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"Oh, sweetie. You look so beautiful in that dress," Mom says right next to me.

I run my hands over the soft fabric as she says the words. I can't help but smile at the reflection in the mirror in front of us: I look happy, excited… I look like a bride.

"Thank you, Mom," I choke. I don't think I can manage more than that right now.

The dress is exactly what I wanted: long and delicate, with small sparkly details adorning the fabric, making patterns under the lights. It fits me perfectly and it makes me feel beautiful and sexy.

I wouldn't expect anything else from the designers of it. After all, it was design by Edward and Isabella Cullen.

My parents.

I can't believe this day is here already. After months of planning and envisioning every detail, from the flowers to the napkins and color pattern, the day is finally here: the day I become a wife. It had been a stressful period, but just imagining how everything would look, and that I'd be starting a new chapter in my life, made it all worth it.

I turn a little and wrap my arm around my Mom's shoulders. She looks so tiny standing next to me and still gorgeous as ever.

At 54, she's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen: little wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and mouth, which only remind me of the way she's always smiling and laughing; silver strands mingling with her brown hair, which she shows with pride. 'No reason to hide the fact that I've lived' she often says.

And lived, she has.

Not only did she start her own designing business at 26, but she also survived the failures of it. She often mentions that as hard as those were, they made her see her own mistakes and improve her style and ideas. It paid off in the end, because after that, she consolidated herself in the fashion world and never looked back.

On top of all that, she took care of her family: a husband and three children. To this day, I don't know how she did it.

Three years after I was born, my brother Matt came into our lives. At the time, I had been curious about him. He was such a chill little dude, that I fell in love with him right away. We were a happy little family then: Mom and Dad working and still making time to play with us, taking us to the park or to walk around the city. Then two years after my brother was born, my sister Juliette came into our lives. I was ecstatic; I finally had a little sister to play with.

However, Juliette was far from being as chill as my brother.

I was five by then, and I just kept asking my parents if we could exchange her for a more quiet baby.

That never happened.

I shake my head at that thought. Here I am, years later and Juliette is my Maid of Honor: my little sis.

"What are you thinking?" Mom asks, looking up at me. We all got my Dad's height.

"Just remembering Juliette's early days at home. How whiny she was." I wrinkle my nose.

"Don't remind me," Mom groans. "I love her, but she was so different from you and your brother. If it weren't for your Dad, I would've been crying all the time."

"Well, she is Daddy's little girl." Only Dad was able to calm her back then.

"Only your sister?" Mom quirks her eyebrow, as she looks at me from the mirror.

"Okay, okay." I roll my eyes. "I might be Daddy's little girl as well." Who am I kidding? Both Juliette and I adore him. It didn't stop my sister from going all wild though; I'm pretty sure Dad lost some hair from pulling it so hard when she was a teenager.

I kiss Mom's temple. I might be Daddy's little girl, but Mom is certainly my role model. I remind her of that all the time. She's strong, independent, beautiful, graceful.

She set a high bar for us.

I look back at the mirror and see the sparkling diamond hanging from the delicate chain at my neck that Mom wore on her wedding day: Grandma Renee's diamond.

It makes me sad that she can't be here with us. I never met her, but, from all the stories Mom told us, I would've loved to. I know it makes Mom a little sad that Grandma wasn't there when she got married or when we were born, but she made peace with that fact years ago. Still, from time to time she gets this sad face when she sees photos of her. I just hug her, and thank God that I still have my Mom with me.

Looking at the necklace also reminds me of Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue. They came all the way from California to be here with us, and knowing that he can't travel that much anymore, makes it even more special.

He moved to California years ago, the weather was better as his bones started to ache more and more. I love getting photos of him and Grandma Sue at the beach with loose shirts and showing his skinny legs. Mom said he never would've worn that when she was little and that just goes to show how relaxed he has gotten.

We turn when there is a knock at the door and my sister comes in.

"Mom? Matt is looking for you. He seemed to have lost his tie." Juliette laughs.

"For crying out loud. I just gave it to him," she keeps on muttering as she leaves the room.

"She will kill him." I laugh with my sister.

She looks so gorgeous today. Well, more gorgeous, anyway. My sister is beautiful any other day: tall and lean, with green eyes and brown hair. She could've been a model if she had wanted, but it just wasn't her thing.

Being a wild child was more of her thing: partying and going out with bad boys, getting a tattoo when she turned 18. Dad almost died when he found out.

She's 20 now and slowing down a little. I think it has a lot to do with her being in love now. Sebastian, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper's son, grounds her and somehow calms her wild spirit. They were born just a few months apart and formed a friendship early on.

Juliette looks more focused now and finally decided to go to college after delaying it for a year to travel.

Out of the three of us, Juliette is the only one who will follow our parents' paths.

I always loved to draw as I grew up, and according to my parents, I'm good at it. Then again, they are parents, so no surprise there. I loved sitting next to Dad while I spent time filling pages and pages of drawings. I loved watching Mom concentrate when she sketched in the garden, the sunlight making her look all the more beautiful.

Our family is full of artists: designers, writers, dancers, musicians. Our lives were always filled with inspiration and music and colors. It was a great place to grow up.

However, that wasn't my calling after all. I went down a very different road: the stars.

When I was little, on summer nights, my parents used to go out in our backyard and dance to soft music so as to not wake us up. They didn't know that we were far from sleeping and actually loved watching them from my bedroom window in the second floor.

Mom would twirl and Dad would dip her, kissing her when she came up. We couldn't tell what they talked about, but they smiled the entire time. Dad would whisper something and Mom would giggle and playfully swat at his chest.

When they grew quieter and just slowly danced, I would look up to the sky and see the blanket of stars that covered the sky above them while they were in their little world. After they were done, Juliette and Matt would quickly run to their bedrooms, just in time for our parents to come check on us. I'm pretty sure they knew what was happening, though.

In time, starry nights became synonymous for those moments, and slowly that romantic notion of the stars transformed into curiosity and astronomy became my passion.

Now at 25, I will start a new life in California, at CalTech to start my PhD. Sometimes, I shudder to think about all the studying I have to do, and thank God I graduated early from high school.

I'm so scared, but happy at the same time. Dad had been a little sad about me moving so far away, but eased up a little considering that Grandpa also lives there. Having some family around makes it a little less scary.

It does make me sad that I won't be able to visit them on the weekends anymore, but just as Mom had to start a new life in a different country, Dad understands that I have to follow my passion as well.

"So, nervous, Sis?" Juliette asks me.

"Yeah, but happy." She smiles and I know she's thinking about Sebastian. She gets that dreamy look whenever she thinks of him. I wonder if I look the same.

We both turn again when we hear another knock and Dad peeks in.

"Can I come in?"

"Of course, Daddy." I smile at him.

"Your Mom is looking for you, Juliette. Apparently your brother needs another tie, your dog took the one he was supposed to wear." He shakes his head.

"Oh, crap. Is Mom angry?" She looks scared as she heads for the door.

"What do you think?" Dad asks as Juliette leaves.

After she's gone, Dad stares at me for a moment, his eyes glistening a little.

"Oh, Gigi. You look beautiful." He comes to me and kisses my forehead.

"Come on, Dad. You've seen the dress before today." I shake my head.

"Yeah, but never on you. Your Mom was there with you all this time." That's true, they both designed it, but Mom was there for all the fittings.

He steps back and looks at me.

"I can't believe my little baby is getting married and moving across the world."

"Daddy, I know is far away, but you know we'll visit as much as we can. And why are you surprised about me getting married to Colin? Do you remember what I told you after my first date with him?" He groans and I laugh. I had been 18 at the time.

"You said he was sweeter than your Aunt Alice's macarons. Which was preposterous, by the way." He scowls.

"And what else did I say?" I urge him.

"That you were going to marry him someday and have what your mother and I have," he answers a little shyly.

I nod, that was true. Not only did I think that he was the sweetest boy in the world, treating me like I was the most beautiful girl, but I also knew that he would be my husband.

I wanted what Mom and Dad had. I would never settle for anything else: the way they looked at each other, how in sync they were when they worked together, how a simple kiss from Mom would calm Dad immensely when he was stressed out.

They complemented each other perfectly.

"And today I get to make that dream come true." I kiss his cheek.

"I know, baby, I know." He sighs.

I know it's hard for him. He's used to having all of us close by, and now things will change, but they have to.

"Christ, I don't know how your Grandpa Charlie did this when I married your Mom."

I laugh.

"Well, he knew that you loved Mom and that you would take care of her no matter what, right?" I ask.

"Of course I would," he says almost insulted.

"Calm down, Daddy. What I mean is that he was giving his daughter away to a man he knew would love her and treat her the right way. A man that she loved back and would form a family with."

He nods.

"And that's what you're doing today, Daddy. I'm not leaving the family. I'm forming my own with a man that loves me to death, and that I can't imagine my life without." I feel my own tears trying to escape.

"I know, baby." He kisses my cheeks. "I know he loves you and will be good to you, but to a father no man is good enough for his daughter. It's just a fact." I laugh a little.

He hugs me tightly and I wrap my arms around his waist, resting my head on his chest. He smells of cologne and soap, and I feel so safe and warm like this. He's always made feel this way, like nothing could happen to me when he's around.

"Thank you," I whisper into his jacket.

"What for?"

"Everything, Daddy. The love you gave us, the freedom to be whoever we wanted to be, the incredible example of how a couple should be. You guys set some high standards." He laughs and I smile feeling the vibration against my cheek.

"Well, it hasn't been easy, your Mom is a handful."

"Hey! I heard that."

We both turn to the voice and see Mom wiping her cheeks next to the door.

"Well, you were not supposed to." Dad winks at me and after kissing the top of my head, goes to Mom.

"You're mean, Edward Cullen." She wraps her arms around his neck.

"I'm sorry, baby. I don't want to be mean, never to you." He dips and kisses her lips.

And just like that, not only do I not exist to them, but also he just proved what I told him. That connection is what I want for myself.

Mom steps back and smiles up at him. The love she feels for him is so obvious: her face, her eyes, everything shines. Many times my friends have gushed about my parents and how cute they are. It was weird to hear other people talk about it, but I knew I was very lucky to have them.

Dad leans his forehead to hers, and they whisper to each other. I turn around this time. It was fascinating when I was a kid, but now it just feels like intruding.

While they are in their little world, I occupy my time fixing my make-up. Thank God, it wasn't ruined; Marie would've killed me.

My cousin helped me get ready today as well. She has experience with this sort of thing, as she often looks her best at her recitals.

After years of juggling ballet and playing piano, there came a point where Marie had to choose what to focus on. If she wanted to be the best, it had to be one or the other of them. After much thinking, she realized the answer was obvious– music.

It was in her blood, with Aunt Rose being a skilled piano player, and she didn't see herself doing anything else for the rest of her life. She's a natural, and after she made her choice, she became even better.

At 33, she has played all over the world and only becoming better and better. She's making a name for herself, and after she plays at the Vienna Philharmonic later this year, I'm sure she'll be unstoppable.

We will all be there, of course; Aunt Rose beaming with pride for Marie and Uncle Emmett, the most enthusiastic of all of us. He's always been one of Marie's biggest fans, taking her to her lessons or buying tickets for all of us to go to her concerts.

If I'm honest though, he's enthusiastic about all his kids. The twins had so much energy; Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose decided to focus that into sports. Dylan and Brandon chose soccer and have been playing since they were little. Apparently, the way they are in sync not only translated into pranks, but also on the field. With just a few nods, they were able to pass the ball and score without anyone touching them.

Uncle Emmett was at all their games, yelling and whistling and being louder than the entire section. In turn, my cousins would shake their asses to the audience whenever they scored and send kisses to the girls.

It was obvious they were quite popular in high school.

It was also interesting when they had to play opposite each other. They saw it as a challenge, and those games were the most nerve-wracking to watch.

Now at 25, Dylan is playing in Spain, and Brandon ended up going into sports' medicine. It seems after visiting Uncle Emmett's hospital so much, he developed a love for medicine that no one knew about. They travel to Spain to Dylan's big games and support him.

Uncle Emmett couldn't be more proud of his kids and the lives they lead.

"Okay, so are we ready?" I see Mom through the mirror as she asks. Dad looks even more nervous than me at those words.

"Yeah." I look at myself in the mirror and nod. This is it.

"I love you, Gigi." Mom hugs me tightly. "Be happy, my baby."

"I will, Mom." She looks at me for a few seconds, and after squeezing Dad's hand as she passes him, she leaves.

Dad comes to me, offering me his arm.

"Ready, Gigi?" I smile and take a big breath.


"I love you, little princess. Always have and always will and if that boy treats you bad, just call, and I'll have Emmett kick his ass… and your brother and cousins." He smirks.

"Why not you? Huh?" I smile.

"Because I can't ruin this pretty face, Gigi." He waves at his face. "Your Mom would be pissed." I know he's trying to ease my nerves with his teasing, but I also see truth behind his words. He would kick Colin's ass.

"Come on, Daddy. Let's get me married." I kiss his cheek, and we head outside.

Hours later, as we drive away from the party, I see Mom and Dad hugging and waving at us. I let a few tears fall, but I'm immediately comforted when I feel my husband's hand twine with mine.

And as his eyes meet mine for a second, I'm certain that yes, I will have what my parents have had all these years: unconditional love.

And there ya go, a happy, happy life for all of them.

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