I should have known this was going to happen; I should have known we were going to end like this. I mean let's be honest here for a second; what else should I have been expecting if not this?

Deep inside I knew it since the very beginning, after all it was obvious why John wanted to bring me home with him and yeah, why deny it, my own intentions when accepting his invitation were more than a little shady.

Now, should we be doing some talking instead of doing this? Sure, that would be ideal; we still have some unresolved issues that require our immediate attention and we need to address those soon.

But what can I say, words seemed to evade the two of us and we barely spoke to another as we made the flight to Tampa and now it's this.

At first when we were still at the airport, I took the silence that all of a sudden engulfed us and I embraced it. Back then, my mind was a mess and I had a lot to process so I wanted to organize everything that was going on in my head before I could open my mouth and screw things like I always do, Orton style.

But from the airport we went to the plane and silence refused to break us free of its bondage, and when we landed in Tampa and John got us a taxi so that we could get to his new apartment, only a few trivial words were exchanged.

I think I told him something about his place, that it was nice or something like that. And John's response to those words? He closed the door, pressed himself to me and before I could even blink my surprise away his mouth was to mine as he kissed me with the intensity of those who have been denied that kind of human contact for long.

I kissed him back, yeah, denying it will lead me nowhere. But it was just that the feeling of those lips on mine was something that I really missed on our time apart so I blindly let him drag me into the moment.

Against my lips he told me how much he missed me and I confessed that I've missed him too… and so much; that right there only seemed to fuel the hunger in him even more and he kissed me harder and deeper.

What happened next happened in a blur; clothes started to disappear, hands started to touch and hold onto each other until I was being guided straight into his bed.

The rest is history.

"Jesus, Randy." He whispers darkly against me; his teeth closing lightly on my earlobe as he drives his entire length almost out of me only to push it back in.

The motion provokes a deep growl to escape out of my throat without any trace of shame whatsoever and my back arches against him, my body molding to him as my forehead presses hard against the mattress below me.

"Fuck…" This right here… I don't even know how to explain it; but the feeling of this man moving deep within me is overwhelming and I can't help but to shiver.

With what he is doing to me, my own cock is hard as it is going to get and I feel my release approaching. I'm so fucking close that I can even taste it.

It's even more intense than earlier on when he was preparing me for him and I felt like I wasn't going to last enough for him. I did, as nice as his mouth and tongue preparing me felt, I managed so that now I will probably cum so hard I'll even pass out.

Trying to hold a little longer, I close my fingers against his blanket and I open my mouth, but nothing more than my ragged breath comes out. In a way it's funny, because I want to say so many things… only that I don't.

Taking me out of my thoughts, John grabs my ass cheeks and spreads me to his viewing pleasure. I can only imagine what he sees; his cock in my ass, getting in and out, in and out until the burning sensation of it all makes me want to feel like screaming his name as loud as I can.

I don't, the pressure is too much and breathing is the only thing I can do to keep myself sane.

"You are so fucking perfect; did I ever tell you that? I always thought so… but you were always so out of reach. But now I have you here, all mine."

His words make frown, but before I can put too much thought into them he reaches around me and takes a hold of my erection, stroking me as he fucks me.

That makes me moan, my eyes closing tight shut and my hips involuntary shooting into his hand. "Shit, John… don't stop."

By now I'm sweating, we both are, a thin layer of transpiration is covering my forehead and my back is slick with a combination of John's and my sweat.

It doesn't bother me though, not at all, because all I can focus is on the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of me and his hand jerking me off.

The whole thing is insane and yeah, what he does with his hand is fucking amazing, but what has me on the verge of losing it is that with every time he thrusts into me, he sends a quick sharp stabs of pleasure that makes me forget about everything but him.

It's just that having John like this is the most intense thing I've ever felt intimately and I don't know how I managed to stay away for so long.

"I've missed you, I've missed this… you have no idea." He says and I can't help but to think that in another life, I would have told him that he cannot miss a thing he only had once.

Because yeah, we fooled around at the island and a lot; but this… we've only done this once so he shouldn't say that he missed it. But in this life I don't say anything because I understand him… and I understand him because I missed this too.

As I muse about this, John pushes into me one more time and I'm done; my hips buck forward, my ass clenches tight around him and my cock convulses hard while spilling my cum all over his hand and the mattress.

I groan, loud, my body feeling like boneless mass that by all right would have collapse if it wasn't because John is holding me to him.

And John… he keeps going, hard and strong, the intensity of it all almost making me feel like this is too much for me to bear. But then he follows my example and reaches the peak of his lust, the force of his own orgasm making him collapse against me until he has me pinned between his body and the mattress.

I don't mind it though, soon after he rolls to my side and I'm free to move as I please. Not that I do, I stay in place, laying on my stomach as I wait for my breathing to go back to normal.

"Ran," John begins to say, his voice is dull and raspy and apparently noticing, he clears his throat.

But before he can say anything, I sit over his bed and run my fingers over my head. "Maybe I should go."

Yeah, brutal… I know. But if I stay things will only get worse and I don't want that. This thing between John and me… there's a reason why I wanted to stay away and that reason is something I can't ignore.

"You are not being serious, come here." He says in his always good nature tone while reaching for me. But before he can lay a finger on me, I slide out of the bed and move out of his bedroom so that I can find my damn clothes. True, walking feels a little weird as I'm kind of sore, but it's either walking or staying in that bed.

Anyway; John follows me, I can hear him as I put on my boxers but for the life of me I can't turn around and face him when he first calls me out.

"Hey," He says for a second time and when he finally reaches me, he grabs my elbow and makes me turn to him. "What the fuck, man?"

In his eyes I see a sense of confusion and anger and I just have to look away. He wouldn't understand so the best I can do is go. "Look, I don't want any hard feelings brewing here between us so just let me go."

For a moment he just stares at me, the intensity of those mesmerizing eyes of his digging deep into mine; but then he blinks and snorts. "I didn't ask you to come here for a quick fuck, Randy. If I wanted that I would have taken you to any motel down the road."

I purse my lips, nodding. I understand what he is saying, he wants more from me; I don't have to be a genius to understand that and judging the things he sometimes tells me, I can safely assume that his attraction for me didn't start on the island.

The notion of that is weird, but I still do the best I can do for him, I apologize. "I'm sorry," I said sincerely. "I didn't mean to give you false hopes by coming here." With that, I run a hand down my face and then I start to turn from him once again.

"Then why is it that you came with me?"

At the sound of the hollow tone he uses to talk to me, I feel like cringing… or maybe turning around and tell him that I came here because I plain and simply wanted to be with him; but instead of doing that, I just grab for my pants and slide them up my legs.

"Yeah, go ahead and ignore me. Or better yet, go away and hide behind your wife's skirts. But get this into your skull, Randy, if you walk out, you walk out for good; think about that."

My jaw clenches at those words, is he giving me an ultimatum? To me it sounded like that but I still say nothing, I only react when I feel the way he threw my shirt against the back of my head.

Turning to him and sending him an icy-cold stare, I notice that he is pissed off… and for some reason that pisses me off.

"And what if I stay? Do you think that me staying is going to make things better? That staying here with you will be the equivalent of riding a unicorn and flying over the rainbow? Things are not like that, John, this is real life, not a wicked fairy tale where we get to be together."

"Fine, then get the fuck out." He says angrily while turning around to walk away, but before he can take two steps he is turning once again and heading to me. "Jesus, Ran; you say you didn't want to give me false hopes? Then you shouldn't have come here and you shouldn't have come looking for me at the airport… and you shouldn't have allowed half the things that happened between us at the Island to happen. But you did, and if you are sorry about that then imagine how sorry I am for being so stupid as to let you lead me on!"

By now he is shouting and staring somberly at him I just shake my head. "You don't understand."

"Of course I do-"

"No you don't!" I say, shouting as well. "Do you really think that I'll ever get the custody of my daughter if people find out about us? Do you even know how the system works? Her mother abandoned her before our plane crashed but I won't ever stand a chance to get full custody if this gets out and as much as I would like to be with you, I won't jeopardize her future over this."

At this sudden outburst, John blinks slowly and I can't help but to think that I talked too much. The business with my daughter is only mine and he doesn't need to know about it.

Cussing under my breath, I bend down and pick my shoes, thinking that I need to get the fuck out and soon. But when I go back to my feet, John is right in front of me and without letting me mutter a get away from me, he leans forward and kisses me.

Just as it happened with the first kiss he gave me as soon as he walked here, this one catches me unprepared and the consequence of that is that I kiss him back, my eyes closing into the moment as my tongue rolls against his.

"You don't have to choose one over the other and I don't pretend you to do it; first because I know I wouldn't stand a chance and second because that would be wicked. But if you really want this, you shouldn't walk out."

I open my mouth to reply, but with a motion of his hand he tells me to shut up.

"Give me a simple answer; do you want this, yes or no?" He asks, pressing his forehead against mine.

Snorting, I look down to his nakedness. "Do you really think I would let you put your dick in my ass if I didn't?"

"Then let's be together. We can keep a low profile; people don't really need to know what happens between us." He chuckles at his own words, shaking his head. "I don't think I'm ready for people to know but that doesn't mean we should be apart. Come on, Ran… don't walk away on this."

"I thought you wanted me to get the fuck out."

"That's because you piss me off like no one else; you know that."

Hearing his words, I close my eyes. If it was only that easy… but I still have my daughter to think about. What if I get her custody, how would I explain to her innocent ears the real reason her daddy sleeps with another man?

"It's not as easy as that. My daughter…"

"Your daughter is your daughter and I won't ever get between that; as for everything else, we'll take things one at a time and we'll cross bridges when we come to them."

His words get into my skull and I think long and deep about them, realizing that this is John and staying away from him while having him so close will only make it worse for me and everyone around me.

As if reading my thoughts, his hands circle around me and he kisses my lips briefly. "And imagine yourself without me; you'll go back into being moody and pissed off all the time so in a way I'll even help your little girl and everyone in your vicinity to live a better life."

"Oh really?"


Humming, I look into his eyes. I think I'm already sold on this, but I don't let him know yet. "John fucking Cena, always looking for charity to give," aren't you?"

"Stay, then we'll figure things out, together."

"Fine, but don't go complaining when I piss you off sooner rather than later."

As a reply, he kisses me, long and deep until the need to breathe makes us pull apart.

"Oh I'll complain, but I wouldn't have it any other way." As he says this, I reach for him and kiss him, thinking that yeah, I wouldn't have it any other way either.


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