Fairytale Romance

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Chapter 1

Nomad609: So talk at school

PrincetonGirl818: Defiantly I'll text when I get there right now I have been woken for the witch I have to get her salmon

Nomad609: Did you fall asleep in front of the computer again

PrincetonGirl818: Yep the papers aren't going to write themselves and if I didn't do them I'll be dead

Nomad609: So that's why you stopped answering last night. And your step sisters should do their work themselves you should just

PrincetonGirl818: Just what

Nomad609: You should just give their work back to them undone

PrincetonGirl818: And if I do that I will get a lecture for the witch about being self centred

Nomad609: Well are they going to expect you to live with them when they grow work at the dinner and do both their jobs for them

PrincetonGirl818: I am not working at the diner all my life I am going to Princeton

Nomad609: Well then tell them that

PrincetonGirl818: And then I will be dead

Nomad609: Well I talk to later at school

PrincetonGirl818: Are you trying to say goodbye Nomad

Nomad609: No you have to go to work

PrincetonGirl818: I also have to get Fiona her salmon before going to work

Nomad609: Bye talk later

PrincetonGirl818: Bye

"Sam your going to be late," chides Rhonda

"Rhonda I am almost done," sighs Sam

"Sam I will take care of Fiona if she comes in, in the next 10 minutes if she doesn't let you go to school I will phone child support and demand you come live with me and work the bare minimum that you have to," says Rhonda

"Thanks Rhonda I may take that offer up sometime maybe when I come back to visit from Princeton," smiles Sam

"You got in!" exclaims Rhonda

"Not heard but yet but I think I will," says Sam "And I need to work so I can pay tuition fees," says Sam

"Fair dos but if I was the one who owed this place then I would give you a fair work schedule I mean she has you closing on your own 3 nights a week you work 2-3 shifts a day sometimes it's not right but if she hauls you out of school one more time I am hauling the law on her ass," says Rhonda

"Nicely said Rhonda but I have to go get Carter and get to school," says Sam

"Then go," says Rhonda

The door opens as Sam leaves and the person is none other then Fiona.
"Where are you going your shift doesn't end for another half and hour," says Fiona
"She's going to school," says Rhonda

"Who asked you?" asks Fiona turning her attention on Rhonda which allows Sam to slip out the door.

"Listen I don't think you know I could-"

"Fire me please go right ahead see how many customers you have left when you do," says Rhonda

Fiona turns to Sam "Where did that brat go,"

"She went to school," says Rhonda

"Who said she could go there," says Fiona
"I did," says Rhonda

"I'm her mother I tell her what to do," says Fiona

"No you're her step mother her real mother would never treated her like this," says Rhonda

"Her mother died to escape living with her," says Fiona
"She had cancer Sam and Hal were heartbroken when she died," says Rhonda

"Then everything was fine because Hal meet me but then he died leaving me with that brat," says Fiona

"Sam is not a brat. She has put up with you for 8 years working every second when she is not is school from the age of 12 which is illegal I might add and you try and get her to stop her education once again illegal if you pull her out of school I'm going to pull the law on your ass so hard you won't know what hit you," says Rhonda walking off.


We haven't talked in ages where have you been


We talked this morning


Well has was your shift at work


Good I got of early my friend made me claiming she would deal with the witch and if the witch tried to keep me from school one more time she's gunna haul the law on her ass


From what you've told me about her your stepmom sounds like she deserves it


Yeah she does I don't know why I'm still smiling after everything I have been and am going though


Because you're not letting it get to you yeah your dad's death affected you but you have a great friend in that guy you have told me about, a family at work and you have me


That guy is the one who stood by me though it all and still does


Friends like that are hard to find but I think one of my friends would do that. You know I can't stop thinking about you and I don't even know who you are.


What are you thinking right now


Prof Rothman has dissected one too many frogs

Sam looks up and sees Professor Rothman acting like a frog


Ribet Ribet




I wanna hear you laugh when can we finally meet


Soon. Oh bell has gone gotta get to class talk at lunch?


Defiantly just a question and you can text while you walk you know


I know what's the question?

"Hey Carter," greets Sam still focused on her phone

"Still talking to the secret admire," states Carter

Sam nods.


Where are you right now


Well I as at the friendship circle on the bench and I am now in B hall walking to Physics with my friend


No way!-Same except I have AP English of course


Seriously were in the same place. Of course won't get into Princeton with any less I have AP everything


Mad isn't it I'm just walking into Miss Fletcher's room. Of course you have AP everything your smart.


Is there anyone else in our year who does AP English


Not sure why are trying to find out who I am before we meet


Of course not I don't have time for that


I think you are anyway talk later



Nomad609: How's your day so far

PrincetonGirl818: Raging Step mum, work and cool kids who can't get over themselves. Ever feel like you don't belong

Nomad609: Absolutely I can be surrounded by a sea of people and then I think of you

PrincetonGirl818: Hey Nomad, do you think we've ever meet

Nomad609: I don't know. Our school has over 3500 kids

PrincetonGirl818: Well, that narrows it down

Nomad609: Well, at least I can eliminate the guys. You're not a guy, right? Because if you are, I'll kick your butt.

PrincetonGirl818: I am not a guy.

Nomad609: Well that's good to now

PrincetonGirl818: There's the bell we have to get to class talk tonight

Nomad609: Absolutely

PrincetonGirl818: Have you told your dad about Princeton yet?

Nomad609: If only I could. I haven't even told him I wanna be a writer.

PrincetonGirl818: My father always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Nomad609: Not mine. He has another plan for my life.

PrincetonGirl818: It's 2 a.m. We've been at this for five hours.

Nomad609: Well, I think we broke our record.

PrincetonGirl818: We should turn in. Sweet dreams.

Nomad609: Wait. I can't sleep without knowing there's hope. Half the night I waste in sighs. In a wakeful doze I sorrow. For the hand, the lips... the eyes. For the meeting of tomorrow.

PrincetonGirl818: Quoting Tennyson. Impressive.

Nomad609: Please meet me at the homecoming dance. I'll be waiting for you at 11:00 in the middle of the dance floor. Sweet dreams.

"Sam that's great you finally go to meet him that's great. OW," says Carter

Sam lets out giggle.

"He seems too good to be true. What if I meet him and I'm not what he excepts or vice versa. What if this relationship is just better for cyberspace and should always stay there," says Sam "And besides I never said I would go," she adds

"Well then text him or chat room him whatever you do and tell him yours fears," says Carter

"You rock Carter," says Sam pulling out her phone


What if this relationship is better for cyberspace and should just stay there


Why do you think that?


You seem too good to be true. What if I meet you and I'm not what you except or your not what I except.

Wait a sec incoming call from the her highness

"Sam I need salmon dry cleaning and the jag washing," shouts Fiona and she hangs up

"One more pitch Carter then I have to do her majesty biding," sighs Sam

"Why do you act like her slave?" asks Carter

"No Fiona no money for Princeton," says Sam

Sam grips the bat and whacks the ball onto the field.

"It's out of here," calls Carter

Sam grins and pulls her cell phone out.


The witch wants you to do some errands


Unfortunately yeah


Back to our previous conversation


The one about classes at Princeton this morning


No the one you started 2 minutes ago about meeting


Oh that one


Yes that one. I think that life is all about taking risks if you don't take a risk you'll never know what the future might have held or might hold.


That is very insightful and I am being very rude


I am a writer. Why?


I'm with my friend and I just started talking to you though he told me to talk to you to tell you what I am feeling


Personally I would love to meet you. But I am not pushing you to meet it's up to you.


Ever the gentleman


That's how I was brought you up


Spoke to your dad yet


Nope stood up to the witch yet


No and you know I'm not going to. I do that and it's goodbye Princeton and life


And we wouldn't want that would we


No we wouldn't


So you're off to run errands I guess that means you have to stop talking to me and get in your car


Yes it does


You know I was right about that friend. He wondered who I was texting and I told him the whole story and he's happy I found someone I genuinely like unlike the girl I am currently with


You have a girlfriend you and you want to meet me at the homecoming dance


I'm going to break it off with her I can't stand her anymore she acts like she better then everyone else bit like your stepmother


I think I know who your talking about and if you are talking about who I think your talking then I know who are and I don't know how I feel about that


Who do you think I am


Not telling I'll just have to find out if I'm right tonight


See you tonight

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