Author's Note: Shhhh I'm not really on fanfiction. I am still actively working on a career opportunity, and it's uncertain if/when I'll truly return-though I'll try to give a heads up when my work is viewable. I did toss up a few short fanfictions recently as a self-challenge to write legit slash and femslash, with prompts from online friends. There's also one very sneaky, het kink meme fill oneshot, and one as yet unfinished femslash prompt that I'll upload when it's ready. Hope you enjoy!


Penguin finds him on the outskirts of the Iceberg Lounge, where the smoke isn't so thick and the music isn't so loud. His stride is smooth, silent, familiar as that barely-quirked smile Oswald makes when he thinks he has the upper hand. Bruce doesn't begrudge him the expression, but offers a smirk of his own. Neither of them does anything for free, after all.