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She sits up with her black hair falling two inches past her shoulders in light waves. Her bright blue eyes look over her room and at the light beaming through the window. Her bed in opposite the window which is to the left of the door. Opposite the door it her wardrobe and to the left of the window is a dressing table diagonally facing her bed and pushed into the corner. She stretches and then swings her legs over the side of the bed. She opens her wardrobe and pulls out her school uniform which is a grey skirt, white shirt, light yellow body warmer style top and finally a red bow around her neck. She gets changes quickly and then leaves her room into the corridor and heads to the spiral stairs. The door to the extension behind the stairs is closed and silence meets her so she assumes Nemu is already awake.

She swings around the stairs and walks into the kitchen to be met by her mum cooking breakfast. She looks up with her orange hair pulled back into a pony tail and her blue eyes (which matched her daughters) looked over her happily. Her mum looks smart dressed in a black skirt and light pink shirt with a black jacket matching the material of her skirt.

"Good morning honey." She greets her.

"Morning mum. Nemu's already up." She tells her sliding into a chair at the dining room table.

"That's good, do you want a lift to school today Yoshino?" She asks and Yoshino shakes her head but smiles.

"It's ok we're meeting up with Kusaka as usual." Yoshino replies and then she turns her head to the door feeling the familiar soft spiritual pressure coming down the stairs.

"Hurry up breakfast is ready!" Their mum calls quickly.

The young girl walks through the door and stops for a second to glance between her mum and sister. Her shoulder length dark brown hair is brushed neatly and kept back by a plain black head band. Her dark blue eyes are happy behind her thin glasses with a light metallic pink frame. Everyone always tells them how they both look like their mother with their facial features and it is true but Yoshino certainly has her dad's hair and Nemu certainly has his characteristics as well as his eyesight.

"Hey move it squirt." Nemu jolts forward as their dad jabs her in the side gently. She squirms and then turns around angrily.

"Dad that's not funny!" She protests and he just chuckles before walking to the kitchen and hugging their mother and then kissing her gently. Yoshino and Nemu both smile. Their parents are great and neither of them can deny it. Their mum is a great cook and is beautiful with incredible powers that form from her blue flower hairclips. Their dad is a Quincy who can sew and is also really smart with quite good-looking features.

"Don't tease them Uryuu." Their mum pleads and he chuckles again taking a seat at the dining room table between his daughters.

"Dads are supposed to be annoying Orihime." He tells her and she smiles as she serves them all egg on toast for breakfast already having eaten her cereal and an apple.

"Anyway I'm off. Have fun at school you two." Orihime grins skipping to the door and then spinning around and smiling. "Have a good day honey, love you."

"Love you too." All three of them reply in chorus like they do most morning apart from Thursdays and weekends when Orihime doesn't work. Uryuu works all days apart from weekends.

"We better get going." Nemu says after putting her plate in the sink. She looks at her sister who gets up and heads to the sink to. Nemu is fifteen and Yoshino is seventeen. They both attend the same school in which their parents also attended. Their parents are only thirty nine but are still young. They've both seen pictures of their mum and dad when they were at school and their dad has become more handsome and their mother more beautiful but both their parents always were good-looking.

"See you dad." Yoshino says kissing his cheek lightly followed by Nemu before they both walk into the hall and slip their shoes on. They grab their bags by the door and then step out onto the street and start walking to school.

After a few minutes of walking they spot their friend Kusaka Hitzugaya. His black hair is short and spiked just like his dads. They know him because his aunty Yuzu Kurosaki used to look after Yoshino when she was younger. Then again Yuzu and Karin are both thirty five now and both have children. Karin is Kusaka's mum and is nearly sixteen and Yuzu has a daughter who is the same age as Nemu and is called Misaki after Yuzu and Karin's mother who died when they were young.

"Morning Kusaka." Nemu chimes and he smiles down at her before nodding politely towards Yoshino who smile back with raging thoughts of how to kill him in her head. It's not that she doesn't like the guy, he's generally a nice person and a good friend but he also seems to like her little sister and that's out of the question. Nemu doesn't seem interested thankfully.

"Let's get going then. I said we'd meet up with Misaki today." He tells them both and they nod slowly.

"Sound great." Nemu beams as they begin to walk further down the road.

After a few more minutes of walking a cute girl walks round the corner and waves at them. Her hair falls to her shoulders in a golden colour and her eyes are big and a shimmering grey colour. She doesn't mention her dad much because he left Yuzu a month after Misaki was born. Yuzu copes well as a single parent and the two of them get on more like sisters then mum and daughter.

"Kusaka-Kun, Nemu-Chan konnichiwa!" Misaki beams and Nemu runs up to her and hugs her friend happily. Kusaka shakes his head and glances at Yoshino.

"How've you been?" He asks and Yoshino smiles knowing what he means.

"It was a busy weekend but dad took care of a few of the bitches. I managed to make sure Nemu didn't get involved." She says and Kusaka frowns.

"She is capable of helping you." He points out as we begin to walk. She looks ahead at her younger sister and smiles with a nod.

"I know but she should be having fun on weekends not fighting hollows." Yoshino sighs. "She should be having a normal life with her friends. She should spend money on pointless things, she should go out every weekend and she should fall in love and go on dates. She should be just an average teenage girl." Yoshino says and Kusaka frowns again.

"Shouldn't you have those things too?" He wonders and Yoshino simply laughs as a reply.

"Come on we're going to be late." She laughs jogging to catch up.

Yoshino slides into her seat by the window and her friend Meg turns around and smiles at her. Meg moved to Japan two years ago but was born in England. Her blonde hair falls to her chin and her green eyes look over Yoshino with a small smile.

"So what did you do this weekend?" Meg asks and Yoshino shakes her head.

"The usual." She replies flatly and Meg giggles.

"Well I went shopping with Kiyone and we saw Liam. You know the guy who just moved here from London. Yeah he was with some of the guys in the next class and they were all talking about you." Meg grins and Kiyone leans over from her desk next to Yoshino's and leans against her desk.

"Are we talking about Saturday?" Kiyone asks and Meg nods happily.

"Yeah weren't Liam and those guys talking about Yoshino? They were going on about how gorgeous you are…" Meg starts.

"They used the words fit and hot to be exact." Kiyone interrupts and Yoshino just smiles softly.

"It's a shame I'm not interested then isn't it?" Yoshino sighs and both girls are about to speak when the teacher walks into the room and starts writing on the board. Both of her friends turn back to the front and Yoshino just stares out of the window with a sickly feeling in her tummy.

Nemu sits taking notes in her seat in front of Misaki. Kusaka is in the year above unfortunately. Nemu sighs and glances up knowing that two classrooms above this one is where Yoshino is. Nemu wonders if Yoshino has the same uneasy feeling as she does when they're in school.

"So please count to ten in German, Nemu Ishida." The teacher asks and Nemu blinks and glances down at her notes.

"Eins, swei, drei, vier, funf, sechs, seiben, acht, neun und zehn." She says automatically and the teacher smiled approvingly. The teacher carries on with the lesson and Nemu sighs and tries to concentrate on the lesson. She enjoyed school, it was a time when she got to act normal and could pretend she couldn't see spirits. It didn't bother her much because Misaki, Kusaka and Yoshino could see them too but she felt sorry for Yoshino. She is always trying to save everyone and she gets distracted from other things. Though Nemu usually helps her it's still not fair on her older sister.

Nemu frowns suddenly feeling a dark spiritual pressure in the town. She waits for a second and then she sighs hearing the hollow scream from across town.

"Miss I need to go to the nurse, I feel ill!" Nemu demands standing up and Misaki looks at her understandingly.

"Fine but can someone take notes for you?" The teacher asks and Nemu nods.

"I can take notes for her Miss." Misaki smiles and the teacher nods once before Nemu heads to the door quickly. She opens the door and after it closes behind her she runs down the corridor and then up one flight of stairs as fast as she can.

Yoshino hears the call and blinks but her teacher is always awkward about letting her leave. She strums her fingers against the desk nervously thinking of all the people who could be hurt if she doesn't get out of class. She wonders is Nemu felt it too or heard it would be a better answer. Nemu should really keep concentrating on her school work rather than hollows.

Everyone blinks when the door is flung open and stood in the door is Nemu breathing deeply. Some of the guys smile and Yoshino glares at them. Honestly the sick perverts in this school really piss her off. The teacher raises an eyebrow at Nemu and she stands up straight and smiles brightly.

"Sempai, myself and my sister have a dentist appointment." Nemu says calmly and Yoshino stands up not wanting anyone to ask who her sister is.

"Let's go then Nemu." Yoshino says heading to the door.

"Will you be back before the end of the day?" The teacher asks and Yoshino turns around and then smiles brightly causing most of the guys in the room to blush and some of the girls to sigh admiringly.

"I should be back before then Sempai." Yoshino says knowing this should only take half an hour at most. The teacher nods and they both leave the classroom and then start to run down the stairs, heading towards the main entrance.

"I guess you felt it too?" Nemu asks and Yoshino nods.

"Couldn't think of a good excuse. What did you use?" Yoshino wonders and her sister smiles proudly.

"I said I needed to see the nurse because I was ill." Nemu chimes and Yoshino smiles as they run out of the entrance. She glances down at her bracelet with a flower hanging from it. The flower matches her mother's hair pins but Yoshino's is black instead of blue. It seems to glint telling her that she's ready. She smiles to herself knowing that if she was normal she wouldn't be able to protect this many people.