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Chapter 7

Jazz was the first to return online, as the sleeping charm was the lightest spell of the ones Harry had cast on the Autobots. Noticing that his 'owner' was sound asleep in his cab while the other humans were huddled around the fire, he started his engine and revved it to wake all the humans up. He didn't know what had happened after the battle.

Harry shot awake and smashed his head on the roof of the car. Jazz was secretly amused and thought the human deserved it for offlining him earlier. Those outside slowly got up and Sam was quick to reassure that it had been a big misunderstanding between Harry and the Autobots and that everything was now sorted out. Once they were sure that Jazz wouldn't attack Harry anymore, they began discussing the next step in finding the Matrix.

Sam looked up to admire the bright stars but suddenly froze, caught in a trance. While the others waited for him to snap out of it, the other Autobots came back online. Quick talking by Mikaela got them to stop their attack on Harry before they fired the first shot. Simmons was disappointed but didn't show it – he had wanted to see Harry get hurt, still simmering over the attack on his person earlier.

The Autobots were suspicious of the wizard but accepted him. Bumblebee was especially ecstatic to find that Jazz was alive and with them once again, confirming that the silver car indeed had a Spark inside. Jazz used the time to communicate with Mikaela and the other Autobots via the radio, similar to what Bumblebee did before his voice processor was fixed.

Simmons in the meantime tried to question Harry again about how he managed to take out the three Autobots but Harry was an expert at avoiding and ignoring questions after all the time he spent with Hermione. However, he still did snap at Simmons a lot during this questioning period.

Sam finally came out of his trance and pointed out the direction they needed to head to next, having remembered the astronomy textbook he read back in class that one day. The Autobots transformed back into their alt. forms and they took off once more.


A giant doorway surrounded by detailed temple decorations, carved into stone.

Harry stared up at the monument in contemplation while the rest of the group, including Jazz, went inside. He vaguely noted one of the others commenting on the size of the entrance as they walked (or drove Jazz's case) in. He briefly wondered if ancient Petra had been built entirely by Muggle means or if they had magical help. History of Magic as taught in Hogwarts was really useless in the long run, having focused solely on goblin wars. Making a mental note to look up magical history of ancient civilizations, he followed the group inside.

While Harry had been lost in thought, the group had looked through the entire hall and side-chambers without finding anything. Sam was sitting under a large wall mural, holding his head in his hands while the Autobot twins argued over nothing. Harry quickly moved out of the way once they started brawling. They managed to knock a hole in the wall mural before Bumblebee got fed up and tossed them both out. That was when Sam saw the symbols.

Having Bumblebee blast the hole bigger, the five humans all craned their head in and looked. The Tomb of the Primes. They had finally found it.

"Hey look!" Sam pointed out, "There's the Matrix!"

He reached out to grab it, only to have it disintegrate into dust.


Sam and Simmons began arguing over the Matrix. After Sam's little speech about everything happening for a reason, Harry got fed up with it all (and Sam's speech hit a chord inside Harry with how similar the situation was to his year of chasing after Horcruxes) and quietly cast an Accio, bringing all the dust into a handkerchief from his pocket. The sand defying gravity and zipping away underneath their noses brought the argument to a halt.

"Wah?" Sam was rather bewildered.

Quickly tying a tight knot in the handkerchief and casting a silent wandless spell to prevent the dust from spilling out, Harry held out the bundle towards Sam, indicating he should take it.

"What? Hey! How'd you do that?" Simmons barked.

"Classified information!" Harry said smugly with a smirk as Sam hesitantly took the Matrix dust from the wizard. "Now, shall we move on?"

The group rushed outside just in time to see military planes streak by overhead.

"US Air Force! C-17's! Let's move it, people!" Simmons ordered.

They all took off once again.*


They were nearing the town where Optimus had been dropped off when Jazz suddenly veered off to one side. Bemused, the other three Autobots followed Jazz's new trail and narrowly missed being hit by missiles.

"Starscream!" Sam snarled as he got out of the car.

Harry wondered why everyone was getting out when an enemy overhead was shooting missiles. But before he could suggest otherwise, Simmons and Leo got into the green car (Skids, Harry mentally corrected himself) and took off with Mudflap following. Sam and Mikaela ran towards the fallen Prime.

Why run when we can drive? Harry briefly questioned before he, too, got out to follow Sam and Mikaela. He tapped his head with his wand, feeling the broken egg sensation of the Disillusion Charm, before waving his wand and performing the same charm on the other two humans. The two teenagers were too busy running for the strange sensation to register in their minds.

Unfortunately, the Decepticons also employed infra-red sensors which registered the humans even though their visual sensors lost contact with the targets. Amidst all the shots and explosions, the three took refuge in an abandoned house.

Well I know magic can take out these robots, Harry planned in his head, but I'm pretty sure my spell range is way shorter than their gun ranges. I can't believe it – I'm in another war again! This is insane! Maybe I should just hide out in here until everything passes over?

Before Harry could continue his thought of sitting out of the battle, a Decepticon crushed the roof and part of a wall, prompting the humans to flee. Sam and Mikaela ran for the roof but Harry opted to try his luck on ground level with the aid of his magic to protect him. As Harry ran in the open street, dodging debris, he noticed that all the Decepticons were focused on Sam. There was nothing chasing after him at all.

The young wizard accioed the bundle of Matrix dust from Sam (the boy never even noticed as he focused on keeping himself and Mikaela alive from all the Autobots, Decepticons and NEST troops fighting around them). Snickering morbidly at the thought of Sam being the scapegoat-diversion, he hoped into Jazz (the silver car had taken to following Harry instead of anyone/bot else).

"Alright, Jazz," Harry cried, in an oddly joyful tone, "let's get to Optimus Prime!"

This human is seriously glitched, grumbled Jazz to himself as he drove, not a little scared by the happy emotion of the human despite being in a warzone.

Harry was just happy to help without the danger of being killed by giant robots.


Megatron was high up in the air, following the battle keenly with his sensors when he noticed a silver car driving away from the group towards Optimus. Unsure as to who might be inside the silver car, he shot several missiles in hopes of killing the passenger inside.

Jazz noted the incoming missiles and began swerving to avoid being hit. This had the effect of throwing Harry about in the car, as he had not had time to buckle up. Unfortunately, there were too many missiles for Jazz to handle and the Autobot was blasted into the air when one finally hit. The explosion blew off all the doors and sent Harry flying out into the desert.

Harry had the breath knocked out of him when he first landed. After coughing out all the sand he inevitably inhaled, he got to his feet shakily.

Megatron dove down to confirm the death of his target. However, upon seeing the fleshling still alive, he fired again.

Harry heard the incoming sound of the missile and just barely had enough time to cast the strongest shield charm he knew.

The magic reacted with the Matrix dust and the resultant energy explosion blew Megatron away (he transformed and flew off once again).


A dome of energy and light erupted from the Matrix, reminding Harry of Prior Incantatem between Voldemort's and his wands. Giant white ghost images of robots began to spring out from the tied bundle, the original Primes.

"You are not Samuel Witwicky," one of the Primes stated as he peered in surprise at the tiny organism standing at his feet.

"Err, no," Harry replied cautiously, "Sam would be one of the humans running around in the battle over there." He gestured at the fighting in the distance.

"And you are not dead," another Prime said.

Harry blinked, recalling his brush with death. "Um, no, I'm not dead," he finally agreed after a few seconds of silence.

The third Prime had been staring intensely at the wizard this entire time, making Harry feel as if he had been thoroughly legilimized. He was confirmed of this fact when the Prime finally spoke.

"You are so young, yet you have fought in a war of your own already. You fought when all hope seemed lost. And now that you are free from war, you find yourself in the middle of another. Why not just sit it out? Why are you helping?" the Prime questioned.

"I would love to sit it out, but I don't seem to have that option when the Decepticons are shooting at me for associating with the Autobots!" Harry snapped in reply.

"But yet you are helping when you could have let Samuel carry out the deed himself. Why?"

Harry pondered for a few seconds, not entirely clear on why he took the Matrix from Sam.

"Why do you help someone you have never met before?" the Prime questioned once more.

"Because it's the right thing to do. The Decepticons will take over Earth if they are allowed to win."

"But you don't know that for sure, do you?"

"No, I don't, but if they're anything like Vol– like the people I fought, they won't stop!"

The three Primes conferred amongst themselves for a moment before they came to a decision.

"Very well," said the Prime who had been questioning Harry so intently. "The Matrix of Leadership is not found, it is earned. By fighting for what you believe is right despite having seen the horrors of war and having been a leader yourself by virtue of your own war, we declare you to be worthy of our secret.

"Go now to Optimus Prime and merge the Matrix with his Spark. Your destiny awaits."**

"Wait, what? What about my destiny?" Harry shouted as the ghostly images of the Primes of old faded, and the bundle of dust reformed into the Matrix. The dome slowly dissipated.


While Harry had been conversing with the ancient Primes, all the soldiers and Cybertronians had noticed the strange phenomenon. The Decepticons, ordered by Megatron who believed something was strange about the inferior fleshling when it managed to blast him away, descended on the young wizard, intent on killing him.

Harry stood in confusion for several seconds before gunshots shook him out of his reverie. Seeing all the Decepticons rushing towards him, he sprinted towards Optimus Prime. He reached the giant metal body and scrambled up, using a gecko spell on his hands and shoes when he found it was too large for him to scale.*** He shoved the Matrix into the gaping hole in the middle of the robot's chest, absently casting a Reparo to help repair the damage. The combined effect of the Matrix and magic spell jolted Optimus' Spark. A small fraction of that energy also zapped Harry's chest, knocking him unconscious.

Optimus came online and took a note of the human laying on his chest, setting him gently on the ground. While the Prime was distracted by making sure the human was safe, the Fallen swooped in and stole the Matrix from Optimus before flying off to start the Solar Harvester. Optimus waited only long enough for NEST soldiers and medics to reach the unconscious man before leaving to take on the Fallen.

Harry remained blissfully unconscious for the rest of the fight.


* Now I never read the novelization of the book. But ever since I've started writing this fanfic, I've been wondering – do Autobots need gasoline to run in their alt. forms? It's a small plot-hole in my story here. If the Autobots don't, Jazz still does, since he's been fixed as a car and not as an Autobot. So let's just say for technicality's sake that Harry's been discretely transfiguring sand into gas or else just conjuring it from thin air.

** Parts of the Prime's speech is taken from movie dialogue.

*** The gecko spell isn't my invention. It's from Resonance by GreenGecko (can be found here on , I totally recommend it!). It's basically a spell that lets a person climb up walls and ceiling like a gecko.

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