I know this one is super insanely and teasingly short and I won't be able to update for like a week but I wanted you all to know that I am still working on this! Please enjoy and thank you so much! Cheers!

"We found some old notebooks of Voldemort's in Slytherin's office in the Chamber of Secrets." Harry began with a heavy sigh.

"YOU WHAT?!" Hermione shouted jumping up from her seat.

"Will you bloody sit down Granger!" Draco told her.

"I wanted to show Severus the Chamber so he could harvest what was left of the Basilisk. He found a hidden door and we found Slytherin's office. And his portrait by the way. He's pretty funny actually. Tells terrible jokes that he doesn't even realize are jokes. Annoying too I suppose." Harry babbled.

"Cease the babbling Potter-Snape!" came Severus voice from the other room. "Finish please so we can have our rooms vacated!"

"Alright! I found a notebook where Voldemort described how he came up with the Dark Marks. Severus could have just decided to change the appearance of the Mark but instead he asked me to bond with him. I agreed. The paper work has been signed, Our last names have been changed and we have bond marks now. Oh! And Draco if you want your Mark changed let me know. Any more questions?" Harry finished.

A stunned silence seemed to have fallen over the group. Ron's jaw had dropped slightly, Hermione looked like she was dying to get her hands on the notebooks. Neville had paled slightly and Luna had a calm smile on her face. Andromeda looked very pleased. Draco on the other hand was quickly rolling his sleeve up and standing up.

"Can you do it right now?" He asked Harry calmly.

Harry nodded and stood as well. "Alright just focus on what you want the mark to look like."

Draco nodded with his eyes screwed shut.

The spell was chanted as Harry waved his wand above the mark. Draco gasped as the mark began to glow and change shape. Draco kept his eyes shut tightly until Harry told him he could look. The blonde wizard cracked one eye to look at Harry.

"Is it bad?" He asked, frightened to look.

"Draco just look!" Harry told him with a laugh. "It's not bad, I swear."

Draco opened his eyes and looked down. He had focused on the one thing that he had truly loved as a child and had helped bring him back to himself and become a better person as an adult. He smiled and ran a hand over his new mark.

"What the bloody hell did you do?!" Ron shouted jumping up and grabbing Draco's arm. "Are you bloody joking ferret boy?!"

"Ron what is the matter with you?" Hermione asked shocked at the out burst.

"Bloody look at this!" Ron shouted forcibly spinning a squawking Draco so Hermione could see his arm.

Emblazoned on the pale wizards arm was the iconic double CC and flying quaffle of the Chudley Cannons.

Neville snorted. "Never pegged you as a Cannons supporter Malfoy."

Draco smiled and shrugged.

"No. No way!" Ron shouted. "Change it! To anything else!"

"Ron come on, this is what Draco wanted." Harry told him shaking his head.

"Please Malfoy! Anything else! Please don't have MY Quidditch team tattooed on your arm!"

"It's my Quidditch team too I'll have you know." Draco said snatching his arm back. "Now I think I'll be off. I can't thank you enough Harry. I'll talk to you later."

"Anytime Draco," Harry said slapping him on the back.

"Well that was interesting," Andromeda said laughing. "I'll go get Teddy from Severus and we'll leave as well."

She stood hugged Harry and retreated to retrieve Teddy. The rest of Harry's friends trickled out. Ron having to be dragged away still sputtering about Draco, by Hermione. When the door had finally shut for the last time, Harry collapsed onto the sofa and threw an arm over his face. He heard Severus come in and the sound of the older wizard pouring drinks.

"Never again am I having all of them visit us at the same time." Harry said removing his arm over one eye and accepting the drink Severus had poured.

Severus joined him on the sofa and held his own drink towards Harry. They clinked glasses and each a sip of fire whiskey. They sat together in comfortable silence. Harry eventually turned to lean against the arm of the sofa and put his feet in Severus' lap and the long fingers of the potion's master began a seemingly automatic foot massage. Harry took a deep sip of his drink with a contented sigh. The peace stretched long into the night. Both men eventually found their way into bed and sleep soundly, hope the next day would be nothing like the majority of the last.