-One week later-

Hino lies on her side (her stomach completely bandaged) with her left elbow propping her up. She smiles at the other bed with the girl in it also lying on her side the same way. Nemu grins as Hino explains about Tenshi, who has been sat on the end of her bed for the past week.

"That's awesome and Tenshi-San you're so cute." Nemu smiles and Tenshi smiles and then blushes lightly.

"Thank you very much Nemu-Chan." Tenshi replies and then stands up and skips to the door happily. "I'm going to get you both a drink ok?"

"Sure thanks Tenshi." Hino calls after her. They both sigh looking at the two chairs by the door. Both their mothers sit on them leaning against each other in a deep sleep. Nemu looks to the door as it opens slowly and she smiles as Yoshino slips into the room. She looks from Nemu to Hino and then back to Nemu before running across the room and flinging her arms around her sister.

"I was so scared. Oh Nemu-Chan I'm so sorry. I couldn't save you in time and you got really hurt." Yoshino mumbles.

"It's ok Yoshino. You came to rescue me and that's all that really matters. I know you got hurt too so please don't apologise for me trying to use my powers." Nemu grins as Yoshino sits back and looks down at her. "I wanted to help out to that's all."

"Yeah and you really did." Yachiru says skipping through the door. She runs to Hino's bed and grabs the girl in a bear hug. "You both helped a lot."

"Yachiru have you seen Kaien?" Yoshino asks and Yachiru nods slowly a little confused.

"Yeah I saw him just a few days ago. He said he'd stay at his uncles for a while. You know Bya-Kun." Yachiru admits.

"Oh that's good then." Yoshino sighs.

"Don't let him worry you. He's usually like this but usually he has Hino with him." Yachiru grins and Yoshino nods and then smiles. The two older girls sit on the end of Hino and Nemu's beds and they talk lightly about normal things. They ask each other questions about everyday life and they both laugh at the stupid things they've each done.

"Kusaka-Kun stop being so nervous." Orihime sighs stepping through the door and smiling at everyone. She turns around and reaches out. She takes his hand in hers tightly and then tugs him into the room. He looks down blushing the whole time.

"Hey Kusaka-Kun." Nemu grins and he looks up and then runs to her bed (now tugging Orihime along) before he kneels down by her bed and blinks at her a few times.

"I thought you were dead." He whispers and Nemu frowns remembering how he tried to help her. "I felt so angry at myself and I felt angry at you for risking your life…"

"But you risked yours for mine. Kusaka-Kun you are one of my best friends and I care a lot about you so don't apologise. I'm just happy you're all ok." Nemu sighs and Kusaka ruffles her hair lightly. He grins and then stands up and blushes when Orihime squeezes his hand.

"I'm very happy to finally meet you Nemu-Chan. Kusaka told me all about you. I'm glad you're both better." Orihime smiles.

"It's nice to meet you too." Nemu admits and then grins when she drops her gaze slightly to their entwined fingers. She grins and looks up at them both knowing he finally found that special person.

"Hey Yoshino where are you going?" Yachiru asks and Yoshino opens the door.

"Oh it doesn't matter." Yoshino lies before leaving.

Kaien sits looking down knowing he has nothing to say to his uncle. Everything he ever learnt he threw away and Byakuya was certainly one to stick by the law. He looks up and Byakuya just sighs and then shakes his head.

"I guess you have no explanation for this then?" Byakuya suggests slowly.

"I don't know what to say. I was stupid and let my feelings get the better of me." Kaien replies flatly.

"Oh I see. Kaien I don't blame you for this. Renji is dead now and the situation is over." Kaien blinks as Byakuya sighs. "What I don't understand is if you love this girl why are you here with your uncle?"

"I tried to kill her?" Kaien growls. "Why does no one blame me? She was willing to let me kill her just so she could prove to me how much she cared."

"Exactly, you're really lucky." Byakuya presses and Kaien frowns.

"I don't know how to face her. At the time I just held her but that's only because I don't have the strength to push her away. I'll just keep hurting her as long as my inner hollow isn't controlled." Kaien explains angrily and Byakuya shrugs.

"Has Rukia told you about Hisana?" Byakuya wonders.

"Yes mum told me all about you and Hisana." Kaien admits with a small sigh. "That's different though. I can't deal with being around her knowing I could turn and hurt her at any moment."

"Sorry to interrupt but there is a visitor for you Young Master Kaien." A woman whispers from outside the door.

"Who is it?" Byakuya asks standing up. Kaien stands up too and he follows his uncle towards the entrance the woman points to. They get to the door and Byakuya opens it slowly and then yanks Kaien forward to greet the girl stood on the other side.

Kaien blinks down at her. She looks adorable with her long black hair pinned into a messy bun. Her arms are both in bandages and she's currently wearing a Shinigami uniform which is too big for her. She looks up at him with her light blue eyes and a confused expression on her face.

"Hey." She whispers nervously and Kaien blinks as Byakuya pushes him forward. He falls into her and then pulls away quickly as if he'd been electrocuted. He walks past her silently and she spins around with a small sigh. "Kaien wait."

"You should be with Nemu." Kaien replies flatly and Yoshino looks down as she reaches out and grabs his hand. He turns to look at her and she looks up with a frown.

"Why are you avoiding me? Why do you keep walking away from me? I don't understand." Yoshino wonders and Kaien looks down at her with a frown.

"I can't do this." He murmurs.

"What's this?What are you trying to say?" Yoshino asks sounding worried.

"I mean us. I can't stay with you anymore." Kaien frowns and Yoshino drops his hand as is she's just been burned. She shakes her head and looks down.

"You don't mean that. Why would you say that to me?" She says softly.

"I nearly killed you. Do you not understand Yoshino? I'll just end up hurting you. I don't know what to do for you to understand that it won't work. I don't want this…" Kaien hisses.

"You don't want me?" Yoshino adds looking up again with tears in her eyes. Kaien blinks and doesn't answer. She steps forward and grabs onto his sleeve. "But I want you, don't my feelings matter in this situation?"

"No they don't. Yoshino just go home, forget about me and you should probably ask that guy out who moved from London." Kaien frowns pulling out her grip and then flash stepping away. Yoshino blinks with her hand still out in front of her. She drops to her knees and tears start to fall down her cheeks. She shakes her head and stumbles to her feet and then starts to run. She blinks when she comes to a stop outside Squad Nine. She scrambles into the building and runs up the stairs and then is running down the corridor when the door to the office opens. Uryuu steps out after talking with Ichigo for a while. He turns to leave and blinks as Yoshino skids to a stop in front of him with tears running down her cheeks.

"Yoshino are you ok?" Uryuu wonders and she shakes her head slowly and then walks into his open arms and begins to cry again. Uryuu strokes her hair gently feeling a little confused as his daughter cries on his shoulder.

"I want to go home." Yoshino whispers and Uryuu just nods.

Over the next few days Yoshino avoided Kaien at all cost. If he came to visit Hino she left the room. If she was with Yachiru, Tomoya, Kusaka and Orihime and he showed up she'd say she needed to have a lie down and leave. She wasn't prepared to even look at him right now and the others seemed to notice.

"Yoshino wait." Yachiru pleads as Yoshino prepares to leave yet again. She freezes and looks down at her pink haired friend and then shrugs her shoulders and walks away again. She'd normally run be she didn't have the energy to anymore. She didn't care if they tried to follow her because she had to keep walking no matter what.

"Don't keep doing this!" Kusaka calls after her and then he gets to his feet and runs after her. Orihime sighs and then stands too and waves at them all before running to catch up to them.

"Kaien what's going on?" Yachiru hisses.

"And don't say nothing." Kusaka adds. Kaien frowns and looks down.

"I don't deserve to be with her. She needs to go home and forget all about me." Kaien frowns and then blinks when Yachiru stands and slaps him across the face.

"To forget you she'd have to forget us! You can be so selfish! She's clearly not coping without you. She can't even be near us if you are anymore!" Yachiru yells and then runs in the direction of Yoshino. Kusaka stands to go after her when there's a scream and Yoshino appears again with Kusaka and Orihime. All three of them are carrying Yoshino by her hands and feet. She kicks and pulls out of their grip and Yachiru grabs her shoulders and forces her to face Kaien. Yoshino looks down and Kaien sighs and then frowns.

"What are you doing?" Kaien hisses.

"Look at her! Do you not feel guilty for what she's going through?" Yachiru snarls. "How many girls are you going to let fall for you and then be left alone?"

"What are you blabbering about?" Kaien sighs.

"I love you very much Kaien. We both do but by now I'm used to being rejected by you!" Yachiru screams. "But you can't do this to Yoshino. She loves you so much and you're pushing her away like you always do! It's not saving her, its killing her!"

"Stop it!" Yoshino yells and pulls away from them all.

"Yoshino…" Kusaka whispers.

"Don't try coming after me again! I don't care about Kaien anymore!" She looks at him with tears falling from her eyes. "I don't need you anymore! I don't love you anymore!"

"Stop it Yoshino. Don't lie to yourself to get through this. You're both being stupid." Yachiru growls.

"No I'm not. I'm gonna do exactly what you told me to. I'm going to go home and forget all about you. I'll forget my first kiss and I'll forget my first love because…" Yoshino looks down again. "Because I'll happily pretend to be ok is that's what you want. If you want me to stop loving you then I'll pretend I don't anymore."

"See, you idiot! Why do you let so many of us down Kaien! You're not protecting any of us. You hurt me and now you're hurting her?" Yachiru sighs before flash stepping away angrily. Yoshino waits for a second and then turns around and walks away again. For some reason she kind of hoped he'd run after her. He'd tell her how stupid he's been and that he loves her very much. She'd be happy to even see him act like he cared. Pretend seems to be what he does best.

"So it's all set. We'll see you soon." Orihime smiles to Rukia who nods. They spent their free time discussing what they should do now. They agreed that Orihime and Uryuu would take all the kids on holiday during the summer. Now they are all set to go. Kusaka, Orihime, Yachiru, Hino, Nemu and Yoshino all on holiday together with 'aunty' Orihime and 'uncle' Uryuu. Rangiku and Gin also said they might join them and Rukia and Ichigo agreed to come for a week or so too.

"I can't wait!" Hino beams hugging Nemu tightly.

"I promised didn't I?" Nemu laughs and Yoshino smiles. She'd never really seen her sister that happy before.

"Where's Kaien?" Rukia sighs and looks at Byakuya who shrugs. Everyone has gathered to see them off. Everyone who came was leaving and a few extras too.

"I guess he won't go then." Ichigo shrugs and Rukia frowns and looks at Orihime who glances at Yoshino. As usually she looked slightly out of place. At school she never seemed to fit in with big crowds but just like now she stood out clearly. Orihime bites her bottom lip and then glances at Uryuu who just smiles softly.

"I don't know what we can do." Uryuu admits.

"I don't know how to help her. I don't see why she still looks so…" Orihime struggles for her words. "Alone."

"That's because I think she is." Uryuu frowns looking at his daughter nervously. "I think our brave daughter has become used to being alone just like I had. The difference was I had my love for you which kept me going. I had all three of you and Chad and Tatsuki to help me through." Uryuu sighs smiling at Rukia and Ichigo.

"I want to be there for her." Orihime says leaning against Uryuu with a small sigh.

"We still can." Uryuu promises but Orihime frowns anyway. Her daughter still looked very out of place and alone but the thing was she shouldn't. She was friends with these people but still while the others discussed their holiday she stands alone.

Kaien sits up on his bed and sighs. He knows she's leaving today and she'll never come back. He tips his head and then blinks. On the small side table is the ribbon she tied around his wrist when she planned to leave last time. He blinks as streaks of warm run across his face. Kaien stumbles to his feet and grabs the ribbon. He runs to the door knowingly he's probably too late.

"So I guess we'll see you again soon." Orihime sighs as they face their friends. Yoshino can't help but look around quickly. She drops her head knowing he isn't here.

"Can we go now?" Yoshino sighs and both her parents nod slowly as Yoshino turns to leave first.

"Yoshino wait!" He screams and Yoshino spins around as arms wrap around her tightly. The person staggers back dragging her with them and Yoshino blinks.

"What are you doing?" Yoshino whispers and Kaien shakes his head slowly and pulls her closer. She sighs and wraps her arms around his waist tightly. He lets out a choked sigh and Yoshino sighs.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so, so sorry." Kaien murmurs and Yoshino shrugs and smiles lightly. She blinks feeling a single warm tear run from her shoulder and down her back. She pulls away slightly and Kaien keeps his head down.

"Hey Kaien…" She whispers worried and then uses her right hand to gently lift his head by hooking a finger under his chin. She stares at his bloodshot eyes pouring with tears. He blinks and more tears fall from under his black lashes.

"Yoshino…" Kaien whispers.

"Why are you crying?" She frowns and he blushes deeply and begins to cry harder.

"I don't want you to leave me." He chokes and then pulls her closer to him again. She smiles and buries her face into his chest. "I'm going to get stronger so I can control the hollow inside. When I do that I want you to promise me something…"

"What is it?" Yoshino whispers pulling away again and looking up at him.

"Promise you'll never leave me when I get back to you." Kaien murmurs looking down. Yoshino grins and blinks away the tears in her eyes.

"I'll always wait for you idiot." Yoshino laughs and Kaien smiles. She lifts her right hand and wipes his eyes with her thumb gently. He lets out a long sigh and then leans down. Yoshino lifts her lips to meet his and then smiles. His lips are salty with tears but the kiss is still soft and sweet. They pull apart and everyone shouts Yoshino to hurry up. She rolls her eyes and pulls away slightly before he lets go and she runs to join the others as they leave.

"Hey Yoshino." Kaien whispers and she spins around as he presses his lips to hers again and then pulls away and the door starts to close between them. "I love you." He whispers and she blushes and then mouths the same words back. The door closes and Kaien takes in a deep breath knowing he'll have to train hard so soon he'll be a real Shinigami Prince worthy of the Quincy Princess.

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