Unbreakable Love: A Vampire Love Story

Chapter 1

Ian's Pov

Blood dripped from Ian Kabra's face as he drew more and more from his victim. The half alive deer struggled to break free from the tight grasp of Ian's needle sharp teeth. Slowly, the deer grew weaker and weaker, until it did not move at all. He sucked until there was no blood left in the animal.

Satisfied, Ian stood up and looked down at the life-less creature which had been, only moments ago, eating leaves from a nearby bush. Disgusted with himself, he wiped the blood of his face using his hands. The pure-white polo that he was wearing did not have sleeves ling enough to wipe his face. His polo was ruined because of all the blood stains on his shirt. But of course, he could afford to replace it considering that his family was rich and owned a multi-million pound art dealership in England.

Turning away from the dead deer at his feet, he looked around the forest to see if there was a nearby stream in which he could wash his hands and face. Using his hands to wipe his face had done nothing but smear the blood. Because his hearing was so powerful, he could hear a river about a mile away. He sprinted to the stream, making sure that he only placed his feet on certain places so that he wasn't making any noise. Being a natural born hunter, Ian could easily step in the right spots and navigate his way through this forest even though it midnight and dark outside. The only light was that of the full moon. Being a vampire, Ian despised the full moon since that was when enemies came out. Werewolves.

In only a few seconds, he was at the stream. Ian kneeled in front of the water and splashed some water on his face. Soon, both his hands and face were clean. Looking at the water, he could see his reflection. His jet black hair and tan skin got all the girls in his high school after him. Ian, of course, did not care for girls. There was only one girl who he had ever fallen in love with and that girl would never love him again after he had repeatedly lied to her during the hunt for the 39 clues. Her name was Amy Cahill and even though he knee that she despised him, she constantly thought of her, day and night. Maybe one day, even though she was a human, they could be together forever. Without their family to bother them. Maybe one day...

His thoughts trailed off when he sensed that his father, Vikram Kabra, was trying to reach him. Knowing that his father probably had something important to tell Ian, he headed for his family's estate, Kabra Manor, thinking about nothing but the girl who had stolen his heart. Amy Cahill.