Fairytale Romance

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Sam and Austin life before they know who each other and after they know who each other is. Starts at the beginning of the film with a lot of texting and chat rooming between Sam and Austin but with some changes after the dance.

Chapter 5

"I can't believe were graduating," squeals Sam in Austin's ear

"Sam calm down your making Austin hard of hearing," laughs Carter

Sam just danced around the two happily.

(Happily I hear you say. Last time we saw her she was unhappily in Fiona's attic)

Since then and that was 6 months ago she had moved out and in with Rhonda. Still working at the diner but better pay and better hours leaving her time for Austin and her friends after all it was Hal's Diner.

Sam had been putting her things away in her new room at Rhonda's and found a will in her fairytale book.

She owned everything but sold the house to Fiona and kept the diner.

Now she was graduating and of to Princeton with Austin a new place to call home oppose to the home in the San Fernando Valley.

The End

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