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Our first date...

Sunny stared, intently, at the scene before her. A young teenaged boy was getting his throat, literally, ripped out by a vampire and blood began squirting from his jugular, spraying about ten feet in the air like a damn sprinkler hose and falling upon the vampire, unrealistically, as it tilted its head back and drank it like a child would in the rain.

She scoffed as she tossed a few pieces of popcorn into her mouth. This movie couldn't be anymore off; fake. Mike sat beside her in the movie theater, observing her closely. He couldn't tell if she was into the movie or if she was hating it.

"Not much of a horror fan?" he asked, keeping his voice hushed as he leaned toward her ear.

She swallowed the food and shrugged a shoulder.

"No, I love horror flicks..." she replied, "I just don't scare easily. I see shit like this everyday."

She immediately realized what she had said and cursed herself, knowing Mike would ask what the hell she meant.

"You see vampires shredding people's throats everyday?" he asked, chuckling.

"N...no, I just mean I watch a lot of horror movies..." she trailed off, smiling nervously before turning back toward the screen and shoving more popcorn into her big mouth.

She wanted to tell him she was a hunter, that she killed real vampires for a living. Vampires and demons and a whole bunch of other things but she was afraid of his reaction. Afraid he would think she was crazy and never speak to her again. Clearing her throat, she gave him another quick smile and noticed he was still staring.

"What?" she questioned, worriedly.

"Nothin'." he said, shaking his head, casually.

After the movie, he took her to Burger King, insisting he could take her somewhere much more fancy but she insisted she'd rather fast food than expensive restaurants.

"I always feel so awkward eating there." she told him, as they waited in line to order their food. "I mean, yeah, I can afford it or whatever but people still stare and judge me because of the way I dress and do my make-up. Here at BK, everybody's a freak so I feel right at home."

He laughed at that and took a step closer to the register once the line began moving. He'd never met a girl who could genuinely make him laugh, most of the time he'd only chuckle politely at a girl's bad joke or awful attempt at being funny.

After ordering and receiving their food, they found a booth in a quiet spot- near the back of the restaurant- and sat down.

"So, how long have you been a fan?" she asked him, poking the straw into the top of her chocolate milkshake.

"Uh..." he chuckled, shyly, scratching behind his ear. "A while, I guess. A couple years?"

"We formed just a couple years ago..." she pointed out, smiling cheekily. "You sayin' you've been a fan since the beginning?"

He looked up from the table, into her eyes, and nodded- an innocent smile forming on his face.

"That's so cute." she mused, wrinkling her nose at him and sticking her tongue between her teeth. "But how is it you've never made yourself known before? Why now?"

"I don't know, I was terrified you'd think I was a creep or something." he shrugged, "I mean, what could I have said to you; 'Hey Sunshine, you don't know me but I wanna go out with you'?"

"Uh, yeah!" she laughed, "It's not like I'm one of those douche-y divas or anything."

"No...you're definitely not douche-y." he agreed, smiling.

She smirked at him, blinking slowly, and nodded at him. The french fry she stuck in her mouth stuck out of the corner of her lip, making him laugh. He loved how she didn't get embarrassed or freaked out, she could be herself around him without having to show off or put on an act to impress him, it was perfect.

After they ate, they began walking to his apartment near her old high school. There was a time when she, Roxie, Jaz and Shacona ruled the halls of the school. But the more they hunted, the less they showed up and soon they stopped showing altogether. It wasn't much of a bummer for Sunny because most of the girls hated her and her friends anyway, mostly out of jealousy and spite because all the guys wanted to date her- or screw her, rather.

"Y'know..." she drawled, stuffing her hands into her front pockets, "I don't usually go to guys' houses on the first date. In fact, I never do that."

"Ooh, I must be special." Mike teased, smiling proudly.

"Well, I do have good feeling about you." she admitted, "So, that's pretty close."

He stared at her as they walked and reached for her hand, pulling it from her pocket and entwining his fingers with hers. She let him, looking up, shyly, at him before staring straight ahead.

They passed the school, then the park with the broken carousel and finally reached his place. It wasn't anything extravagant but it wasn't bad, either. He obviously made quite a bit of dough to be able to afford living there. It was actually a house but he was paying rent to live in it, he didn't own it.

"This house actually belongs to a friend of mine's aunt." he told her, unlocking the front door and opening it for her. "Anyone else would have to pay $600 a month but because I'm special, I only pay $300."

"Nice." she commented, nodding as she walked in.

He flicked on the lights as she was looking around, making her squint her eyes as they adjusted. She heard the door shut behind her and turned to await his next directions.

"My room is upstairs." he offered, then suddenly retracted it, "unless you wanna hang in the living room...?"

"No, no- show me where you dwell." she insisted, "Where the, uh, magic happens."

Chuckling, he shook his head and led her to the stairs around the corner, after crossing through the kitchen- from where they entered. She followed him up the stairs and into the very first room at the top, in silence. Once inside his bedroom, he gently shut the door and gestured for her to sit on his bed, adding: "If you want."

She could see he was trying to be welcoming while at the same time, giving her space about it. He didn't want to creep her out or seem pushy and she actually appreciated that, considering she had never met a guy like that.

She did sit on the edge of the bed and looked around, curiously. His walls were actually bare- no posters or decorations- other than the black Christmas tree lights surrounding the room. She giggled because she had the very same ones when she lived at home, with her parents. When they were alive.

"What?" he demanded, playfully, tossing his keys and wallet on his dresser a few feet away. "Making fun of my lair, Thornhart?"

"No, not at all." she laughed, "I just...it reminds me of my old room. It's actually kinda sad."

"What happened?" he asked, turning all the way to face her, his features contorted to that of curiosity and interest.

"I, uh, had to move." she half-lied, avoiding his gaze. "Wasn't a very good neighborhood."

"Oh." he replied, simply, hiding the fact that he knew she was lying and was kind of disappointed about it.

He sat down next to her, hesitantly, making sure there was some space between them.

"And that's it?" he pressed, shaking his head, casually.

"Uh, no." she answered, slowly, "But can we not get into it right now?"

"Yeah, no- of course." he chuckled, nervously, looking down. "Sorry."

He cursed himself for pushing the subject, he was trying NOT to scare her off and failing, miserably.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." she assured him.

She patted his fingerless-gloved hand as he, slightly, tensed against the comforter of his bed. He relaxed upon feeling her warm finger tap his and looked up into her eyes. Biting his lower lip, he debated whether or not he should make a move and kiss her but the more he looked into those sparkling gray eyes the more he wanted to taste her.

He took her hand before she could retract it and leaned in towards her, cautiously. Realizing he was going in to kiss her, she closed her eyes, and let him. She felt his lips on hers just a split second after closing her eyes and returned the kiss, slowly.

He pulled away for a moment, to catch her reaction- hoping she wouldn't freak out and run out or something. Instead, she leaned in and initiated their second kiss, allowing herself to fall deeper into him. He instantly closed the space between them and brought his hand up to her neck, where her jawline met her throat- to give her better access to his mouth when he felt her graze his bottom lip, playfully.

Their tender first kiss immediately turned heavy, as they began french kissing and wrapping their arms around each other. He loved feeling her body pressed so tightly against his own, his heart pounded in his chest with anxiousness and excitement. Sunny, on the other hand, felt as if she were under a spell of some kind because she had never gone this far with anyone- whether she was on a date or actually official with a guy. All she wanted at that point was to let him have her, completely.

Suddenly, she pulled back, breathing fast as reality struck her hard, like a fist of concrete to her gut.

"Wait." she whispered, exhaling sharply.

"What's the matter?" he asked, his voice was husky but soft. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No." she replied, shaking her head. "I just..."

She stood up from the bed and turned, slightly, to stand in front of him before speaking.

"I've never..." she began, feeling herself blush and hating herself for it. "I want you to know- I need you to know- that I don't do this. I don't hook up with guys I just met, I mean I have dated guys I just met but I've never even kissed them on the first date- let alone go to their houses by myself and let them grope me in their bedroom and I certainly never let them..."

She stopped abruptly, feeling nervous about telling Mike that she was a virgin.

"I've never done anything other than kiss a guy." she admitted, swallowing hard and adverting her eyes.

He stood up and faced her, his expression serious but not in any way upsetting or solemn. He took her fidgeting hands in his and smirked a little.

"Sunny..." he sighed, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, softly. "I really, really like you." he emphasized with a chuckle during the last 'really', "And I have for a long time- ever since I first laid my eyes on you, since I first heard you sing. I didn't even care that I had to pay $50 just to see your first live show."

He sighed, heavily, before going on. He didn't want to sound lame or like a creepy stalker but he wanted to comfort her.

"I mean, I've literally imagined what our first date would be like- granted it hasn't gone exactly the way I imagined it, it was way more awesome..." he chuckled, nervously, "After all this time waiting- now that it's finally a reality, being here with you- I'm not going to do anything to fuck it up. To finally be in the same room with you and have you actually look at me, not through me or over me, to have you want to be with me..."

He trailed off after seeing the look she was giving him. She looked as if she were in another world, completely mystified, lost.

"Are...are you okay?" he asked, tilting his head to get a better look at her eyes.

He basically lost her at 'I really, really like you' then she zoned back during the last sentence. She found herself falling into his crystal eyes and everything just made itself perfect, effortlessly.

He went to wave his hand in front of her face when she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a deep, electrifying kiss. He responded with a muffled, throaty growl, half-surprised by her sudden 'attack'. She pushed him against the back wall of his room, her arms now wrapped around his neck and her tongue grinding against his.

The parted to breathe- just once- before he returned his mouth to hers and dragged his hands down her sides and waist, around her lower back and down to her thighs, below her ass. He squeezed her as he spun them around, trading places with her and reclaiming the dominance of the situation. He pushed her, roughly, against the surface as he kissed up her neck, making her whimper, softly against his lips.

She may have a virgin but her obsession with sex was almost questionable to guys. She never really thought about it until boys became interested in her, the summer before she turned 16. She had also began watching more mature TV shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The special effects may have been awful and the demons and monsters were absolutely ridiculous but man, those writers sure knew how to turn a teen virgin on!

Though, the fact that the main character was destined to 'slay' evil monsters and had ended up screwing a vampire, was just gross and wrong to Sunny, it was still hot to watch and made her feel like she had butterflies in her stomach- whenever she'd watch a steamy scene of any show, for that matter.

Ever since, thoughts of having rough sex plagued her. She wanted to be pushed against walls and pinned down, bitten, scratched, all that seemingly fun stuff. She even became obsessed with losing her virginity with the right guy but so far no one she had met fit the bill...until now.

As Mike lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist, she debated whether or not she wanted to lose it to him, that night. She kissed up his neck, stopping at the back of his jawline, right below his ear, and left soft, wet kisses. He shuddered, violently and audibly- his lips stayed pressed against her shirted shoulder, muffling his noise as he exhaled shakily.

She had evidently found a sweet spot of his and had to take advantage. She moved down his neck, again, to his shoulder and pulled his collar aside to expose skin before kissing him there. Slowly, she made her way across his collarbone and proceeded to repeat on the other side. He sighed as she worked her way up to his neck and kissed the spot between his jaw and ear.

This time, he moaned directly in her ear, biting his bottom lip hard as she pulled back to look at him. He immediately caught her lip with his teeth and pulled her into a hard and hungry kiss, his arms tightening around her even though she couldn't have been any closer to him. Their bodies remained pressed together from waist to lips and during their kissing, Sunny instinctively thrusted against him, causing him to grunt and roll his eyes back with aching, teasing, pleasure.

She broke this kiss to gasp as he echoed the move, thrusting slowly and gently against her as he nibbled her bottom lip. She sighed, softly, against his lips with every thrust then took them in another lustful kiss, her tongue leading its way back into his mouth.

Suddenly, he stopped thrusting and pulled back, breaking the kiss again.

"Sunshine..." he whispered, his breath sifting through her bleached bangs, gently. "I can't- I mean, I don't...want to make you feel rushed. Just say the word and I'll back off."

The sound of voice while hushed only made her want him more, sending chills up her spine and the butterflies inside grow impossibly large.

"Mike...?" she addressed him with a questioning tone, as she whispered to him. "I don't wanna..."

She slowly made her way back to his lips as she spoke, trying to tell him she didn't want to stop but the sound of a loud buzzing cut her off. She scoffed, softly, when she realized it was her cellphone, going off in her purse on his bed. She had to take it. The only reason anyone would be calling her right now would be because of an emergency.

"I have to take that." she told him, keeping her voice hushed.

She heard it buzz a second time and wished it would just go away. She didn't want him to put her down and stop what he was doing. He nodded as his lips hovered over hers, she hesitantly unwrapped her legs from around his waist and he slowly set her back down on her feet. Clearing her throat, she maneuvered around him and pulled her cellphone out of her purse.

She saw that Roxie had left her a text message and opened it to see what the big emergency was. If you asked Sunny, her losing her virginity was a pretty big damn emergency and she wondered what could've been more important than that? She knew she was being dramatic and selfish but she had never been in a situation where she was desperately horny before. This was so new to her and it made her frustrated. She guessed she was experiencing 'sexual frustration' and chuckled as she waited for the message to appear on the small screen.

"Who is it?" Mike's voice interrupted her thoughts, startling her a bit.

"It's Roxie." she replied, smiling back at him before reading the contents of the message.

Her eyes went wide as she read it then she quickly sent a reply before hitting the end button and stuffing it back in her purse. Biting her lip in annoyance, she turned to Mike and sighed, sadly.

"I, uh, have to go." she told him, "There's a situation at home that the girls need my help with."

He cocked an eyebrow at her, suspiciously, making her frown.

"Was I that bad that you had to pull the ol' fake emergency phone call bit?" he joked.

"Of course not." she chuckled, softly, walking over to him. "I wish I didn't have to go, actually."

"You really have to?" he asked, his eyes pleading hers to stay, just a little bit longer.

She pressed her thumb against his bottom lip, gently, then moved it as she brought her lips up to his in a slow, passionate kiss.

"Unfortunately, yeah." she whispered against his lips, their eyes remaining closed.

She stepped backward until she reached the door and turned the knob to open it. He watched her from where he stood, a small smirk playing on his face. She giggled, softly, at what she did to his hair and his neck, small hickey's had formed on both of his sweet spots and it made her smile.

"But I'll, uh, see ya at band practice tomorrow, okay?" she asked, waiting for his answer before descending down the stairs.

"You know it, babe."

"By the way...we've never charged people to see our show." she revealed, laughing. "You got scammed, baby."

He scoffed at this new information and cursed under his breath as she closed the door behind her, giggling. Once she was gone, he sighed deeply and flopped onto his bed, ready to stay up all night thinking of her.


Sunny met up with Roxie and the gang outside an old condemned apartment building half an hour later, clear annoyance painted on her features.

"I got your message." she said, sighing. "What have we got?"

"Vamps." Roxie answered, flatly, "Possibly nesting in the basement."

"There was an attack about a block over, around an hour ago." Shacona added, "We followed a blood trail and it led us to this place."

"Awesome." Sunny muttered, looking up at the five story, brick building. "And the victim?"

"Gone, possibly on her way to being turned." Roxie reported, also gazing at the apartment.

"Super awesome." Sunny squealed, feigning giddiness.

"So what's the plan?" Jaz asked, anxiously, approaching the bleached blonde huntress.

Sunny thought for a moment, staring at the hatchway leading to the basement of the block building.

"We wait until sunrise." she decided, turning to leave.

"Whoa, whoa- wait!" Shacona scoffed, catching up to her cousin. "They could kill and turn tons of people between now and sunrise, we need to go in there and do pest control. Now!"

"Shak, we don't know how many vamps are in there." Sunny pointed out, calmly. "There's five of us and- more than likely- a dozen of them. We'll be dead before we even get in."

"But we could at least try!" her red haired cousin argued, keeping her voice down but was clearly becoming agitated. "More people are going to get hurt or worse, be turned and create one more vamp we have to track down and kill."

"Without sunlight we're outmatched." Sunny countered, "Stakes and Holy water only work on so many in such short time. Plus, it's dark in there- they have the upper hand in every which way."

Sunny always tried her best to keep calm during her younger cousin's argumentative moments but sometimes she was so hardheaded and retarded it made her angry. The funny thing was, during a vote, Shacona and the others decided to make Sunny their leader and vowed to always to follow her orders and never doubt her instructions.

It was after the young huntress saved Jaz after a demon possessed her and threatened to slash her host's throat and kill her. Sunny remained calm throughout the ordeal and managed to exorcise the demon before it could do any serious damage. That's when she met Jaz and offered to help teach her how to 'not be possessed' again by getting a devil's trap tattoo. Jaz was all too happy to join Sunny's family and soon after, they elected her their head hunter.

Now, Shacona was defying her cousin's orders, arguing that they should barge into the basement with guns firing and stakes flying.

"You can go home and wait for the sun but I'm not gonna sit back and let more innocent people die." Shacona muttered, glaring at Sunny before swiftly turning and walking towards the building.

"And what happens when there's, like, twenty of 'em in there- ready to attack, Shaq?" Sunny retorted, getting the defiant huntress to stop in her tracks. "They aren't as stupid as you are, they know we know there was an attack and they know that we know where they are. They know we're coming, hell, they probably know we're out here right now! A day ago I would be with you on this but that was when I dreaded getting up in the morning. I finally found something that makes me happy and motivates me to keep fighting."

Shacona didn't turn to face her cousin but listened to her speak, anyway. Roxie smiled, weakly, understanding what he friend meant. She saw an immediate personality shift in her friend after she met Mike and by the way she was talking, she could tell her date had gone very well.

"And after everything I've been through; losing my parents and being isolated from the normal world and giving up everything to save people." Sunny continued, "I'm sorry but I'm not about to throw my actual chance at happiness away because you feel like you're fucking Superman."

Sunny waited for Shacona to say something or turn around but she didn't, she remained planted in the same spot she stopped at when her cousin began speaking to her.

"Shaq, if you even take a step closer to that basement..." Sunny warned, "I will beat your ass myself."

Shacona's fists clenched tightly at the threat but she knew Sunny meant business, she wasn't even close to kidding around.

"And you know I can." she heard Sunny add.

Sighing, heavily, Shacona released her fists and backed away from the apartment building, rolling her eyes before turning around to look at her cousin with a smile. Her smile faded, however, when she noticed something standing behind her cousin.

"Sunny-" she started but the form lunged at the petite huntress from behind.

With a quick jerk, Sunny managed to flip the assailant over her shoulder and slammed it on the ground. It was a young girl, with yellow blonde hair and red eyes. She had blood all over her mouth and chin and the huntress noticed a chunk of flesh had been torn out on her neck.

"There's your victim." Roxie said, looking down at the wriggling new-vamp as Sunny held her arms behind her back, crouching down behind her to keep from getting bitten.

"Yeah, she's definitely been feeding." Sunny noted, sighing. "Hey, Superman, would you feel better if I let you have this one?"

Shacona smiled, excitedly and nodded. Sunny pulled a blade from her boot and tossed it to her cousin, who caught it gracefully as she started towards the creature. Sunny leaned back, maintaining a safe distance while still being able to hold the vamp down, as Shacona lifted the blade to finish it off. Before she could drop her arms and decapitate the vampire, she was hit with another vamp. It tackled the huntress to the ground, while a few more poured out of the hatchway of the building.

Jaz and Roxie rushed over to the attacking vamp, pinning Shacona down and knocking her blade away, their own blades bared as they closed in on it. The new vamp gained the strength to throw Sunny off of her and turned around to glare, viciously, at her as she crawled backwards away from it.

Roxie managed to pull the second vamp off of Shacona, while Jaz stabbed it with a blade soaked in dead man's blood. The vamp growled in pain and slumped to the ground, immobilized temporarily. The other two vamps charged at the young women, ready to tear their hearts out, but were dodged swiftly as the girls ninja rolled just in time. When they turned to lunge again, the girls found themselves backed against the wall of the apartment building and braced themselves for a nasty struggle.

The vamps creeped closer, smiling wickedly and licking their lips. Roxie and Jaz held their blades out in front of them, swiping as the monsters neared them. One of the vamps, grabbed Roxie's wrist and twisted it around to release the blade; it slipped from her fingers and landed on the gravel with a soft clink.

Jaz took the opportunity to stab him while he was busy with Roxie but the second vamp grabbed her arm and twisted it around her back, pinning her front against the wall. Chuckling, he leaned in towards her neck, using his free hand to brush her black hair off her shoulder to expose her neck. She could feel his cold breath sting her, then his fang grazed her flesh, tauntingly.

"I've never had hunter before." he whispered, making the young huntress shiver and struggle under his weight.

Roxie's attacker had her arms crossed at her chest, keeping her pinned against the wall so she couldn't move or fight him off. He, too, was just inches away from biting her and the girls squeezed their eyes shut and awaited the pain and anguish of dying and being turned into the very things they hated and dedicated their lives to killing.

Suddenly, the vamps released them and fell to the ground, one thud after another, and the girls opened their eyes to see their heads had been taken completely off. Looking up, they saw a familiar face staring back at them with confusion.

Sunny kicked at the new vamp every time it came closer to her, becoming annoyed that she couldn't get up without risking getting bit. The vamp was just too fast and too close. The vamp then grabbed her knee and dragged her back to her, laughing wickedly. Sunny, growled and kicked her right in the face, giving her the chance to roll away and jump to her feet.

She let the vamp compose herself before flicking her arms down, to slide her wrist blades out of her arm warmers, then back up to prepare for the next attack. It was a swift movement that took a split second to accomplish, giving her some time to gloat and smirk at her enemy.

"Come at me, sucker." Sunny sneered, in amusement.

She was actually in a pretty damn good mood, considering the situation. She met an awesome guy, welcomed him in her band and her life, had the best date ever with him and was now about exterminate a vamp. To Sunny, that was a good day.

She slid the blades together, resulting in a screechy sound that made the vamp flinch, violently and become enraged. She waited for it to charge at her and just when she was about to finish the job, the vamps head flew off and her body immediately flew forward to the ground, sliding over the gravel at Sunny's feet.

Sunny looked down at the dead monster with wide eyes and her jaw dropped, in disappointment.

"Heyyy!" she whined, pouting down at it. "That was miiiine-uh!"

She heard a chuckle in front of her and automatically looked up at the familiar blue eyes of her date- standing right where the vamp was just standing before it attacked. He held a machete in his hand and wore a smirk on his face.

"Did you just whine?" he asked, incredulously. "That was adorable."

"Mike?" she cried, looking at him as if he had three heads. "Did...did you follow me?"

"Hey, I was just as surprised to see you here!" he insisted, holding his hands up as he approached her.

"Are- You're a hunter?" she asked, shock evident in her voice.

"And apparently you are, too." he retorted, "I have to say, you're the hottest hunter I've ever met."

Roxie cleared her throat, loudly, causing him to look over his shoulder at her.

"Uhh, 'scuse me, but we're hot hunter chicks too, y'know!" she pointed out, clearly insulted.

"Okay." he said, before swiftly turning back to Sunny. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"I- uh- Well, you didn't exactly mention it in your resume', buddy!" she countered, scoffing.

"A band of hunters, eh?" he chuckled, in amusement. "That's pretty badass."

"Yeah..." she drawled, uneasily.

Could she trust him now that she knew he was a hunter? Or should she trust him even more now that she knew he was? She was confused now, didn't know how to actually feel about this. She had never dated a hunter before. On the other hand, at least she didn't have to worry about freaking him out or scaring him off anymore.

"Yeah." she said again, with more pride, and smiled at him. "It is pretty badass, isn't it?"

"What're the odds, huh?" he asked, softly, wanting to kiss her so bad at that moment.

He learned that night just how much they had in common, other than music and style and personality wise. They were both hunters, awesome hunters at that, and he became even more attracted to her because of the fact.

"Hello?" Shacona interrupted, "We're, uh, still here, y'know."

"Okay." Sunny said, absently, and pulled Mike into a deep kiss.

He dropped his machete on the gravel and slid his arms around her waist as he returned the kiss. Roxie rolled her eyes, but smiled at her best friend before shaking her head and ushering the others to follow her home.

"See you at home, darling." she called to Sunny, who barely heard her over the sounds of her heart beating, their kisses and her own thoughts, screaming to just let him have his way with her.

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