Author's Note: Written for NaNoWriMo 2010, this is a Clanverse story that is set during Yugi and Harry and the Shadow Treaty. It went over the 50,000 words and was technically left at a cliff hanger though I plan on fixing it. I was going through my files, looking for the files I need for this year's NaNo and realised that I had never posted this up for you guys to see except on my website which has the unedited version.

So you guys are going to get it now, updated daily (hopefully) over the course of the next few weeks a bit at a time. I hope you enjoy it...


It had been a very long time since Yugi had last laid his hands on this card.

He had won it from one of his opponents during Battle City and, at the time, had planned on putting it into his deck, at least until he'd realised that it had been trimmed in order to allow the card's former Master to cheat.

Then it had gone into his spares box and had only seen the light of day once or twice since.

He couldn't help wondering if the monster that the card was linked to was annoyed that he'd been abandoned, or perhaps the monster was relieved that he was no longer called to battle by an abusive Master or perhaps Yugi was thinking too hard and the monster didn't really care one way or the other who he belonged to or what his card's owner did, but he didn't really think like that any more, not since meeting some of the monsters who lived within his and Atem's decks.

He didn't even know if he could summon a monster from a damaged card like he could the cards that were in almost mint condition that lived in his deck. He'd never tried it before and while Atem had taught him a lot about summoning Duel Monsters, the Pharaoh, who was currently talking with his Grandfather and Sirius in the kitchen, had never tried it either and most of what Yugi knew about his powers came from him.

He knew that in the past, back when Atem had been on the throne, you couldn't summon monsters from the stone tablets if the sealing tablet had been damaged and he supposed that, in a way, the cards acted in a very similar manner.

He was about to put the Red Dark Magician card back into his spares box when a knock on the bedroom door made him jump and wheel around, only to find Harry giving him an amused smile. "You're not editing your deck again? I thought once you'd beaten Atem, you'd've given the rest of us a chance."

Yugi chuckled slightly, "You know as well as I do that I only won because Atem took his God cards out. I know which card I'm going to need to win that duel, but I don't think I have it."

Harry knew which duel Yugi was referencing. When Atem had beaten Zorc and gotten his memories back, Horakhty, the creator God that had been formed when Atem had merged the three Egyptian God Monsters together had informed the Pharaoh that there was one more duel that he had fight before he could leave, a duel in which Yugi would have to come out victorious over the Pharaoh, who had to fight with all of his strength, in order to prove that he was ready for 'Yami' to leave and to take up the Pharaoh's sword.

However the Boy-Who-Lived just nodded, wondering if Seto would be able to get his hands on the card Yugi was after and whether, if Yugi asked the CEO of Kaiba Corp to get it, Seto would hand it over to the hikari.

He knew how much Yugi and the Pharaoh didn't like thinking about 'that duel', it was kind of hard not to since he'd accidently gotten himself linked to them last year at Hogwarts when Draco had Shadow Gamed him and, after the Puzzle had reacted favourably to Harry when Yugi's soul had been taken the previous summer, Atem, then known as Yami, had used the powers of the Puzzle to help Harry's heavily wounded mind recover.

"What card you got there?" Harry tried to change the subject, having come up to the boys bedroom of the game shop when he'd felt Yugi's mood shift and wondered if Yugi was about to have one of his Pharaoh moments, moments that had been happening rather often since Atem's recovered memories had flooded both Yugi's and Atem's mind and the tide of memories had scattered the toys that represented Yugi's memories everywhere.

"The Red Dark Magician." Yugi showed him.

"I thought the Dark Magician in your deck was blue, like…" Grief clouded Harry's features for a moment at the thought of the friend he'd lost just before the start of the summer, in the graveyard that the pair of them had been teleported to via a portkey and led them straight into a trap that had been set by Voldemort. "And Mahado's a purple one, isn't he?" Harry continued, sensing the same feelings coursing through his light link partner.

"My Dark Magician is blue." Yugi nodded, "I managed to pick him and my red Dark Magician Girl up in some boosters over in Hogsmead, when Seto started releasing Duel Monster cards for wizards. I would have put this one in my deck, but it's been trimmed, so I can't." Yugi looked a bit embarrassed, "I feel a bit guilty, leaving him lying around like this. I mean, I haven't summoned him once, not even in a plain card verses card battle."

Harry nodded in understanding, going to take the card from Yugi to have a proper look only for Yugi to yelp in shock when magic weaved around them for a moment, then light shot from the card, causing Yugi to drop it.

"Atem!" Yugi squeaked over the link, already reaching for his deck as he and Harry backed up and the purple light took the form of a Dark Magician, who, when the light died, was in red armour, with white hair and blue eyes.

The Dark Magician looked confused for a moment as he looked around, then his eyes rested on Yugi and Harry could almost sense the attitude of the monster change from confusion to hostility, as he went to attack the heir.

Yugi wasn't daft, he pulled Harry down just in time for the pair of them to avoid getting hit by the Dark Magic Attack that the monster fired and was reaching for his deck to summon his own creatures in defence, when Atem appeared in the wreaked doorway, scowling at the creature that was attacking his link partners.

"Mahado, come to me." The Pharaoh snapped, drawing on his magic to call his oldest and second closest friend to him. The Purple Dark Magician arrived almost instantly. He who had been first of the Dark Magicians scowled at the red one that stood proudly, even overconfidently in Yugi's room.

"You." Mahado's low growl startled Yugi and Harry who were scrambling out of the way, even as Atem boosted his friend's power with Magic Formula, giving him the bonus he would need against another of his kind. "How dare you come here?"

"How dare I?" The red Dark Magician laughed, "I go where I please, oh Lord." The last was said in such a sarcastic manner that Harry and Yugi glanced at each other, wondering what was going on.

"Your issue is with me, not my Duellists. Do not involve them in your petty schemes." Mahado snarled, attacking the other Dark Magician. The red was faster, moving out of the way, causing Mahado's blast to do little but wreak the bookcase that stood behind where the red Dark Magician had been stood, causing the purple Dark Magician to look over his shoulder at the three humans, "I would suggest you three move." Mahado informed them.

"Mahado watch out!" Harry yelped as daggers appeared out of nowhere and launched themselves at the purple Dark Magician.

"Mystical Space Typhoon!" Yugi was faster, his magic card destroying the knives before they could strike, earning himself a grateful look from the Pharaoh.

The knives were a distraction, the red Dark Magician struck, landing a blow that, while it didn't destroy the purple Dark Magician, after all Mahado did have the higher attack points, did blast Mahado through a wall and into the kitchen, where Solomon and Sirius got out of the way quickly, and knock Yugi, Atem and Harry aside.

Joey summoned his monster quickly, trying to give the others a chance to recover. Unfortunately the Flame Swordsman didn't stand a chance. He went to attack the red Dark Magician only to be blasted to pieces in a heartbeat. It just about gave Mahado time to pick himself up though, causing the red Dark Magician to pause as Mahado cast his own Thousand Knives attack and he had to use an attack to blow the blades away before they took him out.

By the time he'd managed that, the three boys were back on their feet and, while Atem had moved to Mahado's side and Harry was sticking close to Sirius, leafing through his cards in order to find one he could summon that would be strong enough to help, Yugi was darting towards his grandfather.

"Leave." Mahado snarled at the red Dark Magician, "You have no right to attack my Duellists."

The red Dark Magician just smirked and let loose a blast. Mahado, not quite sure where his opposite had been aiming, moved to shield the Pharaoh, only to swear when the blast headed for Solomon, who had been Mahado's master long before Yugi had gotten his card, and Yugi threw himself between his Grandfather and the blast, taking the twenty five hundred attack point hit directly, causing him to be blasted backwards, knocking his Grandfather over before striking the wall hard and bashing his head.

Yugi collapsed at the bottom of the wall in an unmoving heap.

"Yugi!" Harry yelped, scrambling to his fallen partner's side as Sirius helped Solomon out of the way and Atem's aura practically exploded as rage poured off of the Pharaoh, purple flames raging around the five thousand year old king.

"Mahado." Atem growled, low and dangerous.

The Pharaoh didn't need to finish his thought, Mahado was already moving to strike, almost as furious as his summoner.

The red Dark Magician barely escaped the attack, attempting to cast Mystic Box, only for the still forming magics to be blasted away by a tornado of air from a card the Pharaoh pulled from his deck.

"Atem? Yugi? Mr. Mutou? Joey?" Everyone seemed to freeze as Ombre walked into the kitchen looked panicked, having heard the blast as she'd come up the stairs.

The red Dark Magician took the opportunity presented to him, grabbing the bereft girl, and attempting to use her as a human shield.

A few months ago it might have worked, as Ombre would have been more careful about what she was doing, but with her quasi-hikari's death at the end of the school year, Ombre had been throwing herself into danger without care. As such she let loose with a blast of magic that sent not only the Dark Magician who'd grabbed her flying but knocked the others away as well.

This, unfortunately, gave the red Dark Magician a chance to get to his feet and, before Mahado, who was picking himself out of the work surface, or Atem, who had been knocked through the hole in the wall, back into the boys bedroom, could stop him, he'd scooped the unconscious hikari up.

"Put him down!" Atem and Mahado demanded at the same time, hesitating to attack while the red Dark Magician had Yugi in his arms.

"I think it's about time the Pharaohs saw our world, don't you Mahado?" The red Dark Magician asked, smirking.

"Don't you dare." Mahado snarled.

Harry shot to Yugi's side, managing to grab on to the hikari's arm before the red Dark Magician, Yugi and Harry all vanished from the flat in a flash of purple light.

"Where did they go?" Atem wheeled around and demanded of the purple Dark Magician who looked as furious as Atem felt.

"Medan's taken them back to our world," Mahado kept his tone even, knowing it would do no good to snap at the Pharaoh, "The world you call the Realm of Monsters. When I get back, I'll set all the monsters loyal to the palace searching for them."

Atem nodded determination obvious and Mahado almost dreaded what he was going to say next. "I'm going with you."

"My Pharaoh, with all due respect…"

"No, Mahado, this isn't a negotiable order. I'm going with you and that's final."