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Now enjoy this little story. It was the first one I wrote and now it will get a bit longer...just a little.



It was dark in the park when the amber eyes of a blond guy opened to look at the clouds above. A few month back said blond would have welcomed those clouds since they would have kept some of the warmth form the day. Like a blanket, covering an entire city. But now the day was already so cold that there was no warmth to hold and the only thing they could do now was threaten with rain or make it snow.

He closed his eyes again praying that the wet thing he had felt on his skin before was only a bad dream. The wetness that had made him look up at the sky. He'd never survive another night with snow coming down on him. He hadn't eaten anything in two days. He had no idea what day it was, nor did he really care. He only knew that it was too close to Christmas for anyone to be generous. At the start they all were but now the young man was starving again. Most people had given so much too charity and bought so many presents and invited so many people that needed to be fed that no one had anything left for a poor guy sitting on the street with ragged clothes. Unfortunately the ragged look and messy long hair and beard didn't save him from getting robbed. Some other poor guys that had a little more strength left stole the coat the blond man had found and now all he had left was a jeans and a long sleeved shirt that was much too thin for this season, even with a coat on. On the street it was like in the wilderness, either you kill, or you get killed. And he didn't have the strength to be the first, so he was already sentenced to death.

There it was again, the feeling that something wet and cold had touched his face and he opened his eyes once more. At first he only saw the sky, the clouds as well as the branches and a few twigs on the tree that was growing next to him and had lots of leaves to keep the rain out during the summer. But now after looking at the sky he could see a few snowflakes coming down, their number increasing quickly.

He closed his eyes again and wondered how it would feel to freeze to dead. He was sure that he would find out, if not tonight then one of the coming ones. For about 10 winters he had fought. At first with hope of a better year to come, then with hope that it couldn't get much worse and in the end just to live another day. But he had no strength left and no reason to even bother.

He thought how he had gotten to this place in this situation. It was because he was proud and stupid. But mostly because he was stupid. He could remember it clearly the last time he had talked to his beloved friends. Pretending that everything was fine even though he knew the truth already. The truth that he had lost everything. His home was lost in a game of poker, his father had been sure to win like so many times, and wrong like every time so far. Even his cards were lost. His father had sold them for a few pints in a pub close by. That was the day he left his father. They had already been living in a box that was standing in the lane next to their old apartment. They washed in a public toilet for weeks before Joey's world broke down when his black dragon was lost forever.

It was the day where he finished high school, everyone was talking about college. And everyone was happy. And he was in the middle knowing that he would never make college with his grades and without even having a home, knowing that he would go back to a box by the end of the day. A different one since he had decided to leave his father in the hope to find more fortune without him. At first he had wanted to ask them for help. But once he was there and they all were talking about their bright futures with the persons they loved, moving together even, he felt like he would be nothing but a burden to them if he asked for help. And so he stood there. Taking his graduation paper and listening to their talk, making jokes about how stupid school was and how foolish they were to keep studying while he envied them the whole time. He would have done so much to be in their place. To have a family who cared for them and a home to come back to. And most of all, a person to love more than anything. Sure they loved him but only like a friend. No one had ever seen more in the wild energetic blond young boy. It hadn't bothered him until he had fallen in love himself, unfortunately the guy he loved didn't even want to see a friend in him. The guy he had fallen for had never done anything but hurt him with his insults.

The blond man, who was sleeping under the cover of clouds, tried to turn around. It felt like too much work to even do a simple task like that. The weight of his body felt like a ton, which should be worrying considering that none of his clothing still fit. It was all much too wide now. He had lost so much weight and still felt like he must be double the size he was in school at the very least. He managed to turn around, letting the snow fall on his by now much too long hair, giving him some peace. It felt so cold that the young man wondered why he wasn't shivering, but probably even that was too much for his weak body. He closed his eyes once more, hoping that death wouldn't be as hard and painful as life. He wondered what his friends would say if they saw him now and imagined one of them after the other, imagined them finding him here in the snow, half frozen and half starved. First kind little Yugi. Was his hand still super glued to his other half Yami? Were they still so madly in love that they couldn't be seen without the other? Probably, but it didn't matter both were kind and gentle. Yami would pick him up and carry him home while Yugi would ask countless questions to find out what had happened during the last 10 years in which he was gone. Yugi would hold his hand on the way home making the blond weak man feel embarrassed but too afraid of hurting the others feeling to let go anyway. They would be upset that he hadn't asked them for help but forgive him for that on the spot. Once home they would care for him and watch over him like a set of parents would watch over a sick child to make sure he didn't run off and end up dead somewhere after all.

Next he thought of the brown haired Tristan and wondered if he at least had gotten the guy of his dreams. He had been talking about him for ages now, never somthing nice but that didn't matter. Tristan had said a million times that he didn't like the other but everyone with eyes could see the huge blush and knew that it was a lie. He loved the rich and good looking Duke Devlin much more than he would admit and there were some looks from the womanizer that led to the believe that there might be a chance. Either way, if Tristan would find him he would fuss over him almost as bad as Yugi, just louder and while Yugi would still be watching him like a hawk, Tristan would start laughing about it while simultaneously threatening him that he would kill the blond if he dared to run off again and die.

There were others that the blond man loved but he knew that they weren't even close enough to find him, so he just thought of them. Teá, who was a famous dancer and currently touring somewhere through the world, probably calling Yugi every now and again. Maybe still asking if he had heard anything about their missing friend, but probably not often she would be lost in her happy little world too much to constantly worry. There was Mai, who had gone before Joey, just to re-appear on a TV screen. Joey had seen her in an add for some hair product in a shopping mall about one year after graduation. He had gone in to warm up. Back then he hadn't looked quite as bad as he did now and wasn't somehow kicked out before even getting in.

And then there was the man of his dreams. A rich guy with a huge business that he was expanding overseas ever since he didn't go to school on a regular basis. He was somewhere in the world either sitting behind a huge desk in an equally huge office, typing with lightning speed on his fancy laptop or he was sleeping in a huge bad in his equally huge room in a just as huge mansion.

He was gone for good. Never would his blue eyed sexy dream man return for him. Never again would he hear him say "Hey mutt." The blond guy stirred a little. Shocked by the intensity of his own thoughts. He tried to open his eyes to prove to himself that this voice was only in his head. But he was too far gone to open them. Everything was dark now and he felt like he was floating. Was this how it was to die? It wasn't scary at all. It was pleasant. Some sound was somewhere in the back. A bark maybe. "Stop your loud barking, mutt." The same voice again. This time he didn't even try to open his eyes. The voice was too nice to risk getting back to the cold and harsh reality. "Did you find something, mutt?" Why was this voice so kind and caring? Since when was this voice capable of ìt?

"Come here, mutt." It said and that did it.

"Shut the hell up with the dog comments, I ain't a freaking mutt." The man said, suddenly sitting straight and feeling dizzy from the sudden movement. Snow was flying around him. Not only the soft flakes from above but a lot more that must have been like a blanket above him.

"Joey?" The voice asked and now the blond looked for him for the first time. A huge dog was in front of the blond´s face though. His eyes had a strangely familiar colour and the shaggy fur was just as bad as his own hair.
He screamed after seeing the slightly opened muzzle of the huge dog who had his paws on the bench and was that way on eye level. The man fell backwards from the bench he had been sleeping on for a few years now.

Once on the floor he just stayed, unmoving with a little grown. "Are you hurt?" The voice again. The blond man looked up. "You're Joey, aren't you? What are you doing here?"

There he was, the blue eyed guy from his dreams. Maybe a little older but he hardly looked like ten years had come and gone.

It was Seto Kaiba and he was wearing a slightly different coat but maybe just because this one looked so much warmer. So nice and warm that Joey Wheeler would do a lot to get it.

"Great, you have to recognise me when my own pals probably don't." the blond grumbled "Now my life really sucks. Go ahead, make fun of me. I don't give a damn." And with that he laid back down, still feeling dizzy. He didn't care that the snow he was on was freezing, he didn't care that his fingers didn't feel it anymore or that he couldn't feel his own feet. All he cared for was that he had seen the love of his life one more time. Maybe life did suck, but death seemed to hold some nice surprises.

Joey could feel something cold in his neck and heard "Come here, mutt."

"Quit calling me a mutt." Joey mumbled with much less anger then he wanted to. He simply didn't have the strength left to really be mad at anyone, not even at Kaiba.

"I meant my dog." Seto said with amusement. "His name happens to be Mutt."

"What idiot calls his dog Mutt?" Joey asked but his voice turned into a whisper.

"Get up. You'll freeze to death there." He heard Kaiba say.

"Who cares?" Joey tried to say but his voice was so quiet that he couldn't hear it himself.

It was quiet for a moment, except for the whimpering of that stupid dog. "Shut that beast up." Joey wanted to say but once more couldn't force the words out. After seconds he felt like he was floating again. Just this time he could feel some warmth as well. More on one side then the other. And he heard the voice again, this time certain that it was just in his head. Seto Kaiba wasn't capable of such words. Words like "Don't you dare die on me." Or "Just hold on, I came back just for you, so just hold on."

What Joey didn't know was that Kaiba was carrying him in his arms. The warm coat tugged tightly around Joey to get some warmth back into the ice cold blond. He whispered things to him, hoping it would keep him from falling asleep and never waking up again. He already had ordered a car to pick them up at the entrance of the park and a doctor to see if Joey needed to go to a hospital or if he would be alright for Seto to keep the blond with him at home.