Part 1

If one is not guilty,

Who is to blame?

An accident on purpose,

The spark is now a flame.

Yugi studied the encyclopedia, flipping it to a random page, scanning over the information with little interest. A single page fluttered out, landing on the floor. It was creased from many foldings and yellow with age. Certain words were circled, crossed out or underlined.

Why are random words circled out? He wondered, studying the page.

Death ,friend, sister's, guilt, Alive, ruin, scarred, blood, tainted, accident

Struck with an idea, Yugi began to fold the paper at each crease.

The paper dropped from his hands, fluttering to the dark floor as he reeled in shock.

Scarred by Anger.

Alive No longer.

Her blood ruNs dry.

She longs for justIce

Tainted by vengancE.

"Yugi? What is the matter?" Lily asked, concerned for her friend. She gasped, reading the paper, though not really understanding.

He picked up the rose, staring at it. He winced as one of the thorns pricked him, drawing blood.

The rose began to glow, turning white with a blood-red throat.

The petals began to fall, being blown by a gentle breeze, gently increasing until it seemed like the petals formed a whirlwind, a glowing mass in the center. A portion of the wall began to glow a crimson color as well, leading to a mahogany door.

The rose petals stopped in midair, dropping to the floor, a silver key in the midst, with a note attached.

"This life is short,

But often sweet,

Such wasn't the case for me,

The mystery will unravel,

Are you ready to see?"

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Character Profile #2;

Name: Sierra Annastasia 'Annie' Jonee

Age: 23

Gender: F

Fav. Color: Midnight Blue

Hair: Dark chocolate, down to lower back, straight. (link:http:/ /therandomestkatever . deviantart . com /# /d4ki 3oj

Eyes: Aquamarine/teal

Personality: Happy, motherly, kind, over-protective.

First appears in: Save me/Innocent Blood

Keirah (Image link):http:/ static. zerochan .net/full /25/24 /501225 .jpg