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Harry parted with his friends outside Dumbledore's office. He had told them he was off to bed, Hermione handed him his shrunken rucksack. As they turned the

corner Harry whipped on his invisibility cloak. Snape's body hadn't been brought in from the Shrieking Shack. Harry felt it was beyond necessary that it was he who

brought in the body. Harry was surprised how hard Snape's death had hit him. It was shocking how the pain of this loss radiated in his heart more than any of the

others. Lupin's loss was closest to it, Tonk's and Fred a close third. Even Sirius's untimely demise didn't feel like this. It was a raw, pulsating, still bleeding. It ached

and burned in a way Harry had never experienced. The bravest man he ever knew was dead and he never would be able to thank him. Harry had felt so pragmatic

deciding the leave the Resurrection Stone where he had dropped it, and now he would do anything to have it back just to thank Snape, just to see that raised

eyebrow and have his intelligence insulted one final time. Harry hadn't even be aware about how entwined Snape had been in his life. No idea how much the man

had sacrificed, had suffered just to insure Harry survived long enough to walk himself willing to his own death. Now Snape was dead and Harry lived having only

killed the Voldemort part of his soul. It seemed all very complicated and yet simple at the same time. Harry tried desperately to chalk up these feelings to

everything he had learned after Snape was already dead. But it felt deeper than that. Harry hadn't spoken a word to his friends about what he had seen. He did

fully intend on using some of the memories to have Snape exonerated post humorously, for all the good it would do a dead man. Harry meandered slowly through

the castle, examining the extent of the damage. He snuck past the Great Hall, having to dodge Madame Pompfrey. He made it out to the grounds, poked the

Whomping Willow knot with a stick and made his way to where he had last seen Snape.

"Lumos," Harry whispered raising his wand above his head as he emerged from the tunnel.

His throat felt tight and his pulse racing as he prepared himself to look upon the empty face of his once hated Professor. He had been surprised by how the very

simple and nearly obvious truths had burned away any and all hate he held for Snape. Harry raised his wand a little higher to cast a wider beam of light. Snape's

body wasn't there. Harry snapped his eyes shut and took a deep breath. He was imaging that it was missing, he had blocked it somehow or his wand light wasn't

bright enough.

"Lumos Maxima!" he shouted before opening his eyes again.

Still no body. There was a substantial amount of still relatively fresh pool of blood on the floor but clearly no body. Harry heard a floor board creak behind him. He

whipped his lit wand around to face the intruder.

Harry's eyes were met with a blood covered, bruised and exhausted looking but very much alive Severus Snape. Harry couldn't move. Snape looked as surprised as

Harry felt. They stood there in silence, wands pointed at each other.

"How the bloody hell are you alive?" Harry demanded in a desperate whisper.

He swallowed trying to moisten his dry throat.

"Potions Master," Snape spoke simply holding up three empty vials.

Harry stepped closer and took the vials out of Snape's hand. They were clearly labeled Dittany, Blood Replenishing and Anti-Venom (Nagini) in Snape's handwriting.

"How are you alive?" Snape asked studying Harry closely.

"Harry Potter," Harry answered gesturing to himself by way of explanation.

"Ah," Snape said sounding awkward.

Harry had to fight the urge to laugh, Snape sounding awkward. If the situation weren't so bizarre it would have been hilarious.

"I killed him, you know," Harry stated. "It was fairly ironic and frankly a bit anti-climatic when you come right down to it."

"Anti-climatic!" Snape spluttered.

Harry couldn't help but crack a smile. "It was the whole rebounding spell thing, again! You think for his final death he could come up with something we hadn't

already done."

Snape looked like he was going to either start yelling or faint, Harry was honestly unsure of which.

"I need to sit down," Snape said softly running a hand across his filthy face.

Harry came over and helped him gently to the floor before plopping down next to him. Harry took a sideways glance at Snape. It was strange to be sitting there

having a conversation with a man whose death had knocked him for a loop and whose body Harry had been expecting to carry back up to the castle and attend his

funeral at a later date and then find someway to deal with the oppressive sense of loss he had been left with. The wound that had been left was healing. Harry was

nearly breathless by how happy he now was to get a chance to know the man sitting next to him. That however brought on a wave of intense sadness when Harry

remembered how he would never get a chance to get closer to Lupin, or Tonks, that his godson would have to grow up without parents as Harry himself had done.

Harry drew a shuddering breath and ran a hand through his dirty hair. Snape who had been starring rather intently at the pool of his own blood turned towards


"What are you here any way?" Snape asked, his eyes studying every inch of Harry's face as though trying to find the answer written there.

"I came here to bring your body back up to the school actually."

Snape nodded and said nothing. Harry looked away and began picking at his shoe laces. The awkward feeling in the silence began to grow. The memories that

Snape had shared with Harry were floating between them, nearly palpable. Harry wanted to ask about them. He wanted to talk about each one, go through every

detail, understand them even more completely. Snape seemed to have other plans as he stood and brushed off the back of his pants. He looked exhausted and as

much like death as one can without being dead. Harry stood as well, shoving his hands in his pockets in nervousness.

"I would appreciate it greatly Mr. Potter," Snape started.

"Harry." Snape turned to him. "At this point, Sir I think a first name basis is almost a necessity."

Snape nodded and began again. " I would appreciate it, Harry if you would not mention my survival to any one."

Harry opened his mouth to protest.

" I wish to have a few weeks perhaps even a few months, maybe even a few years to deal with what has happened."

Harry nodded completely understanding. "May I ask you something, Professor?" Snape waved his hand for Harry to continue. "Can I show a very select few of your

memories to clear your name?"

Snape's eyes widened a fraction. Harry immediately opened his mouth to take it back, but Snape raised a hand.

"You may, but please spare me the Gryffindor sentiments and for the love of Merlin, make sure I do not receive any bloody metals, or awards!" Snape spoke with a


Harry found himself bursting into laughter. He honestly had never expected to laugh quite so heartily for a very long time. He found himself pulling Snape into a

hug before releasing him quickly the laughter still on his lips.

"Of course not, Professor," Harry began to turn to leave to finally get some much needed rest. "I hope to see you again soon."

Harry smiled at the shocked look on Snape's face. He swung the invisibility cloak about his shoulders and headed back up to the castle. He trudged up to Gryffindor

Tower and at long last collapsed into a soft and warm four poster bed and slept.