Nox Atra

Summary: The night before his seventeenth birthday Harry gets a surprising letter.

Disclaimer: If I owned this it would not be fanfiction!

Warning: Dark Harry, Dumbledore and Weasley bashing (not the twins or Charlie), male/male, lemon in later chapters. You have been warned

A/N: This is my first multi-chapter fic. Not beta'd. Will be M in later chapters so if you don't like that turn back now.

Chapter 1: The letter

Tap! Tap! I looked at my window to see my snowy owl Hedwig. I got up and opened it letting her in. She presented her leg which had a letter tied to it. I took it and opened it. Almost fainted when I saw who it was from.

Dear Harry,

I know that this will seem like a very mean joke, but I can assure you it is not. Please read this entire letter. There are many things that I need to tell you. I was not killed by Voldemort when you were one. In fact, I was not killed at all I was taken captive by Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. I am one of Voldemort's most loyal followers and have been since he came into power. When Dumbledore was killed at the end of the year and the Death Eaters were searching the castle they found me deep in the dungeons. Also, James is not your father Severus is. Again Harry almost fainted. Your seventeenth birthday is tomorrow and there are things that you should know before it reaches midnight. First, you will receive your creature inheritance. I will not lie it will be very painful, but it will only last about a minute. You are, like myself, a cait sith. A type of fairy that can turn into a cat at will. It is kind of like an animagus but with a lot more powers. For instance, you will be able to read minds and change your appearance at will. You will also have a destined mate. It should be getting close to midnight by now. I love you no matter what. Someone will be by shortly after midnight to pick you up and bring you to Malfoy Manor.

p.s. Please forgive Severus he was under the influence of the imperious curse.

Love always, Your mother.

Harry was in shock. He had tears rolling down his face at the thought of his mother and father being alive. He was also filled with rage at Dumbledore who had lied to him all his life. Stupid manipulative bastard! Harry was still ranting silently when it hit midnight. Harry suddenly felt pain coursing through his body. The last thing he heard before fainting was the distinct pop of apparition and his uncle yelling.


At midnight Severus Tobias Snape apparated to Number 4 Privet Drive. The first thing that he saw was Harry fainting. Right after that a whale of a man burst in the door yelling at Harry he started to kick at him but before he could get his foot any closer to Harry, Severus whipped his wand out and killed the fat man. Then he went out of the room and down the hall to the first door that he found he opened the door to find a smaller version of the whale snoring loudly on the bed that was caving under his weight. Severus walked over to the bed and muttered the killing curse. A flash of green light is all that was seen before the boy stopped breathing. Severus left the room and kept going down the hall to the other bedroom door. He walked in and killed the bane of his wife and sons existence. He quickly walked back to Harry's room and, grabbing him, apparated away.

When they arrived back at Malfoy Manor there was a rush of people wanting to see Harry but the first one to get to was Lily. She grabbed her son and started to cry as she held him in her arms. Severus ushered everyone out of the room, and went back to his wife and son. For the first time that Severus could remember he was happy and with his family. Soon Harry started to stir. When he was fully awake he looked at his parents and started to cry. They sat there like that crying and holding each other. After a little while Harry looked up at his parents and asked, "Will you tell me everything?"

Lily smiled and said " Tomorrow. For tonight just get some sleep."

And they did.