Robin's Present

Disclaimer: I don't know anything they belong to the creators of Young Justice.

Chapter 1

All of that was 2 years ago I am 13 now sorry for all the time jumps it's just I wanted to remember some of the past before tomorrow. After all it is the big day. The day my friend Roy aka Speedy, Wally aka Kid Flash, and Kaldur aka Aqualad take the first steps to becoming fully fledged members of the Justice League funny how it falls on the 4th of July. With that thought I fell asleep dreaming of what it will be like.

Okay so it didn't turn out like I thought right now I'm about to sneak up on Mr. Freeze Gotham's own personal walking freezer. So to freak him out I let out one of my most famous cackles which KF says is really scary but he hasn't heard the Jokers laugh.

So I jump crash on his helmet and jump back up when I landed I threw 2 bat-a-rangs at him.

"Ah Boy Wonder. The bat sent you to drag me off to prison. Personally I'm underwhelmed," said Freeze.

Of course my impatience got the better of me and said, "Great but I'm kinda in a hurry. Can we speed this up?"

"Kids always in a rush personally I like to preserve these moments forever." Freeze said as he pointed his freeze gun at me.

"Not talking to you."

Then he looked panicked and looked up in time to see Batman jump and knock him out.

Now we are heading to the Hall of Justice the headquarters to the Justice League. We were the first ones there then GA and Speedy then Aquaman and Aqualad and last but not least the Flash and KF.

But first Batman put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Today is the day."

"Aww man I knew we would be last." KF said and the Flash raised an eyebrow underneath his cowl.

We started to walk up to the Hall of Justice. I heard the crowds say stuff like 'Its Batman and Robin,' 'its Flash and Flash Jr.,'and so on.

"Have all 4 sidekicks been in the same place at once?" asked KF.

"Don't call us sidekicks. Not after today." Said Speedy

"Sorry first time at the Hall I'm kind of overwhelmed."

"You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed. Why isn't anybody every just whelmed."

Then we walked into the Hall of Justice and I said, "Oh! That's why."

"Speedy, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash welcome to the head quarters of the Justice League," said Martian Manhunter.

"Make yourself at home," said Flash as he spread his arms out as we all took a seat.

Then Speedy started this big fiasco about how they were treating us like sidekicks and that their real HQ was a giant satellite in space. I had to pretend that I was shocked because I didn't feel like getting into a fight with the guy I thought of as a brother. Then he threw his hat down and said he quit being GA's sidekick and left. Then the League members with us left on a mission saying that we weren't ready to fight on a team like them yet.

"My mentor my king, I thought he trusted me," said Aqualad

"Trust? Ha they don't even trust us with the basics. They have a HQ in space! Their treating us like…like sidekicks," said KF.

Then Aqualad asked, "What else are they hiding from us?"

Then I finally said, "I have a better question. Why didn't we leave with Speedy?"

They both put their heads down. Then Aqualad asked, "What is project CADMUS?"

"Don't know but I can find out." I said with a smirk.

I walked up to the computer it said access denied I smirked and said, "Wanna bet."

Then I heard KF say, "Whoa…how…are you doing that."

I just laughed and said, "Same system as the batcave."

I read what it said and we decided to go to find out more saying it would be poetic justice to solve the Justice League's case before they did. Just so we can show them that we are ready to do what they trained us for. We fought a lot of ugly little creatures and eventually we found this thing that was called project Kr. Turns out its supposed to be a clone of Superman. The big guy isn't going to like the fact not only was his powers stolen twice but so was his DNA to form a 16 year old Superboy.

We fought but I got knocked out and somehow we ended up in pods with Superboy staring at us.