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My Lost Love

A series of events shared by Sunshine Thornhart and Michael Cohen during their relationship.

The day we met...

It was a normal day for Sunny Thornhart and her friends. They spent most of their day in her cousin's basement, singing and making new songs for their monthly party/private show. It was something they did upon forming their rock group, cleverly named Tainted Sunshine. She was their lead singer, main song writer, co-producer and played lead guitar. Roxie Summers rocked the back-up vocals and guitar while co-writing and co-producing music, Jasmine 'Jaz' Jiroux played bass and offered back-up vocals and Shacona Meadows, Sunny's cousin from her mom's side, played the drums.

Music was the one thing they had to escape the stress and exhaustion of their all too dangerous 'jobs' of being demon hunters. But not just demon hunters. They hunted all sorts of evil and monstrous, supernatural beings; ghosts and spirits, creepy monsters, demons that possessed humans and demons that roamed in their natural forms. Anything evil and not of their world, Sunny and her 'family' hunted and killed.

It wasn't the ideal teenage dream but the girls seemed content with where they were in their lives, as content as any 16 year old girl who came from a line of hunters anyway. Every one of them had their own story on how and why they decided to become hunters and that's what attracted them to each other. Whether they were in it for revenge, to carry on a legacy or were plain forced into it, they were connected to each other through the lifestyle. They were each others rock, their back up and always fought together. No matter what.

This particular day, during band practice, Sunny realized she wanted to do more than just sing and play guitar while on stage. She wanted to cruise the stage, dance, run around and just be free. She decided to hire a stand in guitarist. All day, the girls posted fliers on every surface they came upon- the streetlights on every street of every block, windows, mailboxes, taped to people's backs as the girls randomly 'hugged' them, passed them out to people at the mall and in department stores all over Greendale, Indiana. The fliers held information about an audition being held at Shacona's house, in the basement, to find an awesome guitarist who could join their band and perform in their monthly parties if chosen by the band, unanimously.

After coming home after a long day of passing out the loads of multi-colored papers with big, bold print, the girls descended down to the basement and waited for their cellphones to blow up. In a matter of minutes, each of the young teens cellphone began buzzing and ringing obnoxiously, with hopeful guitarists who claimed they were the best. It was well after 2AM when Sunny took the information and hung up with her last caller, a guy named Mike. The thing was, she had been talking to him since 11PM. What started as a normal over the phone audition, to get information and get a taste of his personality, ended up turning into an interesting conversation about food, movies, and what annoyed them the most about people.

Sunny actually enjoyed talking to this Mike guy and honestly couldn't wait for his in person audition, hoping he was the best guitarist to play for them. His voice sounded hot and his personality was awesome; he was funny, mellow, smart and may have been just as witty and sarcastic as she was. It was as if she had met her soul mate over the phone. She didn't even know what he looked like or how good he was at guitar but something inside told her he would be the one to win a place in her band...and in her heart.

She counted the days until audition day and anxiously waited in the basement with her bandmates, after rearranging the furniture to give the guitarists room to play. They moved the large couch back, using it to sit and watch the auditions comfortably. A large open space laid ahead of them as the first musician entered the backdoor, located on the left side of the basement.

They sat through awful guitar playing, only okay riffs, sloppy solos, with only a few actual band worthy players. Sunny zoned out through all of them, only wanting to hear the next guy say his name was Mike and that he talked to her personally the night of the band's announcement. She began to lose hope when the last guy left and there was no one else to audition. Did he really exist or did her mind play tricks on her that night? Did he change his mind? Maybe he forgot or had other plans? Did something awful happen to him? She imagined him being kidnapped by demons, trying his hardest to get away just so he would make the audition in time. She laughed out loud at the dramatized scene playing in her head. Mike's voice crying out, "No! Must...make...that...aud...ition!"

"What's so funny?" Roxie asked, laughing at her best friend.

"N-nothing..." Sunny chuckled, shaking her head. "Is that really the last guy?"

"Looks like," Shacona replied, peeking outside the door and seeing nobody else.

She shrugged and closed the door before returning to her spot on the couch. Sunny sighed, sadly, and went to stand up, collecting her notes from previous musicians.

"Well, we better compare notes and..."

"Uh, hello?" came a male's voice from the backdoor. "Are you still auditioning for stand in guitarists?"

Sunny looked up, instantly, and smiled. She recognized that voice and didn't even need him to introduce himself as he arched an expectant eyebrow at the group of gawking young ladies. Sunny being the only composed teen, nodded happily.

"Show us what you're made of, Mike." she said, the fact that he hadn't introduced himself yet, and she automatically knew who he was, made him feel pretty good.

He smiled at her, knowingly, and sat down on the fuzzy bar stool, keeping his crystal blue eyes on her gray ones.

"Alrighty, Sunshine." he quipped, smirking, which wasn't as big a deal since everyone in town knew her name.

He was cuter than she had imagined he'd be. He had shaggy, black hair that fell over his eyes like a true rock star. His blue eyes were lined with smudged black liner and he wore a long sleeved, black thermal shirt and black Tripp pants. He was definitely her type physically; she was such a girl for goth-punk guys who wore 'guyliner' and had long hair. Not to mention, his style matched hers in the wardrobe department; she wore Tripp pants and fishnet arm-warmers, thermal shirts and jelly bracelets.

"Uh, the flier didn't really specify whether or not I could play my own songs..." he trailed off, looking up from his instrument.

"Well, we'd like for the musicians auditioning to play some of our songs to see if they can handle the complexity of our music." Roxie explained, "Since we tend to experiment and dabble with different sounds."

"But-" Sunny cut in, receiving a confused look from the others, "If you nail it, then we'd love to hear what you got. Personally, I'm very interested in what style you play."

She could hear someone nearby chuckling, inwardly, but ignored it as she smiled at Mike. He nodded, his side smirk, already becoming his signature feature, returning.

"You can read sheet music, right?" Shacona interrupted, conspicuously, as if looking for a flaw in him.

"Actually...I like to teach myself... without sheet music." he chuckled, nervously, trying not to sound cocky. "It's faster that way...for me."

"You...taught yourself to play our songs?" Sunny asked, arching a brow.

He looked down, shyly, and nodded.

"Are you, like, an obsessed closet fan?" Jaz asked, "Coz' you don't look like you'd be interested in our type of music."

"I guess you can say...I'm kind of a fan." he mumbled, awkwardly. "For reasons other than the music."

"What do you like about the band's music?" she surveyed further, wanting to know more about his motives.

Most of their fans were actually female punks and 'emo-kids'. (Since they were an all girl band) and any guy 'fans' they had were only interested in hooking up with the girls rather than listen to them sing. They've never met a fan like Mike, with his distinct style and incredibly calm demeanor.

"Her voice." he answered her, staring at Sunshine. "I've heard lots of girls sing and a lot of them are really good but...there's just something about Sunshine's voice that haunts me- in a good way." he chuckled, becoming nervous. "The, uh, music is really cool, too. I'm especially partial to the guitar riffs and solos- there's this sexy, darkness and melodic thump kinda sound, y'know? And the harmonies- all your voices blending in different keys...very wicked."

"Nice answer." Jaz mused, nodding. "Whenever you're ready..."

He locked eyes with Sunny again and gave a half smile before starting to play one of the band's more popular songs.

She became, literally, obsessed with him when she heard him play his guitar beautifully and perfectly. The instrument was tuned right, the chords were all right, he hit every key without flaw or effort...he was perfect. When he was done playing, Roxie asked him to play one of their slow songs and again, he nailed it every which way. It was too good to be true. He looked up at the band and waited for a reaction. Sunny side-smirked at him and nodded as the others had shocked expressions frozen on their features.

"I, uh, take it I did well." he chuckled, softly.

"Play one of your original pieces." Sunny requested, impatiently, as if she was mentally nearing an orgasm or something- it didn't go unnoticed.

With a small chuckle, he raised his eyebrows and began playing a dark, haunting song; sending chills up her spine and giving her goosebumps. His style was very much like hers and her band and she knew he had to be a part of it. Then, he began to sing. Sunny's eyes widened in shock- not only was this guy amazing at playing guitar, he was also an awesome singer and was an all around great guy.

With Mike playing her part during shows and possibly even singing duets, they'd be the most awesome, most craziest band in- probably- the whole state. They'd reel in a whole new level of fans even. Tainted Sunshine was already underground famous- they were practically celebrities and were known by everyone in their hometown but mainstream-wise, they were still nobodies...and that's how they liked it.

When his song ended, Sunny stood up and looked down at her bandmates with an expectant look, a confident half-smile playing at the corners of her lips.

"Aw, yeah." she nodded, wiggling her brows.

He laughed, softly, and squinted at her.

"Is that a good 'aw yeah'?" he asked, slanting a curious brow.

"Do you know anyone who says 'aw yeah' in a negative manner?" she countered, scoffing.

"So...am I in?" he questioned, shrugging a shoulder.

Sunny didn't even bother huddling with her bandmates to get their opinions. It may have been a selfish move but she didn't care at that point. She wanted him...in her band. And of course, in general.

"Oh, it's on, honey." she confirmed, nodding slowly. "Welcome to Tainted Sunshine. As the newest member of our little family, it's time we all get to know each other."

"Okay." he laughed, her spunky-ness appealing to him.

He set his guitar down, leaning it against the bar stool he was just sitting on, as Sunny approached him. It was true he was a fan of the band and that it was her voice and guitar playing that mostly attracted him but the main reason he wanted in, was to be close to her. He had liked her since he first heard her sing, watched her perform, before even learning her name. He looked at this opportunity as a sign that they were destined to find each other and be together. Luckily, he'd been playing guitar since he was a kid otherwise he may have never gotten this chance to meet her officially and get to know her.

Watching her from the crowd wasn't anywhere near as satisfying as being alone in a room with her- with the exception of her bandmates, of course. In an audience, he was just another random face, nothing special compared to everyone else in the audience around him but now she knew who he was and that he existed and had something to offer her- that she clearly wanted.

"You drink?" she asked him, arching a double-pierced brow as he looked down at her with a soft smile.


"He was born right here in Greendale, just like me." Sunny raved to Roxie later that night after Mike went home. "And he hates onions, just like me..."

Roxie listened to her go on and on about her and Mike's similarities, giving an occasional eye roll and amused chuckles. She was absolutely over the moon for this guy and for Sunny, that was huge, considering she was usually anti-social and barely associated herself with potential 'boyfriends'. There were a few exceptions but they were never long-term- never lasting more than a few weeks or a month. But this new guy, Mike, she would not shut up about him.

"He's only a couple months older than me, which is perfect because you know I like older men." she continued, sighing. "You know he lives alone, over by the park with the broken carousel, he got emancipated from his parents and was actually able to get his own place even though he's under 18."

"That's so...interesting." Roxie replied, absently, skimming through her Cosmo magazine.

"He works at the record store, the one by our high school." Sunny added, not noticing Roxie's lack of actual interest. "Y'know, the one we dropped out of."

"Sun!" Roxie groaned, trying hard to be nice. "I get it, you're in love with the guy but can we please just...chill out for a sec?"

Sunny frowned at the blonde's outburst covered by fake 'chuckling' and narrowed her eyes.

"You chill out." she grumbled.

"I'm sorry." Roxie sighed, "I'm glad you met someone that you actually like, I really, really am. I haven't seen you this happy in...well, I've never seen you this happy so...I'm sorry."

It was true. Sunny was acting like a normal, hormonal teenage girl and it was so out of character for her. At just 16, the young brunette had experienced so much crap and pain in her life that seeing her happy shouldn't have annoyed Roxie in any way. Especially knowing the specifics of her best friend's past. She was introduced to the hunting life at the age of 13 and was immediately trained and raised to fight and protect herself from demons and monsters.

At 15 she lost her mother to a freak heart attack and just a few days after her 16th birthday, she lost her father to a nest of vamps. Roxie didn't know the details of that particular event but judging by how reluctant Sunny was of talking about it, it had obviously been brutal. Realizing this, Roxie decided she could suck it up and listen to her friend's constant raving- in fact, she scolded herself for not enjoying Sunny's happiness.

"It's okay." Sunny nodded, her voice flat, "I probably sound so annoying going on about a boy...like a friggin' horny school girl. Or some fan-girl squealing after a celebrity looks at me."

"Sunny, seeing you like this after everything you've been through these past few years," Roxie insisted, "It's awesome, you deserve all this giddy happiness. You really do. I should've realized that before yelling at you. I'm a dick."

Roxie pouted and looked down, hiding her face inside the open magazine making Sunny giggle. Roxie was always able to get out of trouble with Sunny just by using her silly humor- it was literally as if she was from a comic book world or an anime video game. Sunny loved her for it, though, and wouldn't trade her or change her for anything in the world.

"You're not a dick, Rox." she laughed, glancing at her friend as her hazel eyes peeked up from the magazine. "You're a vag."

Roxie whipped the magazine down, her eyes narrowed and her chin tilted upward.

"You just call me a female reproductive organ?" she demanded, her tone low and raspy. "Them's fightin' words, Thornhart."

"Bring it on, Vaggy Vagerton." Sunny mocked the tone, standing upright on her knees, in front of Roxie.

With that, the blonde lunged at Sunny in an attack hug, causing them both to fall back on the bed. Sunny squealed as her friend tried to tickle her but managed to escape by flopping off the bed.

"Ooh, hard floor." she sob-laughed into the floorboards as she rolled forward, dull pain from hitting her knee's pressure point burned up to her thigh while numbing it at the same time.

"And Summers wins again!" Roxie cheered, standing on the bed and raising her arms in dramatized victory.

"Only by default, you cheater." Sunny seethed, rolling onto her back and gasping for breath.

"It don't matter how you win, baby." Roxie sneered, "The whole point is to not lose."

Sunny smiled up at Roxie and sighed.

"I'm going out with him tomorrow night." she told her. "He's bringing me to see that new vampire movie...then to BK...then to his place."

Roxie dropped her chin in shock at the reveal of Sunny going to a guy's place on the first date. She had never done anything more than hold hands with a guy on the first date let alone go to their house.

"And you're sure that's a good idea?" Roxie asked, giving her a look of genuine concern.

Sunny just met this guy today, she didn't know if he was who claimed to be. He could've been a totally different person altogether, he could be dangerous or tricking them all. Being a hunter, the very first thing they'd do is second guess someone they just met, it was like their nature to not automatically not trust a stranger.

It was one thing letting him join their band, he didn't have to know what they did every night, he didn't need to find out that they hunted evil. But Sunny was talking permanence here- it seemed- and for her to be so committed before even dating the guy, Roxie knew this would be more than just a casual fling- her friend's usual routine.

"You don't?" Sunny questioned, furrowing her eyebrows.

"I just...I don't know." Roxie replied, shrugging. "I don't want you to end up getting hurt...or worse. I mean, you being excited about a date and going to the guy's house...alone. It's not like you and we don't know that much about him or if he's even legit. What if he's playing us all and has an agenda up his sleeve?"

"I thought about that." Sunny insisted, though she couldn't say she considered it.

Naturally, she had thoughts of him being, like, a demon spy or homicidal obsessed fan undercover but she blew them off. Most of the time, she went with her gut, her instincts, and in this case, they were saying go for it- not run from it.

"If it does turn out to be a scam..." Sunny began, shrugging casually, "I'll handle. I can take care of myself, Roxie."

"I know." Roxie nodded, sitting down. "I just worry about you sometimes."

Sunny sighed, still laying on the floor, even though the pain had subsided minutes ago. She understood and appreciated Roxie worrying and looking out for her but she was a big girl and could deal with whatever crossed her path. Her parents were dead and she didn't need anyone to fill the role for her.


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