human military workforce were busy setting up all the equipment and security for the rest of the base, a removal company had been hired and directed to the Memorial Hall to remove all items located inside. The workers were amazed at the amount of material they had to take away and were busy moving everything from the hangar to their trailers day after day.

Finally, the last of the scrap equipment had been taken out. All that was left was a battered car sitting in the far corner of the hangar. The remaining workers stood around, wondering if the car was part of their assignment or not. Their manager had left hours ago with the previous load of junk. They radioed him for clarification.

"Hey Boss, you there?" Hudson, the leader of this last team of workers from the removal company, comm'ed.

"Whaddaya want, Hudson?" the manager growled. "Just finish the damn job and get back to the city! We're way behind on all our other jobs. We're gonna lose some of our customers at this rate!"

"There's a battered car here, are we supposed to take that too?"

"Them uniformed bunch just said to haul everything away! Now get to it and hurry back, maybe we can still get another job done before the day's over!"

There was a loud crash over the radio sounding like the manager had slammed his back on to the holder. The team of workers just winced at the sound.

"Well, the only other thing we could do is check with the military guys. Jack, why don't you head over and see if they know anything."

Jack, the youngest of the team and thus was often tasked to be a runner, took off at a steady jog. However, before he could even get close to the base, a group of soldiers had already noticed and were running towards him as they pulled their guns out.

"Whoa!" Jack stopped abruptly, hands held high in the air. "I just gotta question fer ya!"

"You don't have the security clearance to approach. Move back to the other hall immediately!" One of the soldiers barked at him.

"Look, we just wanna know if the car in the hangar needs to be moved or not!"

"Move away immediately! You're not cleared to approach!"

"Could you just answer my question?" Jack groused, exasperated by the whole situation.

"If you don't move back in 10, we will shoot!" By now, all the soldiers had their weapons out and aimed, fingers on the triggers.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'll go!" Jack began walking backwards slowly, terrified by the number of guns pointed at his body.

"Team Charlie to Base, Team Charlie to Base, one of the workers from the Memorial Hall is refusing to move away from the Base, requesting permission to shoot. I repeat, requesting permission to shoot," the soldier radioed.

"I'm going!" Jack screamed and took off at a rush, hoping to God that it would prevent the soldiers from shooting him.

The rest of the team had witnessed the confrontation, and as soon as Jack began running back towards them, they quickly went into the hangar and started to put straps around the silver car to haul it on to the trailer. Once Jack got inside, he collapsed against the truck, a painful stitch in one side from his sprint. The rest of the workers let him be as they secured the car on the trailer, ready to go in a matter of minutes.

As the removal vehicles pulled rapidly away from the base, Jack muttered breathlessly, "and that, is the last time I'm ever fetching things for anyone!"

Nobody begrudged him of his feelings.

It would be many more months before everything was ready at the NEST base: all security online and working, all hangars fully equipped, human personnel settled into teams, duty and training rosters drawn up, Autobots acquiring all the parts and other equipment they needed. Finally, between training and Decepticon-seeking missions, they were ready to start work in the Memorial Hall.

In these months, the removal company would have sent Jazz's body to the auto scrap yard, as they dealt solely with machinery and not auto parts. Said scrap yard would close a month and a half later. When it was known that the scrap yard would soon be closing, several other nearby scrap yard bought various items they wanted, including the battered alt. form of Jazz. The rest of the auto scraps were melted down and sold to different manufacturing factories all across the state.

Imagine the Autobots' surprise when they walked into the Memorial Hall and found it completely empty, Jazz's body missing. Lennox quickly inquired after the removal company and learned that they were told to "remove all items inside the hangar". He also learned about the altercation between the group of soldiers patrolling the perimeter and one of the workers on the grounds between the Memorial Hall and main base, in which the worker was threatened away. Cursing at all the misunderstands, he called the removal company to ask if they possibly still had the broken Pontiac Solstice from the hangar. Lennox was given the address of an auto scrap yard in the city.

He quickly drove off with Ironhide, only to find the scrap yard to be a bare stretch of land. Through questioning the locals, they were told that the scrap yard had closed a month ago and all the parts had been taken to a local refinery for processing. Yet another drive to the refinery yielded no better news, all the parts had been melted down already and shipped to various factories. With a heavy heart/Spark, the two drove back to the base to share the bad news.

Jazz was gone.

Author's Note:
I'm not a hardcore Transformers fan - I've only seen the movies and most of the additional information I needed all came from Wikipedia. If there's ever something I got wrong, please let me know and I'll go back and fix it. I'll also be sticking to things shown in the movie and making my own plot for in-between the movies.

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