Chapter 15 life

It's hard to believe the two cousins are now eighteen years old. It seems it was only yesterday that they first fell in love. It's amazing how time flies when you grow up. Ben and Gwen are now on their way to their graduation ceremony while riding in Ben's car.

"I can't believe I graduated with honors. Back when we were ten I was horrible at studying"

"Yeah you have come a long way. What's even more impressive is that you managed to get accepted to Harvard University. It's the best university there is" said Gwen

"Yeah it is amazing. I'm just glad I'll be able to be with you there. We are gonna have to move into our new apartment within the next few weeks"

"Yeah" said Gwen.

Over the past few weeks Ben and Gwen have been looking for an apartment they would be staying in while in college. They found a nice one not too far away from the campus and they combined their life savings into buying it. Very soon they would have to move there. Once they arrived at the school they got out and went to the back yard where the ceremony was held. There were rows of chairs and a big stage in front of them. Suddenly they heard people calling their names



They turned to look and saw their parents approach them. Looks like they got here first. The parents hugged their child and niece/nephew in turn

"I'm so proud of you" the parents said to the kids

Once the greeting was done the ceremony began

A tall skinny man with slightly receding brown hair climbed up to the podium at the edge of the stage. That was the school principle. Despite the stereotype he's a nice person despite being a principle but still knew how to give discipline when needed

When the crowd saw he wished to speak they went silent

"Good afternoon my name is Ron Cohen and I am the principle of Bellwood high school and junior high school" there was short pause that lasted a few seconds before the principle continued

"Six years ago you have entered the doors of this school, leaving behind six years at elementary school and were wary about the next six years of junior high and high school. Now here you stand today another six years later but in this case are about to go on split paths. Some of you may go on a world trip to celebrate your graduation, others will go to college and some will rent an apartment while trying to get a job or go to college. I sure hope you all chose the right path and don't make any tragic mistakes along the way. Ahead of you lay an unknown path and occasionally difficult to deal with, depending on what happens. I hope all of you deal with your problems the best way you can"

There was another short silence before the principle continued

"So I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to preach because I'm just trying to give some final, helpful advice for life. So I'm gonna finish this speech by saying congratulations on your graduation, good luck on the next phases of life and thank you so much for a good six years despite occasional mischievous acts"

The crowd gave a little laugh

"We would be happy to see you visit us from time to time. Once again congratulations and I now let our vice principle and teachers carry on with the ceremony. Good day" he finished with a smile and gave a small bow to the people in the crowd and walked off the stage.

The other staff members said things more of the same and finally it was time to give the diplomas. Each teacher called out for his own students. Ben and Gwen were in the same class so their teacher would call for both of them

"John Smith" said the teacher and a tall, blond skinny man walked up to the stage and shook his teacher's hand and walked down after he received his diploma

"Lois Lane" said the teacher and a black haired girl walked up to receive her high school diploma

The teacher read the names on until he reached the two cousins

"Ben and Gwen Tennyson" he said and they walked up to receive their diplomas and shook their teacher's hand and walked down from the stage and went to their parents who greeted them with a hug and a kiss. They sat down as the other teachers called out for their own students.

Four hours later the two cousins were sitting in the couch at Ben's house cuddled under a blanket and a lit fireplace. After the family has left the graduation ceremony they went out to eat at a restaurant to celebrate. The parents have gone to sleep while the two young adults stayed on the couch. It was now nine PM and they were quite tired. Even though it was almost July it was cold and rainy outside so they want to be warm and cozy.

Ben had his arms around Gwen and she rested her head in his chest

"It's hard to believe we graduated high school. Only two weeks ago were ten years old and discovered how we felt for each other"

"Yeah in that house in Louisiana" said Ben

"It's hard to believe it's been such a long time ago. The next thing you know we'll be old people"

"Oh come on Gwen don't say that. Let's enjoy life as it is and I'm sure we will and we'll fulfill it properly and hopefully so will are our kids"

Gwen smiled due to his remark and straightened up to meet his eyes. The same green eyes she has. Their faces inched closer to each other until their lips meet into a soft loving passionate kiss. Ben his arms around Gwen's waist and she put hers around his neck. They closed their eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of the kiss which seemed warmer and more pleasant than usual. Maybe because they were under the covers and because of the lit fireplace… once their lips detached Gwen rested her head in Ben chest again and said happily

"I love you Ben…"

"I love you too Gwen… I love you too…" said Ben and kissed her hair and tightened the embrace around her waist as they slowly drifted to sleep as the fire in the fireplace died out into coal and ashes. The two loving cousins have fallen asleep only to wake up to happy and fulfilling tomorrow… and they couldn't be happier about it…

To be continued…

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